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Season 1

Oct. 1975
Part One
Headstrong, beautiful, and rich Glencora is in love with a dashing wastrel but her family pressures her to marry dignified but dull MP, Plantagenet Palliser.
26 Jan. 1974
Part Two
While Plantagenet and Glencora are honeymooning in Switzerland, she meets cousin Alice and confesses her undiminished love for wastrel Burgo Fitzgerald.
2 Feb. 1974
Part Three
Glencora confides to Alice, now her companion, of her love for Burgo Fitzgerald as George Vasavor is forced to raise money for his by-election campaign.
9 Feb. 1974
Part Four
Even though Alice has broken off their engagement, John Grey secretly underwrites George's campaign as Burgo plots to seduce Glencora at Lady Monk's ball.
16 Feb. 1974
Part Five
After Glencora confesses to Plantagenant of her love for Burgo, he turns down an appointment to the Exchequor in order to take her abroad and work on their marriage.
23 Feb. 1974
Part Six
Now on holidays in Europe with Plantagenet and Alice Vavasor, Glencora has some happy new for her husband. She is also determined that Alice and John Grey be reunited. Grey has followed them to Switzerland and Glencora creates opportunities opportunities for he and Alice to be together. Once back back in England, the swirl of politics takes over with the announcement that the Liberal government will undergo a major change of Ministers, creating the hope that Plantagenet may once again be offered the cabinet position he turned down the year before. There are several ...
2 Mar. 1974
Part Seven
Plantagenet Palliser is the Chancellor of the Exchequer in a revamped Liberal government and Glencora is proving to be the perfect political hostess when they host a reception in their home. Among the guests are Phineas Finn, a young Irish MP and Robert Kennedy, one of the more influential members of the party. Laura Standish continues to guide the young Finn through his introduction to life among the influential MP's and peers and also introduces him to her brother, Lord Chiltern. Finn has taken quite a liking to her but after settling her brother's debts, the now ...
9 Mar. 1974
Part Eight
Phineas Finn's foolishness in co-signing for a loan on behalf of Lawrence Fitzgibbon comes back to haunt him when the moneylender demands payment. He's also preparing for his maiden speech in Parliament but when the time comes, he makes a mess of it. He continues his friendship with Lady Laura and her brother but her new husband forbids him to visit his wife on Sundays. The major issue of the day is whether to accede to the radicals demands for the secret ballot. Phineas personally supports the concept but agrees to support the Liberal party elders, several of whom ...
16 Mar. 1974
Part Nine
Having rescued Mr. Kennedy from a street mugging, Phineas Finn is now again welcome in his home. Lady Laura however has realized her error in marrying Kennedy and finding it more and more difficult to hide her feelings, asks Finn to stay away. Finn is still in trouble with the moneylenders but is saved by an unexpected source. He's also decided to ask a certain young woman to marry him. but she seems less than receptive and Lord Chiltern has his own strong views on the issue. The Liberal party wins the general election and Plantagenet is reappointed as Chancellor of ...
23 Mar. 1974
Part Ten
Phineas Finn survives his duel with Lord Chiltern and refuses to renounce his interest in Miss Effingham. He convinces Laura Kennedy to help him win her affections but Miss Effingham refuses him and he's no further ahead. His career is on the upswing however when he's appointed Undersecretary for the Colonies. He's taken an interest in the situation of tenants in Ireland, a subject that may put him on a collision course with the party, which has little interest in the subject. He's encouraged to press on however by several people including Mrs Max Goesler. Lady ...
30 Mar. 1974
Part Eleven
Phineas Finn intimacy with Mary forces him to consent to a secret engagement and to turn down a proposal from rich widow Madame Max Goesler.
6 Apr. 1974
Part Twelve
Despite advice to the contrary, Finn speaks out in Parliament on behalf of Irish tenant farmers while Lady Eustace refuses to return her jewels to her in-laws.
13 Apr. 1974
Part Thirteen
Lizzie Eustace must travel to London and surrender her diamonds to the courts that are going to adjudicate their ownership but they are stolen en route.
20 Apr. 1974
Part Fourteen
Lizzie Eustace faces charges of perjury when her maid turns state's evidence, and Finn returns from Ireland after his wife's death hoping to return to Parliament.
27 Apr. 1974
Part Fifteen
Finn ignores Kennedy's insistence that he not visit Laura in Dresden and finds himself being pressured by a tabloid journalist with an embarrassing letter.
4 May 1974
Part Sixteen
Bonteen offers his protection to Lady Eustace, who is being abused and extorted by Emilius and manages to lose the support of Plantagenet for the Chancellor's job.
11 May 1974
Part Seventeen
Furious that he has been denied the Exchequer, Bonteen journeys to Prague to get evidence on Emilius on Lizzie's behalf and takes his anger out on Finn.
18 May 1974
Part Eighteen
Awaiting trial for murder, Finn despairs that everyone has lost faith in him, but the Pallisers and Chilterns work on his behalf while Marie travels to Prague.
25 May 1974
Part Nineteen
Although Marie Goesler's efforts in Prague are able to produce a witness that proves Finn's innocence, the Irishman is depressed and troubled by his ordeal.
1 Jun. 1974
Part Twenty
When the Liberal Party is returns to power with Plantagenet the presumptive Prime Minister, Glencora relishes her role as hostess for the nation.
8 Jun. 1974
Part Twenty-one
Lopez still hopes to marry Emily Wharton and to get Glencara's help to run unopposed for the Plantagenet's Silverbridge seat in Parliament.
15 Jun. 1974
Part Twenty-two
Lopez needs money to pay for his speculative business investments and political debts and tries to get it from his father-in-law and the Pallisers.
22 Jun. 1974
Part Twenty-three
Desperate for money, Lopez tries to extort money from Abel Walton by threatening to move a pregnant Emily to Guatemala.
29 Jun. 1974
Part Twenty-four
Plantagenet's Liberal government falls as Sliverbridge becomes involved with the dodgy Major Tipto in horse racing, and Mabel Grex turns down his marriage proposal.
26 Oct. 1974
Part Twenty-five
After Tipto feels slighted by Silverbridge, he humiliates him into wagering 40,000 pounds on The Prime Minister, who comes up lame just before the Derby.
2 Nov. 1974
Part Twenty-six
A dying Glencora's last wishes are that Mary become financially independent and her children be allowed to marry whom they wish.

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