The Man with the Golden Gun (1974) Poster

Richard Loo: Hai Fat



  • Francisco Scaramanga : [after Bond has broken out of Hai Fat's karate school]  ... What do they teach at that academy? Ballet dancing?

    Hai Fat : I find nothing amusing in Mr. Bond's escape. May I remind you that you work for me. I took you on to be an occasional consultant, nothing more. I did not pay you to interfere in my affairs. Is that understood? Now, return to the plant and don't leave there without my permission.

    [he doesn't see Scaramanga assembling the Golden Gun] 

    Hai Fat : ...I now regret having even considered employing your services, but that is beside the point. Bond doesn't know you; he's never seen you. But he knows me. That's the problem.

    Francisco Scaramanga : That's no problem.

    [He shoots Fat dead, then disassembles the Golden Gun as one of Fat's aides comes to investigate] 

    Francisco Scaramanga : ...Mr. Fat has just resigned. I am the new Chairman of the Board.

    [goes outside] 

    Francisco Scaramanga : ...Fat always did like that mausoleum. Put him in it.

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