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4 Jan. 1983
Hunted Harts
The Hart's are lured to South America by a big game hunter who wants to kill them, using one of their friends as bait.
11 Jan. 1983
Emily by Hart
On a romantic getaway, Jennifer meets the fiancé of a former journalism student, who recently committed suicide. Jennifer and Jonathan come to the conclusion that the death was murder, and get caught up in preventing another - Jennifer's.
18 Jan. 1983
Pounding Harts
Freeway, Max, and the Harts find themselves in the middle of a drug smuggling ring.
1 Feb. 1983
Chamber of Lost Harts
A Hart employee is murdered during an exploration in the jungle. The Harts are off to Peru to solve the mystery.
15 Feb. 1983
Harts on the Scent
Greed and an ongoing affair lead a woman to murder her wealthy husband using "perfume". The Harts stumble upon this case and soon they find themselves up to their noses in the perfume world.
22 Feb. 1983
Bahama Bound Harts
The Hart's discover a well-known party host is actually an imposter, but no one can get a private audience to prove it. Enter Max, then the police.
1 Mar. 1983
As the Hart Turns
Jennifer wins a walk-on part to a popular soap opera where a real murder of an actress has taken place. After a successful day on the set, Jennifer is asked to help write the next few episodes when the head writer is murdered by the actor whose character is about to die in the show. Will Jennifer be next?
8 Mar. 1983
The Wayward Hart
Jonathan and Jennifer give Max an expensive foreign cigar. Max plans to go to Vegas like he does every year at the same time, but fearing he's 'in a rut', decides to travel somewhere different, only he doesn't tell anyone where he's going. The Harts discover that the cigar is poisonous and need to track down Max before it's too late.
22 Mar. 1983
A Change of Hart
A female assassin takes Jonathan hostage, but he tells her he's Max.
12 Apr. 1983
Jonathan is stalked by a mentally disturbed woman who would kill to obtain him. After killing two of Jonathan's co-workers, she goes after Jennifer.
3 May 1983
Too Close to Hart
Art forgers move into the house next to the Harts.
10 May 1983
A Lighter Hart
An exercise routine and nutritional supplement is more than it seems, when Jennifer's cousin suffers a heart attack after only a week in the program.
27 Sep. 1983
Two Harts Are Better Than One
Follows how Jonathan and Jennifer met for the first time in London, England, even though Jonathan refuses to give journalist Jennifer an interview.
4 Oct. 1983
Straight Through the Hart
An emerald stolen by an Argentine polo player ends up in Jonathan's possession. The thief succeeds in getting it back, but Jonathan foils him in the end.
18 Oct. 1983
Hostage Harts
Jonathan walks in on a robbery in progress at a museum in Paris. But the 2 jewel thieves escape, taking Jonathan with them as a hostage. Jennifer and the French police have to find and rescue Jonathan. Can they?
25 Oct. 1983
Pandora Has Wings
Jonathan serves as a radio operator for a test mission of a top secret new radar system on a flight that has been set to explode.
1 Nov. 1983
Harts and Hounds
The Harts have been invited to England by Sir William Belgrave to participate in a fox hunt. When Sir William is killed when trap shooting, the Harts find themselves looking for a murderer whilst avoiding being killed themselves.
8 Nov. 1983
Love Game
A tennis instructor is using pillow talk with his students to keep make money with a crooked businessman. When Jennifer Hart organises a charity tennis match, she uses the him to obtain the stars and manages to turn the tables.
15 Nov. 1983
Passing Chance
A Greek businessman is planning an unfriendly takeover of Jonathan Hart industries, which is to be done when the Harts are participating in a car rally around Athens. Their race is sabotaged as the businessman is determined to stop them.
22 Nov. 1983
Long Lost Love
Jennifer's father sees a woman who reminds him of his nurse when he was wounded during WWII. However, she is a con woman, and impersonating Jennifer's half-sister to get her hands on the Edward's family trust money.
29 Nov. 1983
Highland Fling
A Scottish chieftain finds an old parchment that shows where a valuable claymore worth millions of dollars is buried he is killed by a rival. When some research shows that Jennifer is eligible to be the chieftain she decides to run.
13 Dec. 1983
Year of the Dog
A jade statue called the Shaolin Dog is being auctioned and Jonathan Hart purchases it for Jennifer. The jade is subsequently stolen during a restaurant robbery and the Harts head to Macao to retrieve it and so stop potential conflict.
20 Dec. 1983
Trust Your Hart
Lisa has been in a coma for seven years after she was in a car accident that killed her parents. The Harts take her in for a few days to help her recover. However, not everybody wants her to remember what happened.

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