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4 Jan. 1975
Prisoner in the House
Archie can't help but feel uncomfortable - and uneasy - when a plumber's apprentice is a convict on a work furlough from prison.
11 Jan. 1975
The Jeffersons Move on Up
The pilot episode for "The Jeffersons," where George and Louise move to "a deluxe apartment in the sky."
18 Jan. 1975
All's Fair
Mike and Gloria are dumbfounded by Edith's continual submissiveness to Archie. Gloria finally decides it's time to give her mother a long-overdue lesson in how to become more assertive in her marriage.
25 Jan. 1975
Amelia's Divorce
The Bunkers are shocked when the seemingly happy marriage of Edith's favorite cousin is anything but.
8 Feb. 1975
Everybody Does It
Archie's sense of morality is questioned when he borrows tools and equipment from work in order to complete a home repair project.
15 Feb. 1975
Archie and the Quiz
Out of curiosity, Archie takes a magazine test about his health habits. When he scores the test, he learns he might die at age 57. Rather than take the test for what it is worth (or heed the advice of the accompanying article), Archie fumes about his apparent fate.
22 Feb. 1975
Edith's Friend
Edith attends a wedding in her hometown of Scranton and runs into her childhood sweetheart, who is interested in rekindling the old romance
1 Mar. 1975
No Smoking
A contest between Archie and Mike, to see who can abstain from his favorite indulgence (Archie's being smoking cigars, Mike's eating everything in sight) becomes a battle of wills. Who will win this 48-hour contest?
8 Mar. 1975
Mike Makes His Move
Mike accepts a job, which pleases Archie because it means that Mike and Gloria will be moving. Finding a new home proves difficult. George Jefferson schemes to rent his old house next door to them cheap, just to annoy Archie.
8 Sep. 1975
The Very Moving Day
With the Jeffersons' old house now ready for the Stivics to move in, Mike and Gloria look forward to some peace and quiet. Then Gloria has some really wonderful news - she's pregnant.
15 Sep. 1975
Alone at Last
The day has come that Mike and Gloria are moving into their new home and Archie is practically pushing them out the door. Archie is being so obnoxious that Mike finally reaches a boiling point until he declares his independence and calls Archie a fathead. He and Gloria spend the night in their new home without electricity, plumbing or heat. Archie is overjoyed that the meathead is suffering but Edith's motherly instinct force her to intercede, she walks out and intends to suffer right along with the kids. Archie is all to happy to take care of himself but while making...
22 Sep. 1975
Archie the Donor
Archie will do anything to get a promotion at the loading dock. So, he agrees to help Mr. Sanders with his latest charity, unaware that it involves something that goes against his morals - organ donation.
29 Sep. 1975
Archie the Hero
While driving Munson's cab, Archie saves the life of a beautiful woman who becomes unconscious. Uh, was that a woman? Sorry, that was no woman, thanks to female impersonator Beverly LaSalle's convincing act.
6 Oct. 1975
Mike's Pains
Mike - along with everyone else - debate where he should be when Gloria is in the delivery room giving birth to their baby.
20 Oct. 1975
Chain Letter
Archie rips up a chain letter, thinking it to be nothing more than baloney. Then a whole bunch of accidents happen. Coincidence or did Archie really set off the string of mishaps?
27 Oct. 1975
Mike Faces Life
When Gloria gets her paycheck in the mail, it is good news and bad news. The good news is that the check is more than she expected. The bad news is that the check also comes enclosed with a pink slip. Determined to find out why she has been fired, she and Mike pay a visit to the boss Mr. Crenshaw. Mike becomes angry and demands to know why Gloria was let go. Crenshaw secretly records the parts of their conversation that makes Mike look like he is threatening him, but turns it off to confesses that he fired Gloria because she is pregnant, stating that she looks like ...
3 Nov. 1975
Edith Breaks Out
Archie is unhappy with Edith doing volunteer work at The Sunshine home for seniors and he demands she quit.
10 Nov. 1975
Grandpa Blues
Archie's company physical is fast approaching, and he needs to remain calm for an entire weekend for the blood pressure test. Of course, a variety of situations arise that test Archie's ability to keep an even temper.
17 Nov. 1975
Gloria Suspects Mike
Gloria, now in her seventh month, is feeling unattractive. Added to that is the fact that Mike is tutoring an attractive young woman in Economics and suspects that something else might be going on. That night, when Mike goes to tutor the woman, they both become mutually attracted to one another leading to a kiss. Meanwhile, Archie gets an idea to trap Mike in a confession. Knowing that he can't hold his wine, Archie decides to try and liquor him up as a truth drug. They both get drunk and right before Mike confesses, Archie passes out, missing the part where he ...
24 Nov. 1975
The Little Atheist
Archie and Mike argue over the religious upbringing of baby Joey during a Thanksgiving Day dinner.
1 Dec. 1975
Archie's Civil Rights
A mugger tries to attack Archie in his cab ... but this time, Archie strikes back with some pepper spray. So why is Archie the one facing criminal charges?
8 Dec. 1975
Gloria Is Nervous
Worried when her baby is nine days overdue, Gloria snaps at Mike. Mike tries to be nice to his wife, but then he forgets that her baby shower is scheduled on a day when he has plans.
15 Dec. 1975
Birth of the Baby: Part 1
Archie is a nervous wreck because he wants to back out of the annual minstrel show at the lodge, which he has successfully avoided for several years. Lodge brothers Barney Hefner and Ed Bradley blackmail him by asserting that if Archie doesn't go on with the show, he will be kicked out of the lodge and lose all the benefits therein. Meanwhile, Mike and Gloria try to have a nice dinner at an Italian restaurant to take their minds off the fact that she is a week overdue. When Gloria admits that she is having contractions, which she didn't want to admit because she ...
22 Dec. 1975
Birth of the Baby: Part 2
Archie is forced to show up at the hospital for the birth of his grandchild in black face, When his lodge brothers refused to give him their cold cream because he left, He and Edith are surprised to discover that Mike and Gloria haven't arrived - first they that Gloria was stuck in a phone booth at the restaurant and then they found themselves stuck in traffic. All is well, they get to the hospital, Gloria has the baby and Archie manages to borrow cold cream from a terrified elderly woman. The lodge brothers show up and tell him that they understand and that it would ...

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