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Olivia Newton-John: Sandy



  • Sandy : My parents want to invite you over for tea on Sunday.

    Danny : I don't like tea.

    Sandy : [laughing]  You don't have to drink tea.

    Danny : I don't like parents.

  • Danny : Sandy!

    Sandy : Tell me about it, stud.

  • Danny : That's cool baby, you know how it is, rockin' and rollin' and what not.

    Sandy : Danny?

    Danny : That's my name, don't wear it out.

    Sandy : What's the matter with you?

    Danny : What's the matter with me, baby, what's the matter with you?

    Sandy : What happened to the Danny Zuko I met at the beach?

    Danny : Well I do not know. Maybe there's two of us. Why don't you take out a missing person's ad? Or try the yellow pages, I don't know.

    Sandy : You're a fake and a phony and I wish I never laid eyes on you!

  • Sandy : He was sort of special.

    Rizzo : There ain't no such thing.

  • Rizzo : Hey Zuko! I've got a surprise for you.

    Danny : Oh, Yeah?

    Rizzo : [chuckles]  Yeah

    Danny : [throws Sandy in front of him]  Sandy!

    Sandy : Danny!

    Danny : Wha-what are you doing here, I thought you were moving back to Australia?

    Sandy : We were but we had a change in plans!

    [His friends stare at Danny with a strange face and he changes moods, pretending like he doesn't care] 

  • Rizzo : [breaks out a bottle of wine]  How about a little Sneaky Pete to get the party going?

    [the girls, except Sandy, cheer; Frenchie shushes them] 

    Jan : Italian Swiss Colony? Wow, it's imported! Hey, I brought some Twinkies! Anybody want one?

    Marty : Twinkies and wine? Oh, that's real class, Jan.

    Jan : [grabbing the wine bottle from Marty]  It says right here it is a dessert wine.

    Rizzo : Hey!

    [Rizzo smacks Jan in the back of the head with a magazine] 

    Rizzo : Sandy didn't get any wine!

    Sandy : Oh, that's okay.

    Rizzo : I'll bet you never had a drink before either.

    Sandy : Oh, yes, I did. I had some champagne at my cousin's wedding once.

    Rizzo : Ooooh. Ringa ding-ding.

    [Jan offers the bottle of wine to Sandy; Sandy is hesitant] 

    Jan : What's wrong? We don't got cooties!

  • Sandy : [Danny is trying to make out with Sandy]  No, Danny!

    Danny : Sandy, don't worry about it, nobody's watching.

    Sandy : Danny, get off me!

    Danny : Come on, Sandy, what's the matter with you? I thought I meant something to you!

    Sandy : Meant something to you! You think I'm going to stay here with you in this? this sin wagon? You can take this piece of tin!

    [throws his class ring at him and runs away] 

    Danny : Sandy, you just can't walk out of a drive-in!

  • Sandy : You're a fake and a phony and I wish I never laid eyes on you.

  • Sandy : Are you making fun of me, Riz?

    Rizzo : Some people are so touchy.

  • Sandy : Frenchy, I don't feel so good.

    Rizzo : Think of it this way, if she screws you up she can always fix your hair so your ears don't show.

  • Sandy : What if they dance diffently than we do back home?

    Rizzo : Hey don't worry, maybe you'll invent the kangaroo bop.

  • [first lines] 

    Sandy : I'm going back to Australia; I might never see you again.

    Danny : Don't... don't talk that way, Sandy.

    Sandy : But it's true! I've just had the best summer of my life, and now I have to go away. It isn't fair.

    [Danny starts kissing her] 

    Sandy : Danny, don't spoil it!

    Danny : It's not spoiling it, Sandy, it's only making it better.

    Sandy : Danny... is this the end?

    Danny : Of course not; it's only the beginning.

  • Danny : You've gotta make friends with the cameraman.

    Sandy : The cameraman?

    Danny : Yeah, his name's Ted.

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