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A very funny game show
rbow12 February 2003
This was an extremely funny game show and my favorite at the time. The guest panelists included Bob Newhart, Don Rickles, and Dick Martin of Rowan & Martin among many others. The answers to questions asked by host Burt Convy were often hilarious! A totally enjoyable half hour!
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Memories of Good Game Shows
gia_smith26 January 2016
The description of the show has already been written about so I'm not going to repeat it here.

I used to watch Tattletales when it was first on but not everyday - I was a kid. A few months ago, our cable company added the BUZZR channel which is all old game shows from "What's my Line?" to "Let's Make a Deal" to "Tattletales", etc.

For the first few days, I didn't change the channel - watching the game shows brought back so many good memories.

Tattletales is one of my favorite shows on the channel. (It seems every other game show was hosted by Bert Convy!) The people on the show looked so loose, everyone there seemed to be having fun - I just love it.

Way back, I took all of the shows for granted. Now, while I am thankful for what is on BUZZR, I've noticed many of the shows that I watch are one year only such as "Match Game '78" so there are a lot of reruns already for most of the shows, if not all. I hope other years of these game shows are added plus adding other shows to their network such as Tic Tac Dough. (Yes, I'm greedy!)

Back to "Tattletales" - From the tacky green fake grass look on the set to the outfits worn then to hearing a bit about the celebrities lives, I love it all now. (One thing I do is look up the celebrities to see if they stayed married to their spouse from the show).

It's kind of bittersweet, though, to watch all of the old game shows. I look at the celebrities and so many are gone or very old. On shows such as Tattletales, they were young and vibrant. Even the hosts such as Bert Convy - gone... but, on the other hand, we're lucky to have them on video. And Tattletales was/is funny.

I believe there was something in the credits that, while the contestants didn't have the questions, they were interviewed about certain subjects in general so I think that's why the celebrities were so quick at the buzzer.
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Still Fresh To Watch
verbusen3 December 2015
Warning: Spoilers
I stumbled onto this show last night on BZZR which in my area (Tampa) is not yet on my cable system but is on the air using a TV antenna. I only caught the two episodes but I would have stayed around if they played more that night, BZZR shows Press Your Luck after Tattle Tales and while thats a great game show I've watched out of it for now having watched it hundreds of times. This was the first time I watched this show, when it originally aired on TV I was a teen in school and so missed most of it's airings, but I remember the times I caught it I usually switched the channel quickly, as a teen it's not an interesting show. Now in my middle age, I found it laugh out loud funny! The guests they had on was the reason why I stayed at first, to watch Jerry Stiller and Anne Meara who were a big comedy team in the 60's and 70's and Jerry later doing Seinfeld and King Of Queens, and parents of Ben Stiller. They were really good but surprisingly the other couple of Dick Gautier (Hymie the Robot on Get Smart) and Barbara Stuart were really outrageous! The third couple was interesting to me in that it was Greg Morris and his wife Leona Keyes since I am a Mission Impossible fan they had a few moments too! I'm guessing that the show is staged as the answers given were just to funny, although it's played so quick with the final product that it comes across as unrehearsed. Bert Convy really clicked here feeding some risqué moments and he's the perfect host for this one. I read that Gene Rayburn was the host for the pilot but by the time the show was picked up he was already doing Match Game which was my favorite game show back in the day (being a teen and them using the word "boobies" all the time, lol). Tattle Tales I can see as great entertainment to watch with your spouse or partner. The questions are personal and not tied to the time frame the show was made so it's still fresh. Check it out if you are a old time game show fan, 9 out of 10!
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Some great moments
RNMorton19 November 2015
Funny, I had forgotten about this little gem from my early adult years when it appeared again recently on one of the oldies TV cable channels which have sprouted up. Hosted by Bert Convy, the perfect man for this job, the show featured three celebrity couples competing on behalf of their slice of the studio audience. There were two types of questions used, in retrospect the ones that worked best were asked to each couple. The guys might answer while the wives off stage were turned off, then the wives came in on little TVs below their husbands and answered - if they matched they won money for their audience. It plays better than it sounds, I mean, where else can you find out whether Abe Vigoda thinks that the attractiveness of your partner adds to your romantic pleasure? (So bizarre and traumatic a TV moment that I recall it vividly some 40 years later) The review here that talks about washed up stars is off, at the time these were generally legit celebrities, including Stiller & Meara, always great. It probably won't work for someone under 40 but I have enjoyed tuning in.
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It's A Fun Game Show To Watch
etodd-426 February 2016
Warning: Spoilers
I was in junior high school when this game show aired, but I do no remember seeing if at the time.

I find this game show fun to watch. I love it that the audience in section that the celebrity represents wins the money at the conclusion of the game.

It is a sweet, fun, and honest show to watch. Not crass like many shows that are on the air today.

For me, it is very nostalgic to see the celebrities of the past that you may have forgotten about or celebrities in their early rise to fame.
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Classic show
elizabetheric21 November 2018
I love the 70's I can't say enough about it. I am a 1975 baby and I started watching these at a young age with my mom. I was excited to see they are on stream. I just love how you get to know the actors life and what they looked like back then and now most of them sadly have gotten divorced but they sure appear so happy and I love that.
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Uninspiring game show that features washed-up celebrities and their spouses.
Aussie Stud29 January 2002
The late Burt Convy hosted this pitiful 'game show' where no actual 'every day contestants' are featured. Three panelists comprised of 'has-been' celebrities would sit behind a podium with a television set built into it that would screen their spouse's face from a room off to the side of the set. Their spouse would wear a set of headphones as Burt Convy would ask the panelists ridiculous questions regarding their personal lives, such as their likes, dislikes and of course their sex life.

The object of the game was to have the panelist match their spouse's response to the question, much like the format in "THE NEWLYWED GAME". While that show pitted everyday strangers against one another in the hope of making a 'love connection', "TATTLETALES" relies on its washed-up celebrities to make the most of their time on the show to make fools out of themselves by asking them ludicrous questions followed by some sort of claptrap response. Regular panelists would include Zsa Zsa Gabor, Joan Collins and Phyllis Diller - ALL of whom would go on to divorce their 'spouses' featured on the show.

The audience members were split into three separate colors - red, yellow and blue. Whichever panelist and spouse answered the most correct questions would ultimately win a small amount of money which would be distributed among members of the audience, depending on what color they happened to be wearing.

Overall, of the rare times I did happen to catch this show, the panelists always appeared to look quite bored or angry at themselves for agreeing to participate in the antics of this muddled game show (think of Richard Dawson on "MATCH GAME PM"). I was quite surprised that "TATTLETALES" lasted four seasons... but then again, it WAS the 70's.
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