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13 Sep. 1974
"Chico" successfully persuades cranky, bigoted garage owner Ed Brown to take him on as an employee & partner in the business and to live in the garage in Ed's old van.
20 Sep. 1974
Second Thoughts
Ed tries to break Chico's iron clad contract to be partners in the garage.
27 Sep. 1974
Old Dog
His unfamiliarity with foreign cars leads Ed to believe that the old dog is all washed up.
4 Oct. 1974
New Suit
Ed needs a new suit to attend a reunion of his old army battalion.
11 Oct. 1974
Borrowed Trouble
Chico convinces Ed that they need a loan for spare parts to build up the business.
25 Oct. 1974
E Pluribus Used Car
Louie asks Ed to sell his battered Studebaker, with disastrous results.
1 Nov. 1974
Ed gets the wrong impression about what Chico and his girlfriend were doing in the van.
8 Nov. 1974
The Veterans
Chico convinces Ed that a government loan can ease their credit problem at the garage.
15 Nov. 1974
No Room in the Garage
A very pregnant woman unexpectedly shows up, allowing Ed Brown's daughter to deliver a newborn Chicano right there in Ed Brown's garage.
6 Dec. 1974
The Letter
Chico tries to tell Ed that he has to work for his cousin in New York.
20 Dec. 1974
Natural Causes
Ed believes his time is short after reading about the demise of his former best friend, from natural causes.
27 Dec. 1974
The Manuel Who Came to Dinner
Chico's latest customer turns out to be a Chicano army buddy of Ed's.
3 Jan. 1975
Garage Sale
Ed must hold a garage sale to dispense with all of his old mementos, or risk a hefty fine.
17 Jan. 1975
Out of Sight
Blind as a bat Ed Brown wants to testify that his old friend was responsible for a collision on his street corner.
24 Jan. 1975
The Beard
Ed is forced to cover for an old army buddy who has been cheating on his wife.
31 Jan. 1975
If I Were a Rich Man
Chico wants to marry his girlfriend Marilyn.
7 Feb. 1975
Ed Steps Out
There's a new woman in the neighborhood, boasting about her glazed buns.
14 Feb. 1975
Sammy Stops In
Sammy Davis Jr. drops by and recognizes Ed as an old dancing partner from vaudeville.
21 Feb. 1975
The Doctor Story
Ed has a sore shoulder, Chico gets the pain.
28 Feb. 1975
The Giveaway
A sleepy Chico has Ed wondering how he's been spending his nights, before learning about a series of robberies plaguing the neighborhood.
7 Mar. 1975
Louie's Retirement
Ed didn't count on Louie's retirement to mean a third hand at the garage.
14 Mar. 1975
Long Live the Man
Ed reads his own obituary, and learns just how many mourners he would have had if he'd only died.

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