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Season 2

16 Sep. 1971
The Day They Hanged Kid Curry
The second and last 90-minute episode (the third show filmed for the second season) finds Heyes visiting wealthy con artist Silky O'Sullivan at his San Francisco mansion -- only to find out that Kid Curry is on trial for murder in Colorado. Heyes rushes to the town and thinks he sees Curry in the dock -- until the real Curry cheerfully waves at him. The man on trial is an impostor; what's more, he never committed the murder he's accused of. Curry loves the idea of "dying" and going off the wanted list, but Heyes reminds him -- and the impostor -- that this will leave ...
23 Sep. 1971
How to Rob a Bank in One Hard Lesson
Three psychotic thugs -- a man and two women -- hold Curry hostage. The price for his safe return is for Heyes to go through a step-by-step instruction to the man of how to blow up a top-of-the-line bank safe without harming the money inside. Heyes suspects that the thugs will kill him and Curry afterwards anyway, and schemes to trick the group into letting him get the drop on them.
30 Sep. 1971
Jailbreak at Junction City
Heyes and Curry are deputised by the sheriff of Big Bend,to take some outlaws to Junction City. The sherif there knows them by sight, but a local judge may save them from the law.
7 Oct. 1971
Smiler with a Gun
Roger Davis, playing alongside his old friend Peter Deuel for the last time (they often competed for roles during the 1960s) turns up as perpetually smiling Danny Bilson, a remarkably fast gun who impresses even Kid Curry. Danny, Curry and Heyes in turn all draw the attention of Seth, a miner who believes he can get at least $20,000 out of a New Mexico mine Seth has -- with the help of three young, strong men. All four agree and work the mine, which lives up to expectations. During a celebration drink-and-dance when they have reached the target figure, Danny plays ...
14 Oct. 1971
The Posse That Wouldn't Quit
Desperate to escape an unusually persistent and smart group of trackers, Heyes and Curry take up with a family and their two tomboyish daughters. The father goes to get supplies while the mother frets about the girls not growing up to be ladies. Which is true: the girls embarrass Curry with their rifle-shooting prowess (he bets them on his pistol prowess and comes out ahead). When the posse DOES capture Heyes and Curry, rifle shots from the girls scare them off. Heyes and Curry soon learn the girls and their mother will go to trial for springing notorious fugitives, ...
21 Oct. 1971
Something to Get Hung About
Sarah Henderson ran out on her husband and hooked up with Jim Stokely, a charming drifter. Mr. Henderson wants her back, and has hired Smith and Jones to retrieve her. The boys quickly make friends with Stokely, which both helps and hinders them as they try to persuade Sarah that her alcoholic husband has sobered up and is the man she used to love. Sarah decides to give her husband a second chance, and all seems well -- for one night. Then somebody blows Mr. Henderson's head off with a shotgun. Stokely is the obvious suspect -- too obvious for Heyes and Curry to ...
28 Oct. 1971
Six Strangers at Apache Springs
Alias Smith and Jones are hired to recover thousands of dollars in gold dust stashed away by Caroline Rangley and her late husband two years ago, after being attacked by local renegade Indians, in the nearby hills of a one horse town of Apache Springs.
4 Nov. 1971
Night of the Red Dog
A Seinfeldesque "show about nothing" begins with plenty as Heyes, Curry, a doctor, an undertaker and a cowboy see an old man stagger and fall in the street. It takes all of them to lift him because he's carrying more than his weight in gold dust. Thinking he's dying, the old man lets his benefactors work the mine. They all make out like bandits -- until the old man shows up very much alive and orders them off his property, though he'll let them keep what they've taken so far. Heyes and Curry prepare to leave with their cache, only to find out someone else has ...
11 Nov. 1971
The Reformation of Harry Briscoe
In the second half of what later became the TV movie "The Gun and the Nun" (shown on CBS Late Night in the late 1970s and possibly syndicated), Harry Briscoe is on the track of Sister Isabel, née Molly, who used to work as a "typewriter" (the name applies to the job as well as the instrument during these early years) in a Kansas City bank. That is, until she allegedly embezzled $30,000 from the cash reserve and took off. Since Molly is Irish Catholic, it was a simple matter for her to join two other sisters looking to establish a mission, posing as having been ...
18 Nov. 1971
Dreadful Sorry Clementine
Clementine Hale, a friend of our heroes since they grew up together in Kansas, meets the boys in Denver and shows them a group photograph they all posed for not too long ago. The photo is invaluable to lawmen who want to arrest Heyes and Curry, and Clementine waves it at the boys in an attempt to get them to go along with her larcenous scheme. Years earlier, banker Winford Fletcher had stolen $50,000 from the bank where Clementine's father worked, then framed HIM for the theft and sent him up the river. The boys ride into Fletcher's home town and pose as land grabbers...
2 Dec. 1971
Shootout at Diablo Station
Heyes and Curry are among seven people ambushed by outlaws and held hostage in a way station. The leader of the gang, knowing Heyes are Curry are in touch with Sheriff Lom Trevors, politely outlines his plan to assassinate the sheriff when he comes looking for our heroes, in revenge for the death of his brother by Lom (actually, one of his deputies). The gang is prepared to wait a day and a night for Lom, forcing the group to do the same and try to think of ways to warn Lom before he gets bushwhacked. The mercurial leader (Neville Brand) is the biggest threat. The ...
9 Dec. 1971
The Bounty Hunter
Ex-slave Joe Sims has a cheerful demeanor that masks intensive hatred for the white racists who have dogged him all his life. He has an uncanny ability to track down Heyes and Curry wherever they go and trap them, planning to turn them in for the reward money and methodically ignoring their pleas that they have reformed. After witnessing some of Sims' confrontations with vicious whites, Heyes and Curry are sympathetic to his plight and try to help him, but Sims won't let them go.
16 Dec. 1971
Everything Else You Can Steal
Blackjack Jenny, an honest middle-aged card dealer, meets our boys in New Mexico and asks them to keep a lookout for her son, who wrote her from the town saying he had a big score of some kind. When the letters stopped, she suspected the big score involved something illegal and that something bad happened to him. Both scenarios are true: the son and a partner, posing as Heyes and Curry, were tricked by a bank executive into posing as Heyes and Curry. When the executive (the banker's son-in-law) was able to figure out the combination to the safe, he then murdered them ...
30 Dec. 1971
Miracle at Santa Marta
It will take a Miracle at Santa Marta for Curry to escape a firing squad after a wealthy visitor to a Mexican resort town is murdered. The miracle comes from Heyes visiting and discovering an early case of identity theft, in which two women claim to be the same Kentucky socialite who left home many years ago. The victim recognized the impostor and was killed for it ... but which woman is the impostor?
6 Jan. 1972
21 Days to Tenstrike
Heyes and Curry, unable to find work because of an economic depression, accept a rancher's offer of pay plus a fat bonus if they can help herd cattle to a Colorado town. Soon, one of the cattle-drive hands picks a fight with Curry, which ends in a no-decision despite the beating Curry takes. The next morning, the trail boss finds the hand stabbed to death with a stiletto knife. Curry doesn't own one and neither does anyone else on the drive, but because of the fight he's the main suspect. When a second murder in the same fashion occurs when Curry is chained to a wagon...
13 Jan. 1972
The McCreedy Bust: Going, Going, Gone
The title object and the story around it occupies less than a quarter of this episode's screen time. At the beginning, Big Mac MacCreedy hires Smith and Jones to steal it -again - from the neighboring Arminderez ranch. Heyes refuses, but agrees to teach one of MacCreedy's men how to do it instead. Heyes and Curry also agree to escort the bust the last half of the way to an auction house, where Big Mac will get rid of it once and for all. While waiting at the assigned spot in a small town, Heyes and Curry confront a town bully - and keep backing down, to the surprise ...
20 Jan. 1972
The Man Who Broke the Bank at Red Gap
While playing cards on a train with banker Chester Powers, our heroes are recognized by another banker, Winford Fletcher (the villain of "Dreadful Sorry, Clementine," Fletcher pulls a gun on the group and says the 2 cost him a great deal of money to get out of trouble (apparently, he bought his way out of prison time on top of being swindled for $50,000). Powers bluffs Fletcher with a hidden "gun" and Fletcher backs down. That gives Powers an idea. He has speculated with and lost all the securities and bonds in his bank. The cash is still there, but there will be a ...
27 Jan. 1972
The Men That Corrupted Hadleyburg
Heyes and Curry are captured by a farm family and brought into Hadleyburg. The farmer wants the bounty money, but has a change of heart and helps them escape. That puts the farmer and his wife into very hot water and make Heyes and Curry very ashamed. Help comes from detective Harry Briscoe, who's investigating a crooked gambling house in another town. Heyes goes to the house and plays blackjack, notices a marked deck at the start of the card game, and gets it replaced with an unmarked deck. He counts the cards in the old sharpie's trick and only making big bets when ...
3 Feb. 1972
The Biggest Game in the West
On a lazy Sunday afternoon, Curry and Heyes (now played by Roger Davis) relax in a gully when a satchel of money literally lands in their laps, thrown from a passing carriage. Heyes opens it and finds $200,000 -- every bill of it a bad counterfeit. Heyes thinks it over for a few seconds and then comes up with a brilliant plan. After shaving off his mustache (Roger Davis had one in real life; after the first day of filming, Universal executives told Davis the mustache looked "sinister" and Roy Huggins wrote the comment into a scene where Heyes shaves), Joshua Smith ...
10 Feb. 1972
Which Way to the O.K. Corral?
To stop the MacCreedy-Armindariz feud from coming to a rope's end, Heyes and Curry ride to the aid of their former employer Patrick "Big Mac" MacCreedy, who is accused of murdering the foreman of his across-the-Rio-Grande neighbor Armindariz's ranch. In fact, MacCreedy only witnessed the shooting and has no idea who the killer is (viewers don't either; the killer is never revealed). While hurrying to help the dying man, MacCreedy saw a neer-do-well drifter (Neville Brand) swipe the man's rifle and take off with it. Heyes and Curry find that the drifter has gone to ...
17 Feb. 1972
Don't Get Mad, Get Even
Heyes is cheated at poker by big, obnoxious Wheelwright. Georgette Sinclair, in the second of three appearances, is hired to help Heyes carry out the title phrase, which Heyes utters while leaving. "Wheelwrong" also cheats George and gives her a literal horselaugh when she tries to bewitch him with a string of pearls. The group goes to Silky O'Sullivan, who lent them the necklace to begin with, and after enduring his rage talk him into lending them money to "ransom" the necklace.
24 Feb. 1972
What's in It for Mia?
Mia Bronson, a con artist, has used her ill-gotten money to take over an entire town. Among her victims is newspaper publisher Goerge Austin: she stole all of his advertisers and forced him to sell her the paper for $10,000, half its value. Two of her other victims are Heyes and Curry, whom she cheats with marked decks of cards and has beaten up for complaining. Austin and his daughter find them and nurse them back to health. While recuperating, Heyes and Curry talk to Austin and find out he has been experimenting with the developing chemicals used in photography. He ...
2 Mar. 1972
Bad Night in Big Butte
The hunt for a lost diamond. The diamond belongs to anyone who possesses it after midnight on July 4, which is when the show starts. Georgette Sinclair also turns up to help in the hunt, but extensive renovations to the hotel make all her efforts (and those of the boys) futile, until Georgette gets extra info and Heyes uses a con game to make sure the diamond stays with them.

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