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7 Jan. 1979
A Night at the PTA
Edith can't sing at the PTA meeting because she has laryngitis.
14 Jan. 1979
A Girl Like Edith
The butcher returns with his fiancee who is the spitting image of Edith who he still seems to have feelings for.
21 Jan. 1979
The Appendectomy
On her tenth birthday Stephanie is rushed to the hospital with appendicitis.
28 Jan. 1979
Stephanie and the Crime Wave
Stephanie has been stealing from school and from the Bunkers.
5 Feb. 1979
Barney the Gold Digger
Barney is distraught after Blanche finally leaves him so Archie tries a bit of matchmaking himself.
11 Feb. 1979
The Return of Archie's Brother
Archie's brother shows up with an eighteen year old wife.
18 Feb. 1979
Stephanie's Conversion
The Reverand Chong visits Edith to tell her that Stephanie is Jewish. Archie wants her to convert, but Edith backs Stephanie's decision.
25 Feb. 1979
Edith Gets Fired
Edith is dismissed when she honors a patient's wishes and lets her die in peace.
4 Mar. 1979
"All in the Family" Retrospective
Producer/Developer Norman Lear hosts a 90 minute retrospective on the long-running comedy with classic footage from past episodes.
18 Mar. 1979
The Family Next Door
Louise Jefferson shows up and asks Edith to help her find a buyer for their house next door. At first Archie is excited... until he sees Edith's choice for new neighbors.
25 Mar. 1979
The Return of Stephanie's Father
Archie's fighting instincts are aroused when Stephanie's derelict father returns and uses blackmail to try an get his daughter back. Edith panics at the thought of losing Stephanie, and does her best to help Archie with a plan.
8 Apr. 1979
Too Good Edith
Archie keeps a sick Edith so busy cooking for his big St. Patrick's Day party, that she doesn't get the chance to tell him that "hard work is hazardous to her health." When Archie finds out the truth about Edith's illness, he takes steps to make sure she will never "forget" to tell him again.

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