The Andromeda Strain (1971) Poster

David Wayne: Dr. Charles Dutton



  • [Dutton has just finished drawing a picture on the blackboard of a scientist examining a specimen under a microscope. A speech balloon from the slide says "Take us to your leader". His students all laugh] 

    Dr. Charles Dutton : I'm glad you're amused gentlemen, but it might just turn out to be true. During this symposium, we'll discuss the possibility that intelligent life on a distant planet may be no larger than a flea.

    [more laughter] 

    Dr. Charles Dutton : Perhaps no larger than... a bacterium.


  • Dr. Jeremy Stone : According to this, there'll be a super-colony of Andromeda over the entire southwest in...

    Dr. Charles Dutton : [interrupting]  Jeremy! These are biological warfare maps!

    Dr. Jeremy Stone : Why, yes... so they are... uh... but... simulations, Charlie. Defensive... it's just a scenario.

    Dr. Ruth Leavitt : That's not the point, for God's sake! Wildfire was built for germ warfare! Wildfire AND Scoop! And you knew, Stone! YOU KNEW IT!

    Dr. Jeremy Stone : That's not true, Ruth! I learned about Scoop the same time you did!

    Dr. Charles Dutton : They already have Andromeda programmed! The purpose of Scoop was to find new biological weapons in outer space, and then use Wildfire to develop them!

    Dr. Ruth Leavitt : It stinks, Stone!

    Dr. Jeremy Stone : You're blowing your tops! We have no proof...

    Dr. Charles Dutton : The map!

    Dr. Jeremy Stone : Don't be an ass! That map only shows what Andromeda could do in the hands of an enemy!

    Dr. Charles Dutton : Enemy? We did it to ourselves!

    Dr. Jeremy Stone : Perhaps! But this is hardly the time to organize a protest!

    Dr. Ruth Leavitt : [sarcastic]  Another giant leap for mankind!

  • Mic-T : A.A. analysis results are ready, Dr. Dutton.

    Dr. Charles Dutton : Something's wrong. It's not registering.

    Mic-T : Yes, it is, sir. It's just registering double-zero, double-zero.

  • Dr. Charles Dutton : The whole thing. What a world we're making... I can see why the kids are dropping out; we should've.

    Dr. Ruth Leavitt : It's an emergency, Dutton. We got tagged, period. 'Til I saw those photos from Vanderburg, I...

    Dr. Charles Dutton : They brought it on themselves.

    Dr. Ruth Leavitt : Who? The people in Piedmont?

  • Dr. Charles Dutton : Experiment with your own lives, damn it!

  • [At the entrance to Wildfire] 

    Dr. Charles Dutton : Put your hands on that glass, palms down. It's a finger and palm print analyzer, that...

    Dr. Ruth Leavitt : -reads a composite of ten thousand dermatographic lines.

    Dr. Charles Dutton : How'd you know that?

    Dr. Ruth Leavitt : [coyly]  Oh Dutton, I have a *long* criminal record.

    Dr. Charles Dutton : Then you're in trouble. This machine has a *long* memory.

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