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25 Aug. 1979
Hart to Hart
A friend of Jonathan Hart's is killed in a motor accident just after he has left a health farm, apparently committing suicide. There was no warning of him being troubled so the Harts go undercover to find out what happened at the farm.
22 Sep. 1979
Hit Jennifer Hart
When Jonathan breaks up a semi-slavery ring, the manager running it sends a hit man to pretend to be Jennifer's cousin and terminate her.
29 Sep. 1979
Passport to Murder
A yacht trip becomes dangerous when one of the Harts' guests is blackmailed into running drugs.
6 Oct. 1979
Jonathan Hart Jr.
An innocent woman is blackmailed by her ex-husband into using their son to extort money from Jonathan.
13 Oct. 1979
Death in the Slow Lane
When Jonathan buys Jennifer a gorgeous old car for her birthday, she is less than thrilled -- but two Brits seem suspiciously eager to take it off her hands.
23 Oct. 1979
You Made Me Kill You
A young woman (Kathleen Lloyd) working at Hart Industries becomes obsessed with her boss, Jonathan and mimics Jennifer's appearance to replace her.
30 Oct. 1979
Murder Between Friends
Two of the Harts' friends are suspects in the murder of a famous divorce attorney -- and they aren't answering Jennifer's and Jonathan's questions.
6 Nov. 1979
Cop Out
When a prostitute is murdered, one of Jennifer's former sources asks her to investigate.
13 Nov. 1979
Max in Love
Max has met a lovely woman who seems to enjoy his company also -- but she's part of a theft ring that cleaned out the Harts.
27 Nov. 1979
A New Kind of High
Two chemists at one of Jonathan's subsidiaries have developed a new hallucinogen, and their supervisor is killed when he tries to report them to Jonathan.
4 Dec. 1979
With This Gun, I Thee Wed
The Harts receive a last-minute invitation to the wedding of Jonathan's old girlfriend and discover she is being forced into the marriage.
11 Dec. 1979
The Man with the Jade Eyes
A man collapses at the Harts' restaurant table and asks them to protect the man with jade eyes and take him to the temple.
8 Jan. 1980
Color Jennifer Dead
The man who was painting Jennifer's portrait dies, supposedly while driving drunk, but the Harts don't believe the official explanation.
15 Jan. 1980
A Question of Innocence
The old woman who runs the newsstand in Jonathan's building is being blackmailed for a murder she may not have committed.
22 Jan. 1980
Night Horrors
At the haunted house recently purchased by the Harts' 'weird' friends Fred and Amanda, a dinner party turns into a deadly treasure hunt.
29 Jan. 1980
Which Way, Freeway?
Freeway's got a new girlfriend, and when her master is killed, Freeway disappears with the gun -- but doesn't have it when he gets home.
5 Feb. 1980
Downhill to Death
When Jennifer overhears an acquaintance planning to murder his wife on the ski slopes, she and Jonathan jet off to Vail to prevent it -- but the wife isn't the one who winds up dead.
26 Feb. 1980
The Raid
When a researcher is kidnapped in a South American country by an old adversary of Jonathan's, he undertakes to personally deliver the ransom and ensure the safety of the researcher and his pregnant wife.
11 Mar. 1980
Sixth Sense
A precognitive young woman sees herself being murdered, but it is her unknown twin sister who turns up dead.
18 Mar. 1980
Does She or Doesn't She?
Hairdresser Barry styles the hair of the creme de la creme. But when his clients wind up blackmailed to pay Barry's loan shark, can the Harts help Barry break free before someone else winds up dead?
8 Apr. 1980
Cruise at Your Own Risk
A diamond theft on a cruise ship owned by Jonathan leads the Harts to join the cruise ship to catch the thief.
6 May 1980
Too Many Cooks Are Murder
Maurice, a famous French chef and chemist, has created something world-changing and wants to distribute it through Jonathan's company, but before he can tell Jonathan about it, he is killed and his recipes stolen.
13 May 1980
Death Set
Marital suspicions lead a woman to accidentally kill her husband, but when his debt-ridden brother tries to step into his place, the Harts blow his cover and the widow may take her own revenge.

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