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5 Jan. 1976
Rhoda's Sellout
Rhoda comes up with a fresh design for the store windows of a new client, but then finds out he wants the windows done his way. Rhoda has to decide whether to do what is right or to do it his way.
12 Jan. 1976
Attack on Mr. Right
Brenda is excited about a new man she met, but is unsure how to get him interested in her. Rhoda tells her how to attract him.
19 Jan. 1976
If You Want to Shoot the Rapids, You Have to Get Wet
Rhoda and Joe go out with their friends Susie and Arthur. Susie later tells Rhoda that she and Arthur are having marital problems.
26 Jan. 1976
The Return of Billy Glass
A long-time friend of Martin's returns. Even aged, everyone falls for him and thinks he is adorable. Billy still has a crush on Ida, and Martin is afraid of them seeing each other again.
2 Feb. 1976
A Federal Case
Washington, DC based FBI agent Michael Stearns makes what most consider an unreasonable request: to move into Brenda's apartment for an indefinite period of time (meaning that she would have to find other accommodation for that time) while he does some surveillance work on an apartment across the street. Brenda agrees if only because she is attracted to Michael. Insecure Brenda, who ends up staying with a cold plagued Rhoda and Joe upstairs, makes any excuse she can to go to her apartment just so that she can see Michael. He doesn't mind as he too is attracted to her....
9 Feb. 1976
The Marty Morgan Story
Martin is restless and bored with his life. Ida thinks he is having an affair. One night when Martin again leaves for the evening without an explanation, Ida, Rhoda and Brenda follow him. They find he has a new interest - playing piano.
16 Feb. 1976
Let's Call It Love
Joe tells Rhoda he wants to spend time alone with her, but knows her family always interrupt. She agrees to spend the weekend with him, and ignore calls and visitors.
23 Feb. 1976
It's Not My Fault, Is It?
Lenny decides to ask Brenda to marry him for the seventh time, because seven is a lucky number. Brenda again turns him down.
1 Mar. 1976
Don't Give Up the Office
Rhoda is having financial problems with her business. Most of her customers are not paying her.
20 Sep. 1976
The Separation
Rhoda and Joe are house hunting. They find the house that Rhoda loves, and after their offer is accepted, Joe pulls out. The couple separate until they can work out the problem.
27 Sep. 1976
Together Again for the First Time
Joe and Rhoda are still separated. When Rhoda gets lonely, she visits Joe in his apartment. They talk, but do not find a solution to their problems.
4 Oct. 1976
No Big Deal
Rhoda switches apartments with a neighbor to save money since his is a smaller place. Gary makes a play for Rhoda.
11 Oct. 1976
I Won't Dance
Rhoda is depressed over the separation from Joe, so Brenda convinces Rhoda to go to a singles resort with her.
18 Oct. 1976
H-e-e-e-r-e's Johnny
Brenda's boyfriend Nick arranges a blind date for Rhoda. Johnny is not Rhoda's type.
25 Oct. 1976
Two Little Words... Marriage Counselor
After the latest of what has been their weekly dates, Joe has spent the night with Rhoda. Outwardly, Brenda sees this situation as a good sign. Rhoda, on the other hand, sees it as a bad sign as Joe is too happy in their current situation of dating once a week. Both Brenda and Gary think that Rhoda has to do something professionally about the matter, namely go see a marriage counselor, something which Rhoda had already contemplated previously but was afraid of the outcome. She does believe now is the time, and she is able to convince Joe into going. Rhoda wants to go ...
1 Nov. 1976
An Elephant Never Forgets
Both Gary and Brenda are trying to get Rhoda out to prevent her from lamenting about Joe and falling into old bad habits. Gary wants to set her up on a date with another tenant in the building, Eric Jurgenson. As she is not ready to date, Rhoda opts for Brenda's suggestion: accompany her to her latest Weight Control Center meeting, that group which Rhoda herself used to belong to. At the meeting, Brenda gets some unexpected news: she has met her weight loss goal, and thus is kicked out of the group. Brenda takes this news hard as she sees this as yet another rejection...
8 Nov. 1976
Rhoda Questions Her Life and Flies to Paris
Rhoda doesn't quite understand Joe's latest complaint about their marriage: that it was too comfortable. The more she thinks about it though, she finally does understand that the marriage was dull, which she didn't really realize, and more so that she herself is dull and not spontaneous. To get herself out of her rut, she wants to do something crazy, but can't figure out what that crazy but also doable thing will be. She draws Brenda into her scheme, the two who will each write three three things down on pieces of paper, and each randomly draw one of those pieces of ...
15 Nov. 1976
Meet the Levys
Brenda agrees to go out on a date with Gary. She has second thoughts when she finds out the real reason he asked her: it is to accompany him to his parents' place for dinner as he has told them that they have been dating for the last six months. He chose Brenda specifically because she is the type of girl his parents would like, despite she being nowhere near Gary's type. Brenda still decides to go along with the ruse. Shortly before they would be heading off to the dinner, Brenda comes down with the flu. Gary can't tell his parents the truth about Brenda's illness as...
29 Nov. 1976
Man of the Year
Rhoda goes out with Sally... top a single bar. Jury when they count be the worst, whilst Sally's walking around the bar, she sees a good-looking man, and tells Rhoda he's heading towards her. When he's close, Rhoda sees him; it's Joe - and he's there with another (younger) women?
13 Dec. 1976
You Deserve a Break Today
While Rhoda is in the bank waiting in Brenda's teller line, a man gets in the long line behind her, he telling her that he wants specifically to be in this line as he is attracted to Brenda. Rhoda does whatever she can to get this man and Brenda together, which does not take much encouragement on either side. They both eventually learn that he is Marty Davidson, a successful businessman who owns three McDonald's franchises. After their first date, Brenda is totally enamored with him, as he's sweet, and treats her like she's the most special person in the world. Brenda...
20 Dec. 1976
A Touch of Classy
Sally is staying temporarily with Rhoda while work is being done on her own apartment. During this stay, Sally receives a visit at Rhoda's from her airline pilot ex-husband, Lloyd Zimmer, the two who got divorced because of his philandering despite the fact that Sally sees him as a descent guy otherwise. Lloyd, who philandered in part to overcome his insecurity of being short, comes bearing news: he is getting remarried, and he wants Sally's blessing... to reduce his alimony to her on fiancée Cissy's wants. In discussing the issue with Rhoda and Brenda, Sally has ...
27 Dec. 1976
Guess Who I Saw Today
Rhoda has done some freelance work for Rick, the owner of the singles bar/restaurant she and Joe frequented. She designed some invitations for him announcing the third anniversary of his place, for which he is having a big party. Despite being slightly repulsed by the thought of Rick, Sally nonetheless agrees to be his date for the evening. He also invites Rhoda and Brenda. Brenda accepts, but it takes much convincing for Rhoda eventually to accept, which she does in part on Gary's plea to be his date so that he can crash the party. Despite Rick's vow that he didn't ...

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