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21 Mar. 1973
A cop in Newark, New Jersey, defies his superiors to try to bring down the head of a Mafia numbers racket.
25 Oct. 1973
A lovely young lady Shirley seems to be key to breaking up a multi-million dollar drug ring. Toma need assistance tailing her so he takes on a partner known for erratic behavior despite Inspector Spooner's warnings.
8 Nov. 1973
Blockhouse Breakdown
In what's almost completely a two-character play, Toma learns that a rooftop sniper has taken 12 shots at 12 cops -- and has scored on every hit. But none of the victims has been seriously injured. Toma tries to figure out the gunman's motivation in a definitely-do-not-try-this-yourself way -- he takes a rifle, runs across the rooftop himself under heavy fire from the cops (who have been ordered to miss) and nose-dives into the gunman's wheelhouse, a control room for the building. His so-called mission is to "help" the gunman go after more cops. The gunman doesn't ...
18 Jan. 1974
50% of Normal
Toma goes undercover as a priest to gain the confidence of women who been attacked by someone who always wears a ski mask.
25 Jan. 1974
Toma infiltrates a baby "adoption" where infants are sold for $25,000. The would be parents are desperate people who are unable to use legal means and unwilling to cooperate.
8 Mar. 1974
The Contract on Alex Cordeen
A mobster comes to Toma with news that he, the mobster, has a price on his head. Toma follows along hoping to foil the hit attempt. But the mobster's fatalistic attitude leads Toma to suspect that the mobster is hiding something -- specifically, the exact reason there is a contract out on him.
12 Apr. 1974
The Madam
David is asked to go undercover as a wealthy Italian to break up a call girl operation. He learns they uses teenagers after getting them addicted to drugs. But his growing closeness to the madam makes his job difficult.
19 Apr. 1974
Pound of Flesh
Patty Toma's long-ago boyfriend, who is also a buddy of David Toma, is a restaurateur with a big money problem. To finance the restaurant, he borrowed money from loan sharks who have become increasingly nasty as his "vigorish" (payment with interest) goes deeper into arrears. They stop him at a bank's night depository and cheerfully take the restaurant's entire revenues for the week, leaving him with a nasty knife-slash wound on one hand as a reminder that he only paid up for the one week and he's still due the next week, with lots of so-called interest payments. The ...
26 Apr. 1974
Jamie Farr, in a rare villain's role, plays a L.A. County prosecutor who has a high conviction rate because he uses every trick in the book, some of them unethical to say the least and criminal to say the worst. When Toma tries to prosecute a murder suspect, he realizes that the prosecutor isn't interested in justice at all but simply wants to throw the book at anybody and everybody -- including some innocent people.
10 May 1974
The Accused
Toma and three other cops are on stakeout in a particularly dangerous Los Angeles neighborhood. One of the cops, in the back seat of a car, has a six-round assault rifle. A thug is chased by Toma and one of the other officers, stops in front of the officer with the machine gun and takes the entire magazine in one burst -- the officer "froze" while pulling the trigger. The dead man, who was black and unarmed, is held up as a martyr and the cop is put on a departmental hearing that could get him dismissed from the force, or worse. Although the cop accompanying Toma on ...

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