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Jamie Donnelly: Jan



  • Putzie : [nervously]  I think there's more to you than just fat.

    Jan : [sincerely]  Thanks.

  • Jan : You mean you're dropping out of Rydell?

    Frenchy : I don't look at it as dropping out! I look at it as a very strategic career move.

  • Rizzo : [breaks out a bottle of wine]  How about a little Sneaky Pete to get the party going?

    [the girls, except Sandy, cheer; Frenchie shushes them] 

    Jan : Italian Swiss Colony? Wow, it's imported! Hey, I brought some Twinkies! Anybody want one?

    Marty : Twinkies and wine? Oh, that's real class, Jan.

    Jan : [grabbing the wine bottle from Marty]  It says right here it is a dessert wine.

    Rizzo : Hey!

    [Rizzo smacks Jan in the back of the head with a magazine] 

    Rizzo : Sandy didn't get any wine!

    Sandy : Oh, that's okay.

    Rizzo : I'll bet you never had a drink before either.

    Sandy : Oh, yes, I did. I had some champagne at my cousin's wedding once.

    Rizzo : Ooooh. Ringa ding-ding.

    [Jan offers the bottle of wine to Sandy; Sandy is hesitant] 

    Jan : What's wrong? We don't got cooties!

  • Jan : Don't let me near the refreshment stand!

    Jan : Take my money away from me! I'm not hungry! I'M NOT HUNGRY!

  • Jan : I've been dieting all day! My mom's apple pie is better than this stuff! do you want some?

    Putzie : SURE!

    [They start heading out when Sonny stops him] 

    Sonny : Hey Putzie... 15 minutes!

    [He starts laughing and Putzie leaves] 

  • Jan : Brusha, brusha, brusha get the new Ipana

    Jan : With the brand new flavor

    Jan : It's dandy for you teeth

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