"Bearcats!" Powderkeg (TV Episode 1971) Poster

(TV Series)


Dennis Cole: Johnny Reach


  • J.J. Foote : Them tarnation gas buggies are an abomination to the Lord. Yea, verily, the love a man beareth for his horse ain't never gonna be replaced by no bucket of bolts! Noisy, smelly, new-fangled contraption. You expect to leave that stack of smokin' scrap iron here to offend the noses of honest horses?

    Johnny Reach : Oh, yes sir - and we expect you to guard it tenderly with loving care.

    J.J. Foote : Me? Them things is against nature and all I stand for.

  • J.J. Foote : Yea, verily, thus they provoked him to anger with their inventions and a plague broke in upon them - Psalms 106, Verse 29.

    Hank Bracket : The chariots shall rage in the streets, they shall jostle one against another in the broad way and they shall seem like torches and they will run like lightning - Nahum 2, Verse 4.

    J.J. Foote : Hey, you know your scriptures!

    Johnny Reach : If thou canst not lick 'em, join 'em. Uh, Johnny Reach, 1914.

  • Hank Bracket : You know, my partner's an old hand at these necktie parties.

    Miss Baker : Oh?

    Hank Bracket : No, really. The first one I attended, he was the guest of honor. That's where I found him. I just plucked him out of a cottonwood tree... and he wasn't very ripe either.

    Johnny Reach : I'd be swingin' there yet if old Hank hadn't happened by... and spoke up from the other end of a double-stacked blowgun.

  • Hank Bracket : If you're thinkin' he was brought up in a barn, ma'am, it was nothin' that fancy. It was a wickiup.

    Miss Baker : You mean an Indian dwelling?

    Hank Bracket : He's not even quite civilized yet.

    Miss Baker : Well, you don't look like a savage.

    Johnny Reach : Oh, I'm tame. Family came out of Kansas. My stepmother raised me - she was pureblooded Chiricahua.

    Miss Baker : Oh, you lived with her.

    Johnny Reach : Her people, yes ma'am, after Pa passed away. Still can't sit horse with a saddle on it or sleep on a bed. Sorry.

  • [last lines] 

    Hank Bracket : What kept ya?

    Johnny Reach : Oh, business. I got your five dollars back from Miss Baker.

    Hank Bracket : How'd you do that?

    Johnny Reach : Oh, ah, she bet me she chould kiss me without touching.

    Hank Bracket : She bet you that?

    Johnny Reach : Yeah. Born loser... but an awful good sport!

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