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I say I say I say
babyfreen11 February 2005
Whoa, this brings back memories.

This was a pleasant little hour-long variety show from the UK that aired for a couple of summers in the early seventies on US network TV.

Things I remember:

Des O'Connor, a very engaging personality, midway through a song inviting his audience to "sing to Desmond."

I Say I Say I Say: A rapid fire series of setups and punchlines delivered by regulars and guests as they stroll through a set; each humorous exchange began with one passerby accosting another with the words "I Say I Say I Say..."

I'd love to see a rerun of this show, haven't see Mr. O'Connor in 30 years, though apparently he's continued to enjoy a long career in the UK.
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A wonderful and delightful Britt Eckland
ghettolove3721620 March 2013
I've been in love with Britt Eckland ever since I started reading her book True Britt, which was a few hours ago today. I was 1/3 through and then unfortunately her story of love and horrific casualties has caused me to suffer two major panic attacks right in a row. I sedated myself with 20 mg of Valium. It's been more than an hour and I'm still frenetic. Watching her on screen though has been able to lower my blood pressure. This is a must for all of the Southern States.

The Des OConner show brings me back to a safer and more simpler life. Bravo! We need more charming shows like this to get away from the pressure of daily existence.

Thank you again for featuring this show, and are a strong and amazing woman. You just may end up being the wind beneath my wings in this hurricane they call life.
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