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Season 3

13 Jan. 1981
B.J. And the Seven Lady Truckers: Part 1
B.J. relocates to California and assembles a team of lady truckers to run a lucrative load from Los Angeles to San Francisco. But B.J.'s operation threatens to derail the gravy trains of Trans Cal Trucking and SCAT Captain Rutherford T. Grant.
13 Jan. 1981
B.J. and the Seven Lady Truckers: Part 2
B.J. and his convoy of lady truckers trek to San Francisco. Captain Grant declares war on B.J. and Bear Enterprises, establishing the conflict that will span this third and final season.
20 Jan. 1981
The Fast and the Furious: Part 1
Captain Grant and Trans Cal Trucking's new strongman Cooley conspire to put Bear Enterprises out of business, aided and abetted by a stranger with a secret.
27 Jan. 1981
The Fast and the Furious: Part 2
B.J. and Cooley race their trucks from Oakland to L.A., with the prize being a lucrative shipping contract. With so much depending on a McKay victory, will B.J. and the seven lady truckers find the time to right a wrong along the way?
3 Feb. 1981
Intercepted Pass
B.J., Callie and Samantha stumble upon Steiger's pet project: a call girl operation run out of a dating service that blackmails its clients with compromising photographs. But SCAT isn't the only party interested in getting that briefcase of evidence back from B.J.
10 Feb. 1981
Down & Dirty
While in Reno, Captain Grant capitalizes on Callie's compulsive gambling to make life difficult for B.J. and Bear Enterprises, but B.J. has a plan to even the odds.
17 Feb. 1981
Beauties and the Beasts
Grant and Steiger scheme to have the seven lady truckers imprisoned in Diablo County's tough women's prison. To spring his friends, B.J. agrees to a prisoners vs. guards football game. While Angie is in prison, B.J. cares for and mentors her rebellious nephew.
3 Mar. 1981
Blond in a Gilded Cell
An eccentric pop singer kidnaps beautiful blonde groupies and imprisons them in his mansion. When Stacks disappears, B.J. goes undercover as a singer to find and free her.
10 Mar. 1981
For Adults Only
B.J. befriends the Tiptons, an elderly but feisty couple being forced out of their home and into a retirement community that is being used as a cover for an illegal skin flick operation.
17 Mar. 1981
A Bear in the Hand
Captain Grant and Lt. Steiger set a match to a powder-keg when they abduct B.J.'s best friend Bear. B.J. and the lady truckers wage war against SCAT just when Grant is trying to woo appropriations funding from an influential state senator.
24 Mar. 1981
Seven Lady Captives
When the seven lady truckers are kidnapped to drug kingpin Leonard Marker's San Pepe compound, B.J., Fred and Hatsie Tipton and a very unlikely ally team up to rescue them.
31 Mar. 1981
B.J., Callie and Stacks help B.J.'s old friend Steven Thomas Ulysses Nathaniel Travis complete the filming of his television pilot. Buster Crabbe is outstanding as an aging stuntman with a secret.
25 Apr. 1981
Who Is BJ?
B.J wrecks his truck and suffers amnesia. As he struggles to remember who he is and why two men are attempting to kill him, he falls in love with Gypsy and works the bumper car pavilion of her uncle's carnival.
2 May 1981
Detective Finger, I Presume
Cindy and Stacks go undercover at a gymnasium linked to a series of baffling burglaries, most recently one that netted a $400,000 painting entrusted to Bear Enterprises. Detective Finger, a cross between Columbo and Clouseau, joins B.J. in cracking the case.
9 May 1981
The Two Million Dollar Hustle
B.J. enlists an unlikely ally in his effort to bring down Rutherford T. Grant after the crooked captain frames a bank robbery on Samantha, Stacks and Angie. Final episode of the series.

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