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10 Sep. 1975
Point of Maximum Pressure
Dr. Jake Goodwin faces a new group of medical residents and informs them that some won't make it as doctors. It's not to long before his prophecy begins to be fulfilled.
24 Sep. 1975
Sleepless and Pale Eyelids
Sybil, an alluring young patient, has a history of romancing young doctors to their misfortune. Dr. Jake tries to warn one of his colleagues away from the attractive woman but he may be too late.
1 Oct. 1975
Knives of Chance
When a patient's life is endangered by a incorrect diagnosis by Dr. Perry Wells, Dr. Goodwin faces a dilemma. He must inform the resident he was selected for medical scool because he was a minority, not because he was qualified.
8 Oct. 1975
But Who Will Bless Thy Daughter Norah?
An overweight and unhappy college student Norah becomes a patient of Dr. Goodwin. When he shows sympathy for her situation she falls in love with him, not being used to genuine kindness.
29 Oct. 1975
Watchman, Who Will Guard Thy Sheep?
A high powered movie executive checks in as a patient and starts ordering everyone around. Dr. Jake Goodwin must figure out a way to get the man to relax.
17 Dec. 1975
Surgeon, Heal Thyself
Dr. Raloh Keyes has a hard time moving forward four years after his wife and daughter died tragically, Dr. Goodwin tries to get him move beyond his grief and become the outstanding physician he once was.
14 Jan. 1976
A policewoman refuses to believe she needs a surgical operation until she meets the dedicated doctor whose been put in charge of her case.

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