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Season 3

9 Sep. 1975
Fonzie Moves In
Due to slow business at the hardware store, Howard Cunningham decides to rent out the adjoining upstairs attic/apartment as a way to make more money. Fonzie brings his grandmother over to rent it, but she hates it. While his dad helps her down the outside steps, Richie talks Fonzie into moving in instead, much to the horror of Howard who still considers Fonzie a "hood" and nothing but trouble. (He nearly chokes Richie!) Will these two very different backgrounds be able to co-exist?
16 Sep. 1975
The Motorcycle
The Cunninghams try to keep Fonzie too tied up to take revenge when he finds out who demolished his beloved bike.
23 Sep. 1975
Fearless Fonzarelli: Part 1
Trying to revive his slumping "cool", Fonzie plans a televised motorcycle jump over a record fourteen garbage cans in the parking lot of Arnold's Drive-In.
30 Sep. 1975
Fearless Fonzarelli: Part 2
Surgery fixes the Fonz's injured knee but the Cunningham's coddling and his fear that pain will make him appear "uncool" keeps him lying on the couch, until Richie resorts to extreme measures to get Fearless Fonzarelli walking again.
7 Oct. 1975
The Other Richie Cunningham
To help secure a lucrative business deal for Cunningham Hardware, Howard asks Richie to take his client's daughter out on a date. Problem is, Richie already has a date ... but then he learns that Potsie doesn't.
14 Oct. 1975
Richie Fights Back
Richie is continually harassed by a pair of local hoodlums named Frankie and Rocco. When they humiliate him during in front of his girlfriend at Arnold's, Richie turns to Fonzie for advice in turning the tables on his foes. It all leads to his enrollment in a jujitsu class.
21 Oct. 1975
Jailhouse Rock
An act of vandalism at the high school causes a curfew to be set for Milwaukee teenagers. Richie & friends get jailed by officer Kirk and Richie's dad Howard Cunnigham as well.
28 Oct. 1975
Howard's 45th Fiasco
The Cunningham family unintentionally make things worse when they stage a "This Is Your Life" birthday evening to try to lift 45-year-old Howard out of a mid-life crisis.
4 Nov. 1975
Fonzie the Flatfoot
Officer Kirk promises to forgive Howard Cunningham's parking tickets and allow a loading zone space in front of his hardware store, if Howard can convince the Fonz (who is given a temporary Special Police appointment) to stop his old gang, the Falcons, from rumbling with their rivals, the Dragons.
11 Nov. 1975
A Date with Fonzie
The Fonz picks two of his favorite chicks out of his not-so-little black book to help Richie out of a dating dry spell.
18 Nov. 1975
Three on a Porch
High-schoolers Richie, Potsie and Ralph hope to score during spring break by masquerading as foreign businessmen at a lake resort frequented by college girls.
25 Nov. 1975
Fonzie's New Friend
1950's racial prejudice and stereotyping are explored when most of their friends refuse to attend the Cunningham's Hawaiian luau after finding out that Richie's band's new drummer and his date are black.
2 Dec. 1975
They Call It Potsie Love
Fourteen-year-young Joanie Cunningham falls hard for seventeen-year-old Potsie Weber when he looks deep into her eyes while rehearsing a romantic song with his band.
16 Dec. 1975
Tell It to the Marines
Unable to dial back his infamous slapstick humor that caused his girlfriend, Olivia, to break up with him, a rejected Ralph Malph follows Fonzie's advice to forget all about her and join the Marines.
6 Jan. 1976
Dance Contest
Marion wants to join a dance contest but Howard and the kids think it's ridiculous. But she decides to enter with Fonzie and they spend their free time practicing. When she acts strangely because she's keeping it a secret from everybody, Howard wonders what's going on. And when Arnold who knows about it let's it slip that Marion is seeing someone else, Howard follows her. And when he sees her with Fonzie he loses it.
12 Jan. 1976
The Second Anniversary Show
Fonzie's friends reminisce about the impact he's made on their lives when the Cunninghams throw him a surprise birthday party at Arnold's Drive-In.
13 Jan. 1976
Fonzie the Salesman
The Fonz looks for a new job after the eccentric new owner of Herb's garage orders the super-cool mechanic to put on a vinyl uniform and get a crew-cut.
20 Jan. 1976
Football Frolics
Richie, Ralph & Potsie decide to baby-sit 15 kids at once, to earn fast money to attend a big football game.
27 Jan. 1976
Fonzie the Superstar
Richie asks Fonzie to be their lead singer at Arnold's when Potsie can't make the Senior High Dance.
3 Feb. 1976
Two Angry Men
Fonzie's rooftop pigeon coop crashes down into his apartment, causing Howard & him to end up in small claims court.
10 Feb. 1976
Beauty Contest
In a sneaky scheme to widen their dating pool, Richie, Potsie and Ralph stage a bogus beauty contest, planning to rig the vote to insure that a ringer provided by the Fonz will win but won't accept the promised fabulous prizes the boys can't afford and never intend to award.
17 Feb. 1976
Bringing Up Spike
When nephew Spike comes for a visit and gets into trouble, frustrated Uncle Fonzie goes to Howard Cunningham for some expert fatherly advice.
24 Feb. 1976
A Sight for Sore Eyes
Fonzie fears that his famous cool will be compromised if he wears the reading glasses prescribed to cure his headaches.
2 Mar. 1976
Arnold's Wedding
Best man Fonzie's fears that Arnold's wedding plans will be ruined by the Fonzarelli Curse appear to come true after the groom's newly arrived Japanese bride-to-be calls the whole thing off.

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