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5 Jan. 1971
Alias Smith and Jones
A pair of outlaws seeking amnesty from the Governor must stay incognito and out of trouble in a town while a friend pleads their case. The wait is complicated by a lovely bank manager and the arrival of members of their former gang.
21 Jan. 1971
The McCreedy Bust
A wealthy art collector, McCreedy, hires the duo to procure a bust of Caesar that, unfortunately, the current owner doesn't want to part with. Of course he will want it back. But while we're waiting, let's see if McCreedy or Hannibal will out-con the other at cards.
28 Jan. 1971
Exit from Wickenburg
Hannibal and the Kid have finally found good jobs in a town where they can really fit in. So why is everyone trying to convince them to get out of town? And more to the point; why are they being so polite about it? And why can't our heroes take some good advice just once?
4 Feb. 1971
Wrong Train to Brimstone
Desperate to leave a town where the sheriff knows them on sight, Hayes and Curry steal train tickets and board a sold-out train bound for Brimstone. They discover the men they're impersonating are Bannerman detectives, hired to destroy their old gang.
11 Feb. 1971
The Girl in Boxcar #3
Decoys, misdirections and deceptions are the order of the day as Hannibal and the Kid get a taste of the other side of the robbery business when they are hired to transport $50,000. To add to the confusion, throw in a very naive, idealistic young woman as a love interest and possible thief.
18 Feb. 1971
The Great Shell Game
Hannibal has finally met up with a nice girl he can take home to mother. She's refined and proper and, wait a minute, a money hungry gold digger! And wait another minute, Hannibal is working a horse racing con on her. Has Hannibal given up bank robbery for the confidence game? There has to be another story behind this story.
25 Feb. 1971
Return to Devil's Hole
A lovely lady hires Hannibal to help her find her husband who joined the Devil's Hole Gang to escape an errant murder change. At least that's her story, or rather one of her stories. Her supposed husband has a different story. Their relationship turns out to be not so loving and bullets fly, quite literally.
4 Mar. 1971
A Fistful of Diamonds
The problem with being a notorious outlaw is everyone likes to pin every crime that crops up on you. That includes lying, embezzling, murdering bankers. Which is fine if you're trying to become an infamous legend but a problem if you're hoping for a pardon for your past crimes. So Heyes and Curry have to set things to right. And there's nothing like a diamond field to get a crooked banker into a even bigger mess so he has to confess to avoid a noose. Isn't greed a wonderful thing?
11 Mar. 1971
Stagecoach Seven
More bullets than words fly - (or at least it seems that way), when Heyes and Curry board a stagecoach, and take a ride with 6 other passengers. Soon, the coach is surrounded by thugs who know Heyes and Curry's identity, and want to kill them for the bounty, but the stationmaster refuses, and as the outlaws start blazing away, the stationmaster tries to figure out a way to stop it.
18 Mar. 1971
The Man Who Murdered Himself
Hannibal and Kid Currey got 2 jjobs; one dangerous the other, who knows. The Kid lost the coin toss (as usual), and is to deliver a wagon-load of high explosives to a mining operation. Hannibal gets the job of playing tour guide for a group of archaeologists looking for a long lost tribe of Indians; almost 7ft. tall, and with flaming red hair. As the Kid faces every life threatening situation imaginable, Hannibal Heyes begins to realise that no one on the expeditionms what they seem - except, for the lovely Julia Finney, and someone has murder in mind. No wonder his ...
25 Mar. 1971
The Root of It All
Judy Carne, Pete Duel's "Love on a Rooftop" co-star, plays one of 3 Boston spinsters; 2young women and an older chaperone. The women are supposedly taking a Wild West tour before returning home. Leslie O'Hara's secretly holding a letter, which Heyes saves from a bandit gang, and Leslie wants the letter back and is willing to pay $500 for it, sparking the boys' attention. Also on the trail's a mysterious, persnickety man from the federal government. It turns out everyone's on the trail of money from a bank robbery and the letter is a key, and when we say "everyone," we...
1 Apr. 1971
The 5th Victim
"The A.B.C. Murders" for the Western crowd: a serial killer is picking off participants in a poker game one by one, including the attempted murders of Heyes and Curry, to conceal the real target, a man whose wife he covets.
8 Apr. 1971
Journey from San Juan
On a journey to Mexico "to drive cattle north of the border" (their real motive isn't revealed until the end of the show), Heyes and Curry meet a Cajun French woman who was shanghaied by a sea captain and only barely managed to escape. They take her to the American woman who owns a casino in San Juan, then set about wooing both ladies -- Heyes faking it for the casino owner; Curry for real with the Frenchwoman, who's a talented singer.
15 Apr. 1971
Never Trust an Honest Man
Traveling on a train with the owner of the railroad, Curry accidentally switches bags with the millionaire's secretary. After finding her unmentionables and a Bible (Heyes cracks that the Bible is proof the bags were switched), he also finds $5 million in jewelry. They visit Oscar Harlingen, the millionaire and return the jewels to him, with his thanks. Later, the Harlingen's son Allen (Severn Darden in a dual role; he appears to use a pseudonym for playing Allen) practices appraising the jewels. They look phony to him, so his exasperated father shows him how to ...
22 Apr. 1971
The Legacy of Charlie O'Rourke
Charlie O'Rourke, a friend of Heyes and Curry from their outlaw days, is about to be hanged for a robbery which resulted in several deaths. He recognizes Heyes and Curry from his jail-cell window and offers them a map to the gold bars he stole, wanting that to be his "legacy" to them. The boys decline, but others -- including Bannerman detective Harry Briscoe -- steal the map and head after the gold. In the interests of staying honest and turning the tables on Briscoe, an old foe who might be a friend, the boys start trailing the gold hunters.

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