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Airport 1975 is good, exciting, corny escapism and the kind of movie you would not want to watch as an in-flight film.
The movie does offer its share of thrills and cheesy, unsophisticated fun. Just don't watch it if you're planning any air travel soon.
Jack Smight’s direction has the refreshing pace of a filmmaker who knows his plot can crash unless he hurries.
Time Out
A ridiculous sequel, bad enough to be enjoyable, what with its jumbo jet crammed full of Hollywood celebs - Gloria Swanson, Myrna Loy, Sid Caesar, even Linda Blair (as a teenager being rushed to a kidney transplant) who looks like she is going to vomit over two nuns.
This film, with a whole new cast of miscasts, is even more mindless than its predecessor.
A silly, jumbo-size sequel to the original film adaptation of Arthur Hailey's Airport.
Where to begin with this accidental comic classic, which gives its direct descendant—the Zucker-Abrahams-Zucker parody Airplane!, effectively the nail-in-the-coffin of the ’70s disaster movie cycle—some very real competition in the guffaw department?
The New Yorker
Processed schlock. This could only have been designed as a TV movie and then blown up to cheapie-epic proportions.

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