Grease (1978) Poster


Eve Arden: Principal McGee



  • Sonny : Geez! Every teacher I got this year has flunked me at least once!

    Doody : Yeah and if you don't watch it, you're gonna be spending all your time in McGee's office

    Sonny : Yeah well this year she's gonna wish she's never seen me

    Doody : Oh yeah? and what are you gonna do?

    Sonny : I just ain't gonna take any of her crap that's all. I don't take no crap from nobody

    Principal McGee : Sonny?

    Sonny : Oh, Hello ma'am

    Principal McGee : Aren't you suppose to be in homeroom right now?

    Sonny : I was just going for a walk

    Principal McGee : You were just dawdling weren't you?

    Sonny : Yes ma'am

    Principal McGee : That is no way to start a new semester Mr. LaTierre

    Sonny : Va fa napoli, tutte puttana

    Principal McGee : Perhaps a session of banging erasers after school would put you on the right track?

    Sonny : Yes ma'am

    Principal McGee : Are you just going to stand there all day?

    Sonny : Uh no ma'am, I mean yes ma'am, I mean I'm just um...

    Principal McGee : Well which is it, yes or no?

    Sonny : No ma'am

    Principal McGee : Good! Then MOVE!

    Sonny : Yes Ma'am

    Danny : I'm sure glad you didn't take any of her crap, Sonny. You would've really told her off, huh?

  • Principal McGee : If you can't be an athlete, be an athletic supporter.

  • Principal McGee : Blanche, do you have the schedules?

    Blanche : Yes Ms. McGee, I just had my hands on them.

    Principal McGee : Oh good, they'll be nice and smudged.

    Blanche : Oh here they are. If they would have been a snake they would have bitten me.

    Principal McGee : Blanche, these are the schedules we had for last semester. Maybe next year you'll find the ones for this semester.

  • Principal McGee : Attention seniors. Before the merriment of commencement commences, I hope that your years with us here at Rydell have prepared you for the challenges you face. Who knows? Among you there may be a future Eleanor Roosevelt or a Rosemary Clooney, and among you young men, there may be a Joe DiMaggio, a President Eisenhower, or even a Vice-President Nixon. But you will always the glorious memories of Rydell High. Rydell forever. Bon voyage.

  • Principal McGee : We have pictures of you so-called mooners. And just because the pictures aren't of your faces doesn't mean we can't identify you. At this very moment those pictures are on their way to Washington where the FBI has experts in this type of identification. If you turn yourselves in now, you may escape a Federal charge.

  • Principal McGee : I think we all owe a round of applause for Patty Simcox and Eugene Felsnick and committee for their beautiful decorations.

    Sonny : Let's hear it for the toilet paper!

    Principal McGee : In just a few moments the entire nation will be watching Rydell High, God help us, and I want you to all be on your best behavior.

    Sonny : NO HINEY BITING!

  • Principal McGee : [continuing with dance rules]  Anyone doing tasteless or vulgar movements will be disqualified

    Rizzo : Well, that leaves us out!

    Coach Calhoun : Let's keep it clean, people. Let's keep it clean.

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