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Jeff Conaway: Kenickie



  • Rizzo : I've got so many hickies people will think I'm a leper.

    Kenickie : Relax... A hickie from Kenickie is like a Hallmark card, when you only care enough to send the very best!

    Rizzo : You pig!

    Kenickie : Oh, I love it when you talk dirty!

  • Kenickie : Hey Rizzo, I hear you're knocked up.

    Rizzo : You do huh? Boy, good new really travels fast.

    [shoots Marty a look of contempt] 

    Kenickie : Hey listen, why didn'tcha tell me?

    Rizzo : What's it to ya?

    Kenickie : Anything I can do?

    Rizzo : You did enough!

    Kenickie : I don't run away from my mistakes

    Rizzo : Don't worry about it Kenickie, it was somebody else's mistake.

    Kenickie : Thanks a lot kid.

    [Kenickie walks away] 

    Rizzo : [calls out to Kenickie]  Any time...

  • Rizzo : What's up, Kenickie?

    Kenickie : One guess.

  • Danny : Hey guys, look!

    Kenickie : Ladies and gentlemen! Dingleberries On Parade!

    Sonny : Yeah

    [football player gets his foot stuck in his helmet] 

    Doody : Hey, look! You really put your foot into it this time, Chisum!

    Putzie : Yeah, try hopscotch, you hot dog!

    Sonny : [laughter]  What a gavone! Gumdrops, man.

  • [Rizzo and Kenickie are making out in Kenickie's car, crawling into the backseat together] 

    Kenickie : Oooh, Riz... Riz...

    Rizzo : Would you call me by my first name?

    Kenickie : Ooohh, uhhh... ooohh... uhh...

    Rizzo : Betty.

    Kenickie : Betty, Betty...

    [says her name several times, in increasing passion] 

    Rizzo : Hey... ya got something?

    Kenickie : Are you kidding?

    [Sits up and gets a condom out of his wallet] 

    Kenickie : My 25-cent insurance policy.

    Rizzo : Big spender!

    [Kenickie opens the condom packet, is shocked as he finds it broken] 

    Rizzo : What?

    Kenickie : It broke!

    Rizzo : How could it break?

    Kenickie : I bought it when I was in the seventh grade.

    [the two spend a long nervous moment considering the situation, but look to each other with growing lust] 

    Rizzo : What the Hell...

    [Rizzo grabs Kenickie, and they resume making out] 

    Kenickie : [muffled]  Oh Betty...

  • Kenickie : You're cruisin' for a bruisin'

  • Kenickie : [Kenickie, Rizzo and Frenchie are left alone at the diner]  Oh, great. I get stuck with the check again.

    [Looks at Rizzo] 

    Kenickie : Gimme money.

    [Rizzo glares at him] 

    Kenickie : Okay, what's with you tonight, huh? You got the personality of a wet mop!

    Rizzo : Don't start with me!

    Kenickie : Oh, sure! Fine! Eureka! How 'bout I finish with ya, huh?

    Rizzo : Finish this!

    [She throws her milkshake in his face, and then throws him his T-Bird jacket] 

    Rizzo : To you from me, PinkyLee! Sorry, French.

    Kenickie : [Chasing after Rizzo]  Hey! Rizzo! I wanna talk to you! NOW!

  • Doody : The problem's in this rubber band engine.

    Kenickie : The problem's in your mouth.

    Sonny : Kenickie, got any Scotch tape?

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