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6 Jan. 1975
Whattaya Think It's There For?
Ida has a feeling something is wrong between Rhoda and Joe, and keeps asking about the problem. Rhoda finally tells her about Joe's business having financial problems. Ida says she and Martin will give him the money.
13 Jan. 1975
Not Made for Each Other
Rhoda's classmate friend visits. Myrna is a smart, successful teacher, but does not know how to let loose and have fun. Rhoda decides to help her meet others and build her confidence.
20 Jan. 1975
Strained Interlude
Rhoda tries to find a way to tell Joe she has run into a former boyfriend, and has asked him to dinner. Joe is jealous.
27 Jan. 1975
Everything I Have Is Yours, Almost
Joe hides the fact that he has been seeing a doctor from Rhoda. When Rhoda finds a bill from the doctor in the mail, she forces Joe to tell her what is wrong.
3 Feb. 1975
Chest Pains
Ida tells Rhoda and Brenda that she is having chest pains, but not to worry, it is something that mothers have to endure. Of course, Rhoda and Brenda drag Ida to the doctor's office to find out what is wrong.
10 Feb. 1975
Windows by Rhoda
Rhoda starts her own business for window dressing.
24 Feb. 1975
A Nice Warm Rut
Brenda complains that she has nothing exciting in her life. Rhoda tells Brenda she has to get out of the apartment and do something different for a change.
3 Mar. 1975
Ida, the Elf
Ida thinks Rhoda does not pay enough attention to Joe, and that she does not take care of his needs as she should. Ida decides to fill in the gaps by being the "shoemaker's elf" and doing the things she thinks should be done.
10 Mar. 1975
Along Comes Mary
Rhoda and Joe plan a romantic weekend vacation. There is just one problem with them getting away: Mary Richards shows up for a surprise visit.
8 Sep. 1975
Kiss Your Epaulets Goodbye
Joe and Rhoda's apartment is burglarized. When they find out Carlton let the burglars into the building, they ask to have Carlton fired for not doing his job correctly.
15 Sep. 1975
Rhoda Meets the Ex-Wife
Since Joe cannot pick up his son for the weekend visit, Rhoda says she will do it. Rhoda meets her for the first time.
22 Sep. 1975
Ida's Doctor
Ida tells Rhoda and Brenda she might be having an affair because she is interested in her doctor in a romantic way. Ida needs to know how to handle her feelings.
29 Sep. 1975
Mucho, Macho
Joe and Rhoda go out to dinner for their first anniversary. While Joe goes to find out how long it will be for their table, a man hits on Rhoda. Joe sees it and is ready to start a fight.
6 Oct. 1975
The Party
Rhoda and Joe throw a party and they have some interesting guests that bring the mood of the party down. Brenda's date plays his accordion, and a psychiatrist decides to hold self-help group sessions.
13 Oct. 1975
Brenda's Unemployment
After years of complaining about her crumby job at the bank, Brenda quits. She is happy to be out of the bank, but when she cannot find another job, the bank begins to look like a good place to work.
20 Oct. 1975
With Friends Like These
Brenda is being considered for a new position at the bank and can't wait to find out if she gets it. Meanwhile, Rhoda thinks a friend is taking advantage of her.
27 Oct. 1975
Somebody Down There Likes Him
Brenda rents out part of her apartment to help pay the rent. The new roommate is beautiful, and she thinks Joe is wonderful.
3 Nov. 1975
Call Me Grandma
Ida looks forward to being a grandmother, but Rhoda and Joe are not ready to have children. Ida sets her sight on getting Brenda married as another step towards being a grandmother.
10 Nov. 1975
Myrna's Story
Rhoda's business partner Myrna has a unique way of bringing in new business for Rhoda. Now, Rhoda has to find a way to stop it.
17 Nov. 1975
Love Songs of J. Nicholas Lobo
Joe hosts a farewell party for a worker who is retiring, and Brenda and Nick attend with Rhoda. Nick tells them he plans to leave New York because he is not getting jobs. Brenda asks Joe to hire him at his demolition company.
24 Nov. 1975
Friends and Mothers
An older woman moves into Rhoda's apartment building and they become good friends. Ida thinks Rhoda is acting like she has a new mother and gets jealous.
1 Dec. 1975
A Night with the Girls
Rhoda has invited a couple of gal pals over, but when Myrna shows up, she is canceling to go out with a man she just met. Rhoda decides the gals should go out by themselves one night to prove they do not need men to have a good time.
8 Dec. 1975
Bump in the Night
Joe joins his friends on a fishing trip and Rhoda stays home. The nights are scary when she is in the apartment alone.
29 Dec. 1975
If You Don't Tell Her, I Will
Brenda's friend Sandy asks to move in with her because the commute to work would be shorter. Brenda agrees and they work things out. But then Sandy asks a co-worker to move in as well, and then there are three in the small apartment.

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