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3 Jan. 1977
What Are You Doing New Year's Eve?
Rhoda decides to host a New Year's Eve Party. It turns bizarre with a Halloween touch.
10 Jan. 1977
Love for Sale
Gary holds a sale event at his store to attract more business. Rhoda and Brenda help at the store. At the end of the day, Brenda and Gary realize they are falling in love.
16 Jan. 1977
A Night in the Emergency Room
Brenda thinks Nick wants to borrow money so she asks Rhoda for advice. Rhoda suggests against lending money. Nick is disappointed and talks to Rhoda. While there, he accidentally drops his accordion on Rhoda's foot and breaks her toe.
23 Jan. 1977
Somebody Has to Say They're Sorry
Gary has some dirt on the beautiful woman who has just moved into the building across the hall from Rhoda. Although she lists on her mailbox that she is an interior designer, Gary has it on first hand knowledge that she is a lady of the evening as he invited her to his place, and she replied that it would cost him $100. This news is old to Rhoda, as a constant parade of men have come knocking on her door in error. Rhoda has some exciting news of her own: she may get the contract to do the window for an exclusive store. Trying to get the contract becomes a problem for ...
30 Jan. 1977
The Ultimatum
Rhoda is totally stressed out about a job, which isn't helped by the fact that she has to interrupt her work to go see the marriage counselor, Dr. Fox, who she doesn't think has been providing any help of late in getting her and Joe back together, especially since the counseling sessions have been as individuals and not as a couple to discuss their issues together. Rhoda is going to break off her professional relationship with Dr. Fox after this next appointment. She changes her mind when she learns from Dr. Fox about Joe's counseling sessions, and receives some ...
6 Feb. 1977
Rhoda's Mystery Man
Rhoda's received a bunch of gifts from a secret admirer; long-stemmed red roses, a box of chocolates, and jewelry. Gifts usually reserved from a serious date or boyfriend. The situation becomes more serious when Rhoda finds out the jewel is a real diamond, and her secret admirer makes reference to meeting the following night, at midnight. Rhoda has no idea who her mystery man is, but, with Brenda and Gary as backup, Rhoda decides to complete the extravagant date to the end, to prove her mystery man wrong, while getting a nice dinner in the process.
13 Feb. 1977
Nick Lobo, Superstar
A despondent Nick, who wants to be alone, kicks Brenda out of her apartment. As Brenda takes refuge with Rhoda, Rhoda in turn demands that Brenda stand up to Nick at least to find out why he kicked her out of her own apartment. Brenda finds out it's because the five year deal he made with his father - make good in the entertainment business or else join him in his work as a trash collector - is up in exactly three days. Brenda tries her best to encourage Nick along his three day journey to stardom. But she also asks for Rhoda's help and advice directly to Nick, which ...
20 Feb. 1977
Nose Job
Brenda has been dating Benny Goodwin, who has fallen in love with her... after their first date. In talking about their future children, Benny admits to Brenda that he had his ears done when he was a child. This admission makes Brenda think about the one part of her body that she would most like to change, namely her nose. Against Rhoda's advice, Brenda decides at least to go for a consultation with a cosmetic surgeon. After the consultation with Dr. Dreiser, who supports the notion of cosmetic surgery in general, an easily swayed Brenda decides to proceed with the ...
27 Feb. 1977
The Second Time Around
As they do every year, Brenda'bank coworkers throw her a s surprise party. Unfortunately, they do it on their bosses desk. When Rhoda makes a mess, instead of him getting mad, he invites Brenda and Rhoda to dinner - going too ask Rhoda out.
6 Mar. 1977
Pajama Party Bingo
Carlton and Brenda have made big changes in their lives, Carlton who has now vowed sobriety, and Brenda who has a radical new hairdo. Brenda's change is only the first radical change she will be making, one every week to her appearance until she comes up with a complete look she likes. In the meantime, some things remain the same. Rhoda has invited her old friend from high school, Susan Alborn, over for an old fashioned slumber party. Susan has just found out that she is pregnant for the seventh time. Brenda reluctantly stays for the party, the reason she wouldn't ...
13 Mar. 1977
To Vegas with Love
Rhoda receives a special delivery letter, with the return addressee being "Mr. Magnetism" in Las Vegas. Before she opens it, she knows it's from Johnny Venture, who she has told time and time again in no uncertain terms that she is not interested in pursuing a relationship with him. His letter contains a round trip ticket each for her and Brenda to Las Vegas, and what he says is a sincere request for them to come view his act, which he feels needs a fresh pair of eyes to critique its look. Rhoda has no hesitation in accepting his offer no strings attached if only for ...
2 Oct. 1977
The Return of Ida
Rhoda receives news that her divorce is final. Frustrated by the entire situation, Rhoda needs to take it out on something. Her anger is tempered by a visit from Ida, who unexpectedly returned home a week early from her and Martin's year long travels. But the family reunion quickly goes downhill when Ida learns of the changes in both Rhoda and Brenda's lives including Brenda dating Benny, a man who seems to have no real professional future, and Rhoda having a friend like Johnny Venture. But the biggest bone of contention is Rhoda's divorce, which Ida believes Rhoda ...
9 Oct. 1977
The Job
With Brenda's announcement of a raise, Rhoda realises how much - or how little - she's making. Rhoda gives up her window dressing clients, and pounds the prevents, until she's about to give up. When she's about to despair, she walks into Doyle's costumes and take herself into a partnership.
16 Oct. 1977
Lady's Choice
There is a brown out in Rhoda and Brenda's building during a heat wave, meaning no air conditioning. If only to get into an air conditioned environment, Rhoda and Gary crash Brenda and Benny's date to go bowling. The bowling match brings out the alpha male in both Benny and Gary, each who believes he is the expert bowler among the group. As such, the two decide to go into a one-on-one bowling match with stakes on the line. Gary decides that the winner gets Brenda, as he has just come to the realization that he still has romantic feelings for her. Brenda, who ends up ...
23 Oct. 1977
One Is a Number
The morning of their scheduled night out to the theater, Brenda ditches Rhoda in favor of going to watch Benny in a roller skating competition. Rhoda is a little angry at Brenda but can understand. As morning turns to afternoon, Rhoda is surprised that she can't find anyone to go to the theater with her. She is so determined not to go alone that she even asks Jack, Johnny and Carlton in succession if each would like to go with her, each who turns her down for one reason or another. As she makes up her mind not to go, Carlton convinces her that she will have a better ...
30 Oct. 1977
Ida Works Out
Rhoda has been run off her feet at work since it is the Halloween season. She asks Brenda is she'd like to moonlight at Doyle's temporarily as an order clerk to help them get over the Halloween rush, which Brenda gratefully declines. Ida, however, thinks she knows the perfect person for the job: herself. Ida needs the money to buy Martin a gift, and she has the time. Rhoda thinks it's a terrible idea if only because Ida and Jack hate each other. Although Ida guilts Rhoda into asking Jack for her, Rhoda doesn't. So Ida decides to ask Jack himself. Surprisingly, Jack ...
6 Nov. 1977
Rhoda Likes Mike
Mike Andretti is a restaurateur acquaintance of Jack's who comes into the costume shop one day to order some uniforms for the staff at the new English styled restaurant he will soon be opening. There is an immediate and mutual attraction between Mike and Rhoda. Mike can see that Rhoda likes him. Jack pushes the two of them together as he can see Rhoda's apprehension in accepting Mike's dinner date if only because this will be her first date since her divorce became official. A first date turns into a second date which turns into a third date which turns into a fourth ...
13 Nov. 1977
The Weekend
Although she wanted more with him, Rhoda has agreed to Mike Andretti's proposal that they keep their personal relationship on a casual basis, dating once every few weeks. But after the first little while under this arrangement, Rhoda seems to have settled into their routine well. The only thing she expresses her displeasure about with him is that they have had their dates at his restaurants, where he always seems to get preoccupied with work rather than with her. As such, Mike makes a suggestion that they go away together for the entire weekend. As such a date is ...
4 Dec. 1977
Home Movies
It's a snowy Friday, and having to fight the snow to get there is the least of Rhoda and Brenda's problems about their bi-weekly dinner with their parents this evening. They are finding that they have little in common with their parents, which makes these dinners less exciting than watching paint dry. At least for Brenda, she has a late date with Benny so that she has a legitimate and parent approved excuse to leave early. At dinner, Rhoda plans on telling their parents the truth about no longer wanting to have these dinners. Meanwhile, out in the Bronx, Ida and ...
11 Dec. 1977
Johnny's Solo Flight
Rhoda reluctantly agrees for the second time in a week to accompany Brenda to go see Johnny's lounge show. As he is available that evening, Gary decides to crash their outing as he has never seen Johnny perform before. Situations during and after Johnny's first set make Rhoda suggest to Johnny that he give it a go as a solo performer rather than rely on back-up singers as he has done up to this point in his career. But making the transition from a group to one on stage for that second set isn't as easy as Johnny or Rhoda would hope. The question becomes whether ...
25 Dec. 1977
Who's Shy?
It's the holiday season and Brenda has come down with the exact same illness she had this time last year: party-itis. Being a shy person, she will do anything to get out of attending her office's Christmas party. She didn't even have the nerve to return a broken dress she purchased fearing the salespeople. Even with Rhoda's advice, Brenda and Benny have a miserable time at the party. Gary and Rhoda believe that Brenda may need professional help to overcome this shyness. So Brenda joins a support group for shy people led by a Dr. Sanders. Meanwhile, Rhoda, who feels ...

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