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Season 7

22 Sep. 1980
Laura Ingalls Wilder: Part 1
Almonzo buys land for he and Laura to begin their life together on, but Laura is upset over his refusal to allow her to teach after they are married. Meanwhile Miss Wilder falls for a friend of Almonzo's.
29 Sep. 1980
Laura Ingalls Wilder: Part 2
Eliza Jane fibs and says that she is getting married to Harve Miller who had come to help Almanzo take care of their property while Almanzo was working on the new land. She says this so that Laura will take over the Walnut Grove school and she won't have to go away to teach. Since she is leaving, that leaves the house for Almanzo and Laura. They decide to get married on Adam and Mary's anniversary so that the men can help each other remember when it is! When Charles goes to get the priest he sees Harve Miller in town and asks if he wants to surprise Eliza Jane and ...
6 Oct. 1980
A New Beginning
Jonathan and Andy Garvey move to Sleepy Eye and have to deal with a gang of thieves.
13 Oct. 1980
Fight Team Fight!
Walnut Grove's obsessive new football coach pressures his players to win at any cost, locking horns with Laura over homework assignments, ignoring dangerous injuries and alienating his family.
20 Oct. 1980
The Silent Cry
Two young brothers, deserted by their parents and desperately trying to stay together, run away from the Sleepy Eye orphanage on the eve of an adoption that will separate them, and find an unlikely ally in grumpy old handyman, Houston Lamb.
27 Oct. 1980
Portrait of Love
Believing that she was abandoned at an orphanage as a child because she was losing her sight, blind artist Annie Crane angrily refuses her seriously ill birth mother's request to meet her.
10 Nov. 1980
Divorce, Walnut Grove Style
A girl who likes Almanzo but whom Almanzo doesn't like back is back in town. She wrote a song that she got published and she told Almanzo the title "My Only Love". Almanzo wrote the title down and the name of the girl. Laura saw it and thought he was cheating on her and they have many misunderstandings. Charles is trying to install a picture window. He buys three of them because Laura keeps breaking them when she slams the door at the "little house" when she goes home because she doesn't even want to sleep at the same house, and then the next time when she climbs on ...
17 Nov. 1980
Dearest Albert, I'll Miss You
Albert becomes a pen pal with a paraplegic girl.
24 Nov. 1980
The In-laws
Charles and Almanzo both encounter unexpected obstacles when each challenges the other to find the fastest freight route between Walnut Grove and Sleepy Eye.
1 Dec. 1980
To See the Light: Part 1
Following an explosion, Adam regains his sight.
8 Dec. 1980
To See the Light: Part 2
Mary grows increasingly afraid that Adam's new found freedom is pushing them apart.
5 Jan. 1981
Oleson vs Oleson
Caroline Ingalls joins in protest with the rest of the Walnut Grove women to try to convince Charles and the other men to sign a petition addressing the injustice of a law that transfers a woman's property rights to her husband after marriage.
12 Jan. 1981
Come Let Us Reason Together
Percival's domineering father and Nellie's overbearing mother drive the expectant couple to distraction as they battle over whether their unborn grandchild will be raised Jewish or Christian.
19 Jan. 1981
The Nephews
Royal Wilder thinks of a perfect solution when he needs a break from dastardly duo Myron and Rupert, his spoiled, undisciplined sons...send the terrible two to Walnut Grove for a visit with unsuspecting Uncle Almanzo and Aunt Laura!
26 Jan. 1981
Make a Joyful Noise
Joe Kagen gives up his failing farm and moves to Sleepy Eye, where he helps one of Mary's students.
2 Feb. 1981
Goodbye, Mrs. Wilder
When Mrs. Oleson demands Art and French be added to the school curriculum, Laura quits, leaving Mrs. Oleson to cover the subjects herself.
9 Feb. 1981
Sylvia: Part 1
New student Sylvia Webb, who has physically matured faster than most of her classmates, piques the physical curiosity of some of her male classmates. Albert goes along at first, but quickly becomes friends with Sylvia. However, he is unaware that she is trapped in a horrifying world: She's being stalked (and is eventually attacked by) a masked rapist; her father has a cold, uncaring attitude toward Sylvia's ordeal; and her cruel classmates continue to taunt her. Eventually, Sylvia collapses at school from exhaustion.
16 Feb. 1981
Sylvia: Part 2
Mrs. Olson spreads word that Albert had gotten Sylvia pregnant. Caroline knows this isn't true and confronts her nemesis over this misinformation. Mr. Webb decides that, because of the shame his daughter's ordeal brought him, they will move from Walnut Grove. Sylvia decides she'd be happier with Albert, and the two decide to get married. When Mr. Webb finds out Albert had visited her (despite a no-guests rule), he calls Sylvia a whore, and she runs away. Albert - who had gotten a job as at the blacksmith's shop - later helps search for Sylvia, but lets it slip as to ...
23 Feb. 1981
Blind Justice
Unable to get work in Sleepy Eye, Adam decides to become Walnut Grove's first lawyer, and gets his first case defending a man who sold worthless share of his land.
2 Mar. 1981
I Do, Again
Pregnancy symptoms hit both Laura and her mother Caroline. Caroline, after bearing four daughters, really wants a son. But when it turns out Caroline is not pregnant at all, but is beginning menopause, she sinks into a deep depression. Her husband and daughters desperately try to convince her that they love her for the person she is, not for the person she wanted to be. Finally, Charles proposes that he and Caroline renew their wedding vows.
4 May 1981
The Lost Ones: Part 1
After their parents are killed in an accident, Charles finds himself in charge of two young children.
11 May 1981
The Lost Ones: Part 2
Charles finds a new home for Cassandra and James, but no one is happy about the arrangement.

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