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Louise Fletcher: Marlene DuChard



  • Colonel Schlissel : What a pleasant surprise, Mr. DuChard.

    Paul DuChard : So, the Black Fox and the Silver Wolf meet again, eh?

    Colonel Schlissel : And of course, you remember the Gray Rabbit and the Blue Chipmunk.

    Paul DuChard : May I present my wife Marlene.

    Colonel Schlissel : The White Swan! Of course! It is always the most courageous of men who wins the most beautiful women, but it is only the ruthless who get to keep them.

    Marlene DuChard : And it is a thousand candles that will burn for every brave soldier that marches to the steps of the drums of liberty, so that tyranny will never trample the spirit of freedom in the hearts of men, throughout a world thrown into darkness and despair.

    Colonel Schlissel : Well spoken - whatever it means. Ah, may I present Miss DeBoop, like yourselves a well-built exile?

    Betty DeBoop : Hi, honey. Don't let the Heinie get you down.

    Marlene DuChard : It is despots and tryants who run our rivers red with the colors of a hundred trampled flags that unfurl in the winds of liberty, blowing over centuries of deprivation...

    Paul DuChard : It's all right, darling, we made our point.

    Marlene DuChard : ...where men who have known treachery and treason can still light torches in the caves of honor...

  • Marlene DuChard : Did you think my heart didn't stop last night in the club when I saw you standing there?

    Lou Peckinpaugh : I almost forgot what you looked like. Day by day I erased your face from my mind, little by little, till all I had left... was your right ear and three front teeth on the bottom.

    Marlene DuChard : I still carry your picture in my locket. Naturally, I had to cut off your head in case Paul found it.

    Lou Peckinpaugh : Suddenly it all seems as though it was yesterday. I stood in that train station, I waited for you for over six hours. Then when your letter came, it started to rain. And I opened it, and the ink ran all over the page. The most important letter of my life... I still don't know what the hell it said!

    Marlene DuChard : It said: "Dear Louis, I love you more than life itself. But to run off with you now, when my country is in danger, would be an act of cowardice. I'm marrying Paul DuChard, because - " and that's all I can remember.

    Lou Peckinpaugh : You can't remember why you married him?

    Marlene DuChard : That letter was written a long time ago - I've written thousands of letters since!

  • Marlene DuChard : I now know that what was, was, and can never be was again.

  • Marlene DuChard : Paul... are you sure we ought to be here?

    Paul DuChard : There is nothing to worry about, my dear - we're in England now!

    Marlene DuChard : No, Paul. This is America.

    Paul DuChard : [looking around]  Oh yes, America.

    Marlene DuChard : We should've gone to a doctor, Paul. I'm not sure I got all that bullet out of your head.

    Paul DuChard : Oh, chérie... It doesn't matter. It's the thought that counts.

  • Lou Peckinpaugh : Did you ever stop to worry that I might have killed myself over you?

    Marlene DuChard : And if you had, it would have been easier than what I went through. Sleeping night after night with a man I didn't really love. Feeling his hands on my skin. Watching me undress. Taking baths and showers with me. Making me wear all sorts of...

    Lou Peckinpaugh : All right, I got the picture. I heard it. Let's go on to something new.

  • Lou Peckinpaugh : Hello, Marlene. Long time no see.

    Marlene DuChard : Hello, Louis. No see in long time.

  • Paul DuChard : You, uh, you went to his apartment that night, didn't you?

    Marlene DuChard : [slowly]  Yes. I'm sorry, Paul. How long have you known Louis and I are lovers?

    Paul DuChard : I didn't know until you told me just now. I thought you went there looking for me!

    Marlene DuChard : Yes. That's why I went there. I made up the part about us being lovers because I know you don't like me looking for you.

    Paul DuChard : Oh.

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