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James Olson: Dr. Mark Hall



  • Dr. Mark Hall : Most of them died instantly, but a few had time to go quietly nuts.

  • Dr. Jeremy Stone : Hall? Take a look at this.

    [gestures to dead man with peaceful facial expression but grabbing his own chest] 

    Dr. Jeremy Stone : Are you sure that isn't coronary?

    Dr. Mark Hall : No. A coronary's painful. They should grimace.

    Dr. Jeremy Stone : If it was fast, they wouldn't have time.

    Dr. Mark Hall : Fast? These people were cut down in mid-stride!

  • Dr. Mark Hall : Tell us what happened, Mr. Jackson.

    Jackson : I don't wanna think about it.

    Dr. Mark Hall : You know what people will say: "Piedmont was bad. That's why it was punished." First the town went crazy and then was destroyed...

    Jackson : YOU'RE crazy! Folks at Piedmont was good, decent, normal folks.

    Dr. Mark Hall : The man we found all dressed up in his doughboy's uniform, you call that normal?

    Jackson : Pete Arnold, who worked at the store. It was the disease!

    Dr. Mark Hall : How do you know?

    Jackson : 'Cause the only thing wrong with him before that night was sugar.

    Dr. Mark Hall : Diabetes? Did he take insulin?

    Jackson : Couple of times a day! Hated the needle. I tried to talk him into usin' squeeze.

  • Dr. Jeremy Stone : Where have you been?

    Dr. Mark Hall : Leavitt had a seizure.

    Dr. Jeremy Stone : What?

    Dr. Mark Hall : Epilepsy. The red light flashing at three-per-second brought on a fit. Why the hell didn't she tell us about it?

    Dr. Jeremy Stone : Probably no top lab would have her if they knew. Insurance, prejudice, all that crap.

    Dr. Mark Hall : From the Middle Ages.

  • Dr. Jeremy Stone : Where's the next substation, Hall?

    Dr. Mark Hall : Left of elevator on Level 2.

    Dr. Jeremy Stone : Right. Across the corridor from Body Analysis, our next port of call.

    Dr. Ruth Leavitt : Not for my alabaster body! I mean it, Stone, you can take your Body Analyzer and you can st...

    [door closes] 

  • Dr. Mark Hall : [Removing the pants of a dead doctor]  Have a look at his buttocks.

    Dr. Jeremy Stone : That's not funny.

    Dr. Mark Hall : Not meant to be. Normally, blood in a dead person goes to the lowest points. There should be marks of lividity, right? Do you see any purplish marks on his butt?

    Dr. Jeremy Stone : No.

    [Dr. Hall takes a scalpel] 

    Dr. Jeremy Stone : Careful you don't puncture your suit.

    [Dr. Hall cuts the wrist of the corpse; red "sand" pours out] 

    Dr. Mark Hall : Clotted blood! Powdered!

    Dr. Jeremy Stone : I'll be... damned.

    Dr. Mark Hall : No wonder they didn't bleed. It's clotted throughout the entire system - five quarts of blood turned to powder!

    Dr. Jeremy Stone : In theory, I suppose a single organism could do it.

    Dr. Mark Hall : But, in fact, there isn't an organism on Earth...

    Dr. Jeremy Stone : You mean there didn't used to be.

  • Dr. Mark Hall : [reading suicide note]  "The day of judgment is at hand. Have mercy on my soul, and to hell with all the others. Amen."

    Dr. Jeremy Stone : Senile...

    Dr. Mark Hall : This took time. Regardless of what made her do it, it took time. There's a chance someone's still alive.

  • Dr. Mark Hall : Why did you pick me?

    Dr. Jeremy Stone : You're an MD, a talented surgeon who knows blood chemistries... and you're single. The Odd Man Hypothesis.

    Dr. Mark Hall : What the hell is that?

    Dr. Jeremy Stone : Didn't you read the Wildfire material I've been sending you?

    Dr. Mark Hall : [smirks]  Very little. I never went in much for science fiction.

    Dr. Jeremy Stone : [glares at Hall]  Nor do I.

  • Answering Service Supervisor : [Dr. Hall has been overheard "flirting" with the recorded female voice that's been coming over the PA system]  This is the Answering Service Supervisor. We wish you would adopt a more serious attitude, Dr. Hall.

    Dr. Mark Hall : Sorry... Her voice is quite luscious.

    Answering Service Supervisor : Well, the voice belongs to Miss Gladys Stevens, who is 63 years old. She lives in Omaha and makes her living taping messages for voice-reminder systems.

    Dr. Mark Hall : [slightly sarcastic]  Much obliged.

  • Dr. Mark Hall : [referring to Dr. Dutton]  Poor devil! Look at how he's breathing. He's scared to death.

    Dr. Jeremy Stone : We'll increase his oxygen. It'll slow down his breathing.

    Dr. Mark Hall : [beat]  No, we want him to breathe fast! In Piedmont the old man survived drinking Sterno... Sterno, acidosis! Acidosis, rapid breathing!

    [begins working a control panel] 

    Dr. Jeremy Stone : What the hell are you doing?

    Dr. Mark Hall : I'm turning off the oxygen.

    Dr. Jeremy Stone : But the baby! He's normal!

    Dr. Mark Hall : He's crying. He's not leaving it in his lungs long enough to do anything.

    Dr. Jeremy Stone : [incredulous]  Rapid breathing? It just can't be that simple!

    Dr. Mark Hall : It isn't.

  • Dr. Mark Hall : Air doesn't matter! Blood does. That's the answer.

  • Dr. Mark Hall : Do you know the baby's name?

    Jackson : Give us a butt, first.

    Dr. Mark Hall : Smoking isn't allowed here.

    Jackson : Then, go fish.

  • Dr. Mark Hall : I'll have the answer when I know why a sixty-nine-year-old sterno drinker with an ulcer is like a normal six-month-old baby.

  • Dr. Mark Hall : That body analyzer! I'd like to be there when the AMA gets wind of it.

    Dr. Jeremy Stone : So far it's only been used to treat astronauts in space.

    Dr. Ruth Leavitt : You doctors better start making house calls again.

  • [finding the Scoop satellite in a doctor's office, crudely pried open] 

    Dr. Jeremy Stone : There it is...


    Dr. Jeremy Stone : why the damn fool opened it!

    Dr. Mark Hall : [sarcastically]  Yeah, every country doctor should run his office like the Lunar Lab.

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