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Arthur Hill: Dr. Jeremy Stone



  • [last lines] 

    Senator from Vermont : This cloud-seeding business, Stone... you absolutely sure it worked? You better be.

    Dr. Jeremy Stone : All reports continue to indicate that the experiment was successful, Senator.

    Senator from Vermont : Then we can feel confident your so-called "biological crisis" is over?

    Dr. Jeremy Stone : As far as Andromeda is concerned, yes. We have the organism at Wildfire, and we continue to study it. We know now beyond a doubt that other forms of life exist in the universe.

    Senator from Vermont : Thanks to Scoop?

    Dr. Jeremy Stone : Yes.


    Dr. Jeremy Stone : However, with this new knowledge, there is no guarantee that another so-called "biological crisis" won't occur again.

    Senator from Vermont : Hmm. What do we do about that?

    Dr. Jeremy Stone : Precisely, Senator. What do we do?

  • Dr. Jeremy Stone : [handing out suppositories]  Umm... stop by your rooms and insert these before taking the elevator.

    Dr. Ruth Leavitt : I have risked drowning in that foul bath! I have been par-boiled, irradiated and xenon-flashed, and now you suggest I...

    [pushing suppository upward in the air] 

    Dr. Jeremy Stone : I HAVE to! We haven't done a thing about the G.I. tract yet. On level five we must be as nearly germ-free as possible.

    Dr. Ruth Leavitt : [eyeing suppository sheepishly]  Anyone care to join me for a "smoke"?

  • Dr. Jeremy Stone : According to this, there'll be a super-colony of Andromeda over the entire southwest in...

    Dr. Charles Dutton : [interrupting]  Jeremy! These are biological warfare maps!

    Dr. Jeremy Stone : Why, yes... so they are... uh... but... simulations, Charlie. Defensive... it's just a scenario.

    Dr. Ruth Leavitt : That's not the point, for God's sake! Wildfire was built for germ warfare! Wildfire AND Scoop! And you knew, Stone! YOU KNEW IT!

    Dr. Jeremy Stone : That's not true, Ruth! I learned about Scoop the same time you did!

    Dr. Charles Dutton : They already have Andromeda programmed! The purpose of Scoop was to find new biological weapons in outer space, and then use Wildfire to develop them!

    Dr. Ruth Leavitt : It stinks, Stone!

    Dr. Jeremy Stone : You're blowing your tops! We have no proof...

    Dr. Charles Dutton : The map!

    Dr. Jeremy Stone : Don't be an ass! That map only shows what Andromeda could do in the hands of an enemy!

    Dr. Charles Dutton : Enemy? We did it to ourselves!

    Dr. Jeremy Stone : Perhaps! But this is hardly the time to organize a protest!

    Dr. Ruth Leavitt : [sarcastic]  Another giant leap for mankind!

  • Dr. Jeremy Stone : Stick to established procedures.

    Dr. Ruth Leavitt : Establishment gonna fall down and go boom.

  • Dr. Jeremy Stone : Hall? Take a look at this.

    [gestures to dead man with peaceful facial expression but grabbing his own chest] 

    Dr. Jeremy Stone : Are you sure that isn't coronary?

    Dr. Mark Hall : No. A coronary's painful. They should grimace.

    Dr. Jeremy Stone : If it was fast, they wouldn't have time.

    Dr. Mark Hall : Fast? These people were cut down in mid-stride!

  • [arriving at the virus site via helicopter] 

    Dr. Jeremy Stone : If anything happens to us, you have your orders.

    Dempsey : Yes sir. Proceed directly to Wildfire, and then, uh...

    [makes slashing motion across neck] 

    Dempsey : ...zzZZTT!

    Dr. Jeremy Stone : [to Hall]  If we're eliminated, the aircraft and pilot'll have to be sterilized.

    Dempsey : Uh, wait a minute. That's not what they told me... just "incinerated."

  • Dr. Jeremy Stone : Where have you been?

    Dr. Mark Hall : Leavitt had a seizure.

    Dr. Jeremy Stone : What?

    Dr. Mark Hall : Epilepsy. The red light flashing at three-per-second brought on a fit. Why the hell didn't she tell us about it?

    Dr. Jeremy Stone : Probably no top lab would have her if they knew. Insurance, prejudice, all that crap.

    Dr. Mark Hall : From the Middle Ages.

  • Dr. Jeremy Stone : Where's the next substation, Hall?

    Dr. Mark Hall : Left of elevator on Level 2.

    Dr. Jeremy Stone : Right. Across the corridor from Body Analysis, our next port of call.

    Dr. Ruth Leavitt : Not for my alabaster body! I mean it, Stone, you can take your Body Analyzer and you can st...

    [door closes] 

  • Dr. Mark Hall : [Removing the pants of a dead doctor]  Have a look at his buttocks.

    Dr. Jeremy Stone : That's not funny.

    Dr. Mark Hall : Not meant to be. Normally, blood in a dead person goes to the lowest points. There should be marks of lividity, right? Do you see any purplish marks on his butt?

    Dr. Jeremy Stone : No.

    [Dr. Hall takes a scalpel] 

    Dr. Jeremy Stone : Careful you don't puncture your suit.

    [Dr. Hall cuts the wrist of the corpse; red "sand" pours out] 

    Dr. Mark Hall : Clotted blood! Powdered!

    Dr. Jeremy Stone : I'll be... damned.

    Dr. Mark Hall : No wonder they didn't bleed. It's clotted throughout the entire system - five quarts of blood turned to powder!

    Dr. Jeremy Stone : In theory, I suppose a single organism could do it.

    Dr. Mark Hall : But, in fact, there isn't an organism on Earth...

    Dr. Jeremy Stone : You mean there didn't used to be.

  • Dr. Mark Hall : [reading suicide note]  "The day of judgment is at hand. Have mercy on my soul, and to hell with all the others. Amen."

    Dr. Jeremy Stone : Senile...

    Dr. Mark Hall : This took time. Regardless of what made her do it, it took time. There's a chance someone's still alive.

  • [Hall and Stone are sealed off in a section of the lab with an unfinished sub-station for locking out the self-destruct device, which has been activated and is counting down] 

    Dr. Jeremy Stone : The defense system is perfect, Mark. It'll even bury our mistakes!

  • Dr. Mark Hall : Why did you pick me?

    Dr. Jeremy Stone : You're an MD, a talented surgeon who knows blood chemistries... and you're single. The Odd Man Hypothesis.

    Dr. Mark Hall : What the hell is that?

    Dr. Jeremy Stone : Didn't you read the Wildfire material I've been sending you?

    Dr. Mark Hall : [smirks]  Very little. I never went in much for science fiction.

    Dr. Jeremy Stone : [glares at Hall]  Nor do I.

  • Wildfire Computer Sgt. Burk : Dr. Stone, sir, I have one thing to do. Just one. Everything else is fully automatic, computerized and self-regulating. I, uh, I listen for a little bell, in here. Ding-a-ling! That means a message coming in is for the Wildfire team.

    Dr. Jeremy Stone : Precisely! An M.C.N. communication. I'm expecting one.

    Wildfire Computer Sgt. Burk : Yes, sir. Top priority. Ding-a-ling! I push a button and all five level control centers are notified the same time you are. The bell hasn't rung, sir.

  • Dr. Mark Hall : [referring to Dr. Dutton]  Poor devil! Look at how he's breathing. He's scared to death.

    Dr. Jeremy Stone : We'll increase his oxygen. It'll slow down his breathing.

    Dr. Mark Hall : [beat]  No, we want him to breathe fast! In Piedmont the old man survived drinking Sterno... Sterno, acidosis! Acidosis, rapid breathing!

    [begins working a control panel] 

    Dr. Jeremy Stone : What the hell are you doing?

    Dr. Mark Hall : I'm turning off the oxygen.

    Dr. Jeremy Stone : But the baby! He's normal!

    Dr. Mark Hall : He's crying. He's not leaving it in his lungs long enough to do anything.

    Dr. Jeremy Stone : [incredulous]  Rapid breathing? It just can't be that simple!

    Dr. Mark Hall : It isn't.

  • Dr. Jeremy Stone : When the bomb goes off, there'll be a thousand mutations! Andromeda will spread everywhere! They'll never be rid of it!

  • Dr. Mark Hall : That body analyzer! I'd like to be there when the AMA gets wind of it.

    Dr. Jeremy Stone : So far it's only been used to treat astronauts in space.

    Dr. Ruth Leavitt : You doctors better start making house calls again.

  • [Leavitt has added a second scanner to view the Scoop capsule] 

    Dr. Jeremy Stone : No, Ruth. Use only one microscanner.

    Dr. Ruth Leavitt : You being paid by the hour? We could cover the capsule in one-half the time!

    Dr. Ruth Leavitt : There's less chance of missing something when we both concentrate on the screen

    Dr. Ruth Leavitt : Let's go directly to the inside. We can assume they put the scoop on the thing to scoop something into it. Brother, they sure got what they were looking for.

    Dr. Jeremy Stone : We're not here to make accusations. We have a job to do, purely as scientists

    Dr. Ruth Leavitt : Maybe not so pure.

    Dr. Jeremy Stone : [coldly]  Continue the scan, Ruth. On the outside.

  • Dr. Jeremy Stone : We wouldn't want to contaminate a possible organism.

  • [finding the Scoop satellite in a doctor's office, crudely pried open] 

    Dr. Jeremy Stone : There it is...


    Dr. Jeremy Stone : why the damn fool opened it!

    Dr. Mark Hall : [sarcastically]  Yeah, every country doctor should run his office like the Lunar Lab.

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