Cabaret (1972) Poster


Michael York: Brian Roberts



  • Brian : Screw Maximilian!

    Sally : I do.

    Brian : So do I.

    Sally : You two bastards!

    Brian : Two? Two? Shouldn't that be three?

  • Brian : What is it darling?


  • [on the pronunciation of "phlegm"] 

    Brian Roberts : P H is always pronounced as F, and, uh, you don't sound the G.

    Natalia Landauer : Then why are they putting the G, please?

    Brian Roberts : That's, that's a very good question, but rather difficult to explain.

    Sally : Try, Brian.

    Brian Roberts : Well, uh, it's just there.

    Natalia Landauer : So, Mr. Professor, you do not know?

    Brian Roberts : No.

    Natalia Landauer : Then I am sorry. I cannot help you.

  • Brian Roberts : You're American.

    Sally : Oh God, how depressing! You're meant to think I'm an international woman of mystery. I'm working on it like mad.

  • Sally : Well obviously those three girls were just...

    Brian , Sally : [both laughing]  ... the wrong three girls.

  • Sally : I suppose you're wondering what I'm doing, working at a place like the Kit Kat Club.

    Brian Roberts : Well, it is a rather unusual place.

    Sally : That's me, darling. Unusual places, unusual love affairs. I am a most strange and extraordinary person.

  • Sally : I saw a film the other day about syphilis. Ugh! It was too awful. I couldn't let a man touch me for a week. Is it true you can get it from kissing?

    Fritz : Oh, yes. And your king, Henry VIII, got it from Cardinal Wolsey whispering in his ear.

    Natalia : That is not, I believe, founded in fact. But from kissing, most decidedly; and from towels, and from cups.

    Sally : And of course screwing.

    Natalia : Screw-ing, please?

    Sally : Oh, uh...


    Sally : fornication.

    Natalia : For-ni-ca-tion?

    Sally : Oh, uh, Bri, darling, what is the German word?

    Brian Roberts : I don't remember.

    Sally : [thinking]  Oh... um... oh yes!

    Brian Roberts : Oh, no...

    Sally : Bumsen!

    Natalia : [appalled]  Oh.

    Brian Roberts : That would be the one German word you pronounce perfectly.

    Sally : Well, I ought to. I spent the entire afternoon bumsening like mad with this ghastly old producer who promised to get me a contract.


    Sally : Gin, Miss Landauer?

  • Brian Roberts : Aren't you ever gonna stop deluding yourself, hmm? Handling Max? Behaving like some ludicrous little underage femme fatale? You're... you're about as fatale as an after dinner mint!

  • Brian : Sally is rather knowledgeable in these areas.

    Fritz : You do what Sally says, you end up I think in prison.

  • Sally : Bri, listen... we're practically living together, so if you only like boys I wouldn't dream of pestering you.


    Sally : Well, do you sleep with girls or don't you?

    Brian : Sally! You don't ask questions like that!

    Sally : I do.

  • Brian Roberts : How's the, uh, gigolo campaign going?

    Fritz Wendel : Terrible. This week, already I'm giving up three dinner invitations to spend thirty-two marks on her.

    Brian Roberts : That's quite a sacrifice.

    Fritz Wendel : And here's the craziness: I like it. God damn it!

    Brian Roberts : What?

    Fritz Wendel : I think I'm falling in love with her.

    Brian Roberts : Oh, I'm so sorry.

    Fritz Wendel : So am I.

  • Brian Roberts : You did it, didn't you?

    Sally : Did what, darling?

    Brian Roberts : The abortion. In God's name, why?

    Sally : One of my whims?

  • Brian : [after trying a prairie oyster for the first time]  Peppermint prairie oysters?

    Sally : Oh, you got the toothpaste glass!

    [laughs a little] 

  • Maximilian von Heune : The Nazis are just a gang of stupid hooligans, but they do serve a purpose. Let them get rid of the Communists. Later we'll be able to control them.

    Brian Roberts : But who exactly is we?

    Maximilian von Heune : Germany, of course.

  • Brian Roberts : [as Max and Brian are leaving the beer garden where the audience, led by a Hitler Youth boy, is singing "Tomorrow Belongs to Me"]  Do you still think you can control them?

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