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Season 2

18 Sep. 1971
The Saga of Cousin Oscar
Archie's freeloading cousin, Oscar, dies in the guest room. Archie and Mike host an impromptu wake in their home, as they ponder whether to hold a funeral service or simply dispose of Oscar's body.
25 Sep. 1971
Gloria Poses in the Nude
An artist friend of the Stivics wants to paint a portrait of Gloria in her birthday suit, prompting a debate over the morality of nude art.
2 Oct. 1971
Archie in the Lock-Up
Mike and Lionel decide to become part of an anti-war protest, but it isn't until they leave that Gloria gets the news that the situation is turning violent. She and Edith urge Archie to go down to the protest and bring him home. Mike comes home frazzled but unharmed, but Archie ends up in the slammer surrounded by commies, hippies and drop-outs. Mike secures his release because the police captain is Polish, but Archie doesn't know that and offends the captain, leaving him to stay in jail a little longer.
9 Oct. 1971
Edith Writes a Song
Edith writes a poem and gets a letter from a company that wants to turn it into a song for only $30. Archie buys a "dog alarm" and a gun to protect the house all for only $60. The family gets into an argument over which is more important and Archie agrees to give the gun back. That night two burglars, who have just robbed a jewelry store, break into the house and hold the Bunkers hostage until the heat is off. At one point, the thief threatens to take off with the $30 but Edith talks him out of it by offering to sing the song. After hearing her sing, they decide that ...
16 Oct. 1971
Flashback: Mike Meets Archie
On their first anniversary, Mike and Gloria reminisce (in flashback) the first time Gloria brought the Meathead home to meet the man that would become his father-in-law.
30 Oct. 1971
The Election Story
Archie and Mike argue over who's the best candidate in a local election.
6 Nov. 1971
Edith's Accident
Edith's shopping cart gets away from her, resulting in a minor paint scratch. Out of the cart pops a can of "mmmm-mmmm" (cling peaches) in heavy syrup, causing a dent in the hood. Edith leaves a note on the car and the owner comes by to collect the damages.
13 Nov. 1971
The Blockbuster
A corrupt real estate agent encourages Archie to sell his home for more than its market value.
20 Nov. 1971
Mike's Problem
Mike's anxiety over his upcoming college exams causes him to temporarily become sexually impotent.
27 Nov. 1971
The Insurance Is Canceled
At the same time Archie is told to lay off part of his crew at work, he gets a notice informing him that his homeowner's insurance has been canceled.
4 Dec. 1971
The Man in the Street
Archie is eager to watch his "man-in-the-street" interview on "The CBS Evening News" with Walter Cronkite, but can't find a working television set.
11 Dec. 1971
Cousin Maude's Visit
Edith's liberal cousin, Maude Findlay, arrives to help in caring for a flu-ridden Archie and Mike.
18 Dec. 1971
Christmas Day at the Bunkers'
Archie is depressed at Christmas because his boss canceled his holiday bonus (purportedly for screwing up a work order) and he doesn't know how to break the news to his family.
1 Jan. 1972
The Elevator Story
Archie is a passenger in an elevator that stalls between floors, and reacts predictably to his fellow passengers: A black businessman, a scatterbrained secretary and a Puerto Rican man and his very pregnant wife, who goes into labor.
8 Jan. 1972
Edith's Problem
Edith's irritability as of late may be a sign of her going through menopause. Archie is frustrated when he finds out she can't possibly have her "change of life" in 30 seconds.
15 Jan. 1972
Archie and the F.B.I.
A visiting FBI agent's investigation puts Archie's longtime friendship with an old war buddy in jeopardy.
22 Jan. 1972
Mike's Mysterious Son
Mike's ex-girlfriend contends that he fathered her 4-year-old son. Mike strongly denies he ever became serious with her, but furious Gloria and irate Archie aren't interested in his side of the story.
29 Jan. 1972
Archie Sees a Mugging
Archie doesn't want to appear in court as a witness when he sees a mugging. When finally approached by a detective, he claims gangsters were responsible.
5 Feb. 1972
Archie and Edith Alone
When Mike and Gloria are gone, Archie and Edith get a chance to share quality time at home alone.
12 Feb. 1972
Edith Gets a Mink
Edith's wealthy cousin gives her a mink as a present.
19 Feb. 1972
Sammy's Visit
The classic tale about the time Sammy Davis Jr. stopped by to visit the Bunkers. It begins with a briefcase he left in Archie's cab ... and ends with the kiss of infamy.
26 Feb. 1972
Edith the Judge
Edith tries to mediate a grievance after Archie is accused of breaking a coin-operated washing machine at the Laundromat. Will her efforts succeed before the matter proceeds to small-claims court?
4 Mar. 1972
Archie Is Jealous
Archie frets over the man with whom Edith shared something special before they met.
11 Mar. 1972
Archie and Edith travel to upstate New York to attend Carol Findlay's wedding.

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