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Season 2

8 Sep. 1975
Kiss Your Epaulets Goodbye
Joe and Rhoda's apartment is burglarized. When they find out Carlton let the burglars into the building, they ask to have Carlton fired for not doing his job correctly.
15 Sep. 1975
Rhoda Meets the Ex-Wife
Since Joe cannot pick up his son for the weekend visit, Rhoda says she will do it. Rhoda meets her for the first time.
22 Sep. 1975
Ida's Doctor
Ida tells Rhoda and Brenda she might be having an affair because she is interested in her doctor in a romantic way. Ida needs to know how to handle her feelings.
29 Sep. 1975
Mucho, Macho
Joe and Rhoda go out to dinner for their first anniversary. While Joe goes to find out how long it will be for their table, a man hits on Rhoda. Joe sees it and is ready to start a fight.
6 Oct. 1975
The Party
Rhoda and Joe throw a party and they have some interesting guests that bring the mood of the party down. Brenda's date plays his accordion, and a psychiatrist decides to hold self-help group sessions.
13 Oct. 1975
Brenda's Unemployment
After years of complaining about her crumby job at the bank, Brenda quits. She is happy to be out of the bank, but when she cannot find another job, the bank begins to look like a good place to work.
20 Oct. 1975
With Friends Like These
Brenda is being considered for a new position at the bank and can't wait to find out if she gets it. Meanwhile, Rhoda thinks a friend is taking advantage of her.
27 Oct. 1975
Somebody Down There Likes Him
Brenda rents out part of her apartment to help pay the rent. The new roommate is beautiful, and she thinks Joe is wonderful.
3 Nov. 1975
Call Me Grandma
Ida looks forward to being a grandmother, but Rhoda and Joe are not ready to have children. Ida sets her sight on getting Brenda married as another step towards being a grandmother.
10 Nov. 1975
Myrna's Story
Rhoda's business partner Myrna has a unique way of bringing in new business for Rhoda. Now, Rhoda has to find a way to stop it.
17 Nov. 1975
Love Songs of J. Nicholas Lobo
Joe hosts a farewell party for a worker who is retiring, and Brenda and Nick attend with Rhoda. Nick tells them he plans to leave New York because he is not getting jobs. Brenda asks Joe to hire him at his demolition company.
24 Nov. 1975
Friends and Mothers
An older woman moves into Rhoda's apartment building and they become good friends. Ida thinks Rhoda is acting like she has a new mother and gets jealous.
1 Dec. 1975
A Night with the Girls
Rhoda has invited a couple of gal pals over, but when Myrna shows up, she is canceling to go out with a man she just met. Rhoda decides the gals should go out by themselves one night to prove they do not need men to have a good time.
8 Dec. 1975
Bump in the Night
Joe joins his friends on a fishing trip and Rhoda stays home. The nights are scary when she is in the apartment alone.
29 Dec. 1975
If You Don't Tell Her, I Will
Brenda's friend Sandy asks to move in with her because the commute to work would be shorter. Brenda agrees and they work things out. But then Sandy asks a co-worker to move in as well, and then there are three in the small apartment.
5 Jan. 1976
Rhoda's Sellout
Rhoda comes up with a fresh design for the store windows of a new client, but then finds out he wants the windows done his way. Rhoda has to decide whether to do what is right or to do it his way.
12 Jan. 1976
Attack on Mr. Right
Brenda is excited about a new man she met, but is unsure how to get him interested in her. Rhoda tells her how to attract him.
19 Jan. 1976
If You Want to Shoot the Rapids, You Have to Get Wet
Rhoda and Joe go out with their friends Susie and Arthur. Susie later tells Rhoda that she and Arthur are having marital problems.
26 Jan. 1976
The Return of Billy Glass
A long-time friend of Martin's returns. Even aged, everyone falls for him and thinks he is adorable. Billy still has a crush on Ida, and Martin is afraid of them seeing each other again.
2 Feb. 1976
A Federal Case
Washington, DC based FBI agent Michael Stearns makes what most consider an unreasonable request: to move into Brenda's apartment for an indefinite period of time (meaning that she would have to find other accommodation for that time) while he does some surveillance work on an apartment across the street. Brenda agrees if only because she is attracted to Michael. Insecure Brenda, who ends up staying with a cold plagued Rhoda and Joe upstairs, makes any excuse she can to go to her apartment just so that she can see Michael. He doesn't mind as he too is attracted to her....
9 Feb. 1976
The Marty Morgan Story
Martin is restless and bored with his life. Ida thinks he is having an affair. One night when Martin again leaves for the evening without an explanation, Ida, Rhoda and Brenda follow him. They find he has a new interest - playing piano.
16 Feb. 1976
Let's Call It Love
Joe tells Rhoda he wants to spend time alone with her, but knows her family always interrupt. She agrees to spend the weekend with him, and ignore calls and visitors.
23 Feb. 1976
It's Not My Fault, Is It?
Lenny decides to ask Brenda to marry him for the seventh time, because seven is a lucky number. Brenda again turns him down.
1 Mar. 1976
Don't Give Up the Office
Rhoda is having financial problems with her business. Most of her customers are not paying her.

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