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Sex & Nudity

  • Post-sex scene with Babe and Elsa. They are laying on the floor, Babe on top of Elsa, Babe is trying to talk her into having sex again. Elsa's breast is exposed on the side, and then he rolls off of her and her breasts are clearly seen full frontal as they talk a little longer.
  • There is a sex scene with Babe and Elsa; he is shown thrusting on top of her, once he finishes, he rolls over and her breasts are exposed. Very mild and isn't as graphic as it sounds. It only lasts a few seconds and its very dark and hard to see
  • Once Babe gets out of a bath, he is shown nude for an extended period of time. Although the only nudity shown is his butt.

Violence & Gore

  • Death Count: 11-12
  • Two old people get into a car fight. It starts with some shouting, then slamming each others rear bumpers, eventually they start racing and wind up crashing into an oil truck.
  • A baby carriage with only a doll in it explodes.
  • Someone tries to kill another guy with piano wire. Blood sprays. The fight goes on for awhile, and one eventually manages to break the other person's neck.
  • We see another guy with a mass bloody neck in a dimmed theater; presumably killed with piano wire.
  • Someone uses some kind of contraption knife to kill two people, and then while trying to kill another winds up stabbing himself.
  • Two villains mug a couple in the park.
  • A guy has a flashback about when his father was killed (its in monochrome, but we still see blood).
  • Two guys playfully fight each other, although using profanity. Later though at a dinner they have a heated argument.
  • Another guy apparently stabs a villain in the back and then apparently shoots another from a distance.
  • A confrontation takes place and ends up in four people getting shot.
  • A guy forces another guy to swallow diamonds.


  • Approximately 10 f-words are present throughout the film as well as some other language including $hits, damns, bastards, goddamn, Chr*st
  • There's some other insults too and people argue in another foreign language that could contain swearing. The word $hit is definitely uttered once in French. In addition seals in French is 'phoques' which sounds just like the F-word.
  • The word c-nt is written on a wall and it is shown 3 times. It's in the background and very hard to see. You would have to be really looking in the background to see it, but you'll probably be paying too much attention to the actual movie to see it.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • One of the main character's is seen smoking in a doctor's clinic (1976 of course was a different day).
  • People drink in a few scenes.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • The dental torture scene will disturb some viewers.
  • There's a fight scene with a piano wire and then later 2 dental torture scenes which are quite intense.


The Parents Guide items below may give away important plot points.

Violence & Gore

  • A guy after being asked to use as bait, but not that night; is used. The villains enter his apartment while he's in the tub. He tries frantically keeping them out, but they eventually pry the door open and put his head in the water to knock him out. When he comes to he's tied to a chair. A third villain enters and repeatedly asks him the same question over and over again and eventually scratches his gum with a dental picker. Later, he drills a hole in his upper front tooth.

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