The Hobbit (TV Movie 1977) Poster

(1977 TV Movie)

Theodore Gottlieb: Gollum


  • Bilbo Baggins : A box without hinges, key, or a lid, yet golden treasure inside is hid.

    Gollum : Eggs! Eggs is the answer.

  • Gollum : My precious. It is my precious. Hello, my precious. Bless us and splash us. Food for my precious.

    [Bilbo in the background is heard] 

    Gollum : Eggs and bacon. Spoons all polished. Warm muffins and sweet butter. GOLLUM: What is that noise, my precious? My precious does not know.

    Bilbo Baggins : [Bilbo see a shiny gold ring in the dirt]  Bless my soul! Hello! What's this? Nice souvenir to show the neighbors back home. If I ever get home.

    [Sees Gollum] 

    Bilbo Baggins : Who are you?

    Gollum : Bless us, my precious. A tasty morsel it would make us. What is it, my precious?

    Bilbo Baggins : I am Mr. Bilbo Baggins. I've lost my dwarves, my wizard and my way.

    [Gollum moves closer] 

    Bilbo Baggins : Mind you, I'm armed with an elvish blade! That's better. Perhaps you know the way out?

    Gollum : But perhaps we sits here... and chats with it a bitsy, my precious? It... likes... riddles?

    Bilbo Baggins : Do I like riddles? Well, yes, after a fashion.

    Gollum : It must have a competition with us. If precious asks and it doesn't answer... we eats it, my precious.

    Bilbo Baggins : Oh, I say!

    Gollum : But if it asks us... and we doesn't answer... then we... shows it... the way out!

    Bilbo Baggins : It seems I have no choice.

    Gollum : My precious... we makes the first riddle. Voiceless, it cries. Wingless, flutters. Toothless, bites. Mouthless, mutters. Can it... guess... the answer?

    Bilbo Baggins : Half a moment.

    Gollum : Is it nice, my precious? Is it juicy? Gooey? Yucky? Is it scrumptious?

    Bilbo Baggins : If you please! Wind! Wind is the answer. Now, my turn. A box without hinges, key or lid. Yet golden treasure inside is hid

    Gollum : Let us give us a chance, my precious. Eggs! Eggs, it is!

    Bilbo Baggins : Oh, bother!

    Gollum : Us now! Now us, my precious.

    Bilbo Baggins : I'm a quiver with anticipation!

    Gollum : Now... This thing, alls things devours. Birds, beasts, trees, flowers. Gnaws iron, bites steel. Grinds hard stones to meal. Slays king, ruins town And beats high mountain down

    Bilbo Baggins : Well, interesting. Yes, now, let me see.

    Gollum : What does it answer? What does it answer?

    Bilbo Baggins : Just a moment now!

    Gollum : My precious... will it taste delicious? It will!

    Bilbo Baggins : Give me some time.

    Gollum : What? What does it say?

    Bilbo Baggins : I said time! Time! Whatever is the matter?

    Gollum : It guess! Time is the answer!

    Bilbo Baggins : It is? I knew it all along. That's an old one. Well, fun's fun. Now, couldn't we get out of here?

    Gollum : It's got to ask us another riddle, my precious!

    Bilbo Baggins : Blast, I can't think of another one.

    Gollum : Ask! Ask!

    Bilbo Baggins : Oh, very well. What have I got in my pocket?

    Gollum : Not fair! Not fair to ask my precious... what it's got in its nasty... little pocketeses!

    Bilbo Baggins : I'm sorry. That's my riddle. And if you can't guess it, you lose and show me out!

    Gollum : My precious loses! But first... my precious shows it... his something pretty.

    Bilbo Baggins : You wish to show me something

    Gollum : My birthday present.

    Bilbo Baggins : Wait! Where are you going?

    Gollum : My precious finds a ring... on his birthday... long ago. A golden ring. A magic ring! We must get my precious' birthday present from its hiding place.

    Bilbo Baggins : Now what? He'll never guess my pocket contained this.

    [Bilbo puts the ring on and turns invisible] 

    Bilbo Baggins : Bless my soul!

  • Gollum : [Gollum can not find the Ring]  The ring? Most definitely. My precious will find it! Will find it! The Baggins. My precious will crush it... and smash it!

    Bilbo Baggins : [Sheathes his sword so Gollum won't see the light]  Better douse this.

    Gollum : Where is it? Where is it? It is tricksy. It says it doesn't know the way out... but it knows the way in, my precious. It must... know a way out! It's off for the back door. My precious must make haste to the back door. To the back door!

    Bilbo Baggins : How convenient. Well, follow the leader.

    Gollum : It's not here, my precious. It's make an escape!

    Bilbo Baggins : [Jumps over Gollum to freedom]  Ta-ta!

    Gollum : Thief! Thief! Baggins! We hates it! Hates it forever!

    Bilbo Baggins : Gollum thought I knew the way out and was trying to head me off. I merely followed him to the exit.

  • Gollum : [Bilbo has just escaped with the ring]  Thief! Thief! Baggins! We hates it! Hates it! FOREVER!

  • Bilbo Baggins : Perhaps you know the way out?

    Gollum : Yes, gollum. But perhaps we sits here and chats with it a bitsy, my precious. It likes riddles?

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