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Jenny Agutter: Jessica



  • Logan : Killed? Why do you use that word?

    Jessica : Isn't that what you do? Kill?

    Logan : I've never killed anyone in my life. Sandman terminate runners. What's your name?

    Jessica : Jessica.

    Logan : You're sad enough. You're beautiful. Let's have sex.

    Jessica : No.

    Logan : Then why are you wasting my time, hmmm? Why did you put yourself on the circuit?

    Jessica : I thought I had to do something. I told you it was a mistake. And I've changed my mind.

    Logan : Because I'm a Sandman? Am I your first?

    Jessica : Yes. And I'm curious.

  • Jessica : [seeing the sun for the first time]  What is it?

    Logan : I don't know. Whatever it is, it's warm.

  • Logan : NO! Don't go in there! You don't have to die! No one has to die at 30! You could live! LIVE! Live, and grow old! I've seen it! She's seen it!

    [shows the crystal on his palm] 

    Logan : Well, look! LOOK! LOOK, IT'S CLEAR!

    [crowd laughs] 

    Computer : Lastday, Capricorn 29's. Year of the City: 2274. Carousel begins.

    Jessica : No! Don't! Don't go! Listen to him! He's telling the truth!

    [more laughter] 

    Jessica : We've been outside! There's another world outside! We've seen it!

    [Sandmen grab them] 

    Logan : Life clocks are a lie! Carousel is a lie! THERE IS NO RENEWAL!

  • Jessica : Let's take our clothes off first, before they freeze on us.

  • Logan : What's wrong? Do you prefer women?

    Jessica : No.

  • Jessica : A friend of mine went on carousel. Now he's gone.

    Logan : Yes, well, I'm sure he was renewed.

    Jessica : He was killed.

  • Jessica : You can have any woman in the city. What do you really want?

    Logan : You know.

    [both begin laughing] 

    Jessica : The choice is still mine?

    Logan : Of course.

    Jessica : This time, the answer is yes.

  • Mary 2 : Don't be afraid.

    Jessica : What's your name?

    Mary 2 : Mary 2.

    Jessica : Where do you live Mary?

    Mary 2 : Here.

    Jessica : Why aren't you in nursery?

    Mary 2 : I'm very smart.

    Jessica : When are you green? When do you go up?

    Mary 2 : I never go upstairs. You're a nice old lady.

    [she steals Jessica's bracelet and runs away] 

    Jessica : Hey!

  • Logan : Well, has, uh, anyone else ever passed through here?

    Old Man : No. Oh, there may be a few out there. I don't know. No, I don't know.

    Logan : What makes you think that?

    Old Man : Well, my parents told me. My mother... and my, you know, the... um, father.

    Logan : You knew your mother and father?

    Old Man : Sure. They raised me. Uh, you know... They raised me.

    Jessica : How were you grown? Inside your mother?

    Old Man : Right in there.

    Jessica : Are you sure?

    Old Man : Well, that's what she told me. I have to, I have to believe her. I don't know.

  • Jessica : What's the matter with you? He's a runner. He's blinking! We must help anyone who asks. We must! Or, we're the same as they are - in deciding who lives and who dies.

  • Jessica : [looking at the sun]  What is it?

    Logan : I don't know. Whatever it is, it's warm.

    Jessica : We must be outside!

  • Jessica : I didn't think it would be like this. It hurts.

    [lizard crawls under her tunic, she screams] 

    Jessica : I hate outside! I hate it! I hate it!

  • Logan : They lived together? All their years?

    Old Man : Yeah. Oh, well, before I come along, I don't know what. But, after, I, oh yes. They did.

    Jessica : So, people stayed together for this feeling of love? They would live and raise children and be remembered?

    Old Man : Yeah. Raised me, didn't they? Right in there. Yeah.

    Jessica : I think I'd like that, Logan. Don't you?

    Logan : Why not?

    Jessica : Beloved husband.

    Logan : Beloved wife.

    Old Man : Beloved son.

  • Logan : Who are you?

    Old Man : Who are you?

    Logan : I'm Logan 5. This is Jessica 6.

    Old Man : Well, I never much cared for my name, even when I could remember it.

    Jessica : We're from the city.

    Logan : Yes. Yes, we came through the ice. We got past Box.

    Old Man : Box?

    Jessica : This is Sanctuary, isn't it?

    Old Man : Sanctuary?

  • Jessica : I know what everyone knows.Try like hell for renewal. You have the same chance as anyone else. CAROUSEL!

  • Jessica : I never heard of a Sandman running, ever.

    Logan : And I never heard of Sanctuary.

  • Jessica : Logan, look! Look at your palm! The crystal - it's clear. What does it mean?

    Logan : The life-clocks have no power outside. We're free!

  • Jessica : This time - the answer's yes!

  • Logan : [walking through a graveyard on the outside]  They've all got names and numbers on them. I wonder what they are?

    Jessica : "Beloved Husband", "Beloved Wife." I wonder what it means?

  • Jessica : Look at his face and his hair. Is that what it is to grow old?

    Old Man : Well, I guess so. Yes.

    Logan : How old are you?

    Old Man : I'm as old as I am, I suppose.

    Logan : Your hair is - your hair is white?

    Old Man : Yeah. Well, it wasn't always that color. I got my color someplace here. It wasn't your color and it wasn't much like her's either.

    Jessica : Those cracks, on your face, do they hurt?

    Old Man : No.

    Jessica : Can I touch them?

    Old Man : Oh, my! Try.

  • Jessica : Things don't change.

  • Jessica : Are the Cubs really as wild as they say?

    Logan : You've never been there have you?

    Jessica : No, of course not.

    Logan : Well, you wanted to come with me. You'll find out. Oh, they're wild, alright. They're the violent ones. There's no place else for them, unless they change.

    Jessica : Some people say its because they're born in breeders. Had you heard that?

    Logan : We're all born in breeders. But, most of us don't end up running wild in Cathedral.

    Jessica : No, but they say human mothering might be better. I wish I'd known my mother.

    Logan : Where do you get these crazy ideas?

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