Cleopatra Jones (1973) Poster

Stafford Morgan: Sgt. Kert


  • Crawford : Nothing smells worst than a rotten cop. And you stink!

    Sgt. Kert : You got anything to say Purdy?

    Purdy : I ain't sayin' nothin' 'til I see a lawyer.

    Cleopatra Jones : We're going to find out anyway. So, why don't you tell us who paid you to plant that dope on Jimmy Beekers.

    Purdy : I never planted no dope on nobody! And if I did, I wouldn't have to figure to help you or any of your kind.

  • Sgt. Kert : Here's the file on those two guys.

    Crawford : What two guys?

    Sgt. Kert : Oh, the two goons at the airport that tried to hit Cleo.

    Crawford : Assault and battery. Dismissed. Extortion. Two counts. Dismissed. Assault with a Deadly Weapon. Armed Robbery. Attempted Rape. Oh, what the hell. Nobody's perfect.

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