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4 Feb. 1973
The 10th Honeymoon
Dick finally gets Jenny away for a long anticipated second honeymoon at a South Seas resort. All his meticulous plans go awry, leaving the vacation very unromantic.
18 Feb. 1973
Will Baby Make Three?
Bernie and Carol are excited when an adoption agency calls about an interview. But Carol takes some pills to help her with anxiety turning the meeting into one where her emotions are over the place. She's afraid she has ruined their chances.
25 Feb. 1973
The Power of the Bleep
Dick, upset about censorship on his show, goes on a over the top on air tirade.
4 Mar. 1973
You Gotta Have Class
Professor Shea is a charismatic instructor at the University. Jenny, Carol, and Mike all crush on the dreamy-eyed man with Mike taking the next step by booking the teacher on Dick's show.
18 Mar. 1973
Big Brother Is Watching You
Dick's brother Mickey becomes indecisive about his marriage when he learns his fiance is a stripper part time in addition to being a travel agent.
17 Sep. 1973
Dennis Takes a Wife
Dennis is quite taken with a photo seen at Dick and Jenny's house, one of an attractive guest of theirs. Dennis is positive they are meant to be together and proceeds to act foolishly.
24 Sep. 1973
One of the Boys
Dick takes stock of his life and concludes he doesn't have enough male time. Dick decides to join the guys for their weekly poker game but winning and losing amongst friends leads to hard feelings.
1 Oct. 1973
Dick in Deutsch
Dick receives the unpleasant news he's wanted for an legal matter in Germany. Dick explains to his friends how a free trip to Europe took an unexpected directio, landing him in trouble.
8 Oct. 1973
Mrs. Ferguson
A fan of Dick's character has a difficult time distinguishing between his actual life and his television one.
15 Oct. 1973
I'll Cry Today
Dick reschedules a dentist appointment to babysit so Jenny can go on a job interview.
22 Oct. 1973
The Young Surgeons
Dick recalls the time he had a small role on Medical Center, in which he played a doctor, and how bad he was in it.
29 Oct. 1973
She Kisses Like a Dead Mackerel
A columnist reports that temperamental actress Margot Brighton has less than ideal kissing skills. Margot decides Dick and Jenny are responsible for the information and they feel her wrath.
12 Nov. 1973
Preston al Naturale
An Italian director mmets Dick and thinks he would be perfect as the lead in his film. Dick is excited about the possibility until the script reveals he'll have a nude scene with a beautiful actress.
19 Nov. 1973
Turning Pro
Dick and Jenny are surprised then upset when their son Lucas shows up and announces he is dropping out of school. They question his dream of becoming a professional bowler.
31 Dec. 1973
He Who Steals My Friends
Dick and Jenny are happy to introduce their new friends the Eliots to neighbors the Richardsons. But the Prestons become much less glad when it appears the other couples are socializing without Dick and Jenny.

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