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Touching film
east21514 January 2003
A very simple yet touching film. I saw this years ago. A real heart-breaker. Richard Thomas and Mary Layne have a real on-screen chemistry. Get your handkerchiefs ready, you'll definitely need them. Why this isn't shown more often is a mystery.
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9/10 Can't Have Everything
richardroo11 May 2002
Now it's a long time since I was a virgin, but those painful memories still remain.

Saw this film in the UK once only, when I was a 16-year old virgin in 1970. Knew the theme of the film - hoped it might give me some tips to lose mine....

Went with a 'worldy-wise' mate of mine.......

A painful story of adolescent youth looking for that special something....and he found it - true love.

I'd love to see it again, but not with my wife or two children present. Don't want 'em to realise what a real sentimental sod I am !

Regards to all film fans.

See it if you can !
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I saw this film just after returning from Nam.
puckville8 November 2008
I saw this film just after I returned from Nam. A buddy in my unit had told me a story much like this about himself a few weeks before he died.And we were so much alike. I had no idea that I was going to see so much of him or me in this film.I don't think I could ever watch it again but I am happy that I did see it once. I had received a "Dear John" type letter from my then girlfriend while I was in-country and had felt sorry for myself. I now know that I was more fortunate than many others of that time. To this day I remember where I was and what I was feeling when I watched this film. By no means is this film a classic but Richard Thomas did a very good job of playing the part of many of us. I do hope that if young people watch it now that they can know who so many of us were at that time in our lives. Thank you if you see us in that way.
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terribly sad, wonderfully unexpected
mindfire-37 February 2002
Warning: Spoilers
i saw this on the late, late show years ago and it nearly broke my heart. it is the kind of movie that plucks your heartstrings as you care more and more about this poor, nerdy boy about to go off to Vietnam. he meets up with a nice girl who intends to help him lose his virginity before he heads off to war, but they never get around to that as they spend the day together growing closer and having the kind of memories that last a lifetime. that is, if you have a lifetime to live. an under-rated gem.
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Never forgot it
justpamjane3 November 2006
I went to see this movie when I was about 14 or 15 years old with my best friend. We were just 2 giggling high school freshmen out to see a movie and this one caught our eye. I remember Richard Thomas' character somehow ended up carrying a rock around with him. He got into an argument with a girl who is sitting at the table. His rock is laying in front of her. He storms off in anger, then turns back around, goes back to the table and grabs his rock saying "That's my rock!" It cracked us both up and I have never forgotten that line! It was a very good movie and I would love to see it again after all these years. I don't even think I knew who Richard Thomas was at that time but he was a very good actor. The movie's title, "Cactus in the Snow" played into the dialog of the movie as the two virgins discussed how rare they were in that day and time, just like a cactus in the snow. It was very well written and I am really surprised that it has never popped back up on television anymore. I mean, how many times are they going to bring back re-runs of "Gas Light" and "It's a mad, mad, mad, mad world"? Something like this would be a welcome change.
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A Virtually Lost Treasure
louellyne7 September 2015
Warning: Spoilers
This has been one of the most difficult to see movies I have ever come across. For years I have searched for a copy of this movie in any format available, be it VHS, beta, whatever. It appears to have been an independent production, although it was filmed at Paramount Studios. It had a brief VHS release in 1985, also from an independent company that no longer seems to exist. From there, it seems to have vanished into obscurity. I was finally able to locate a VHS copy on EBay, and considering how old the tape is(30+) it played beautifully from beginning to end. As for the actual film, it didn't disappoint. Richard Thomas and Mary Layne were both excellent and very appealing together as two people who come together so that the Thomas character can lose his virginity before going off to war. They end up spending the weekend together, and I felt as though they were an appealing couple to spend time with. The soundtrack was also good, contributing to the overall wistful tone of the picture. The few surprises didn't really surprise me, but that was okay because I cared about the lead characters. There were really only a few things I objected to, and they may just be personal peeves. The first was an attempted gay seduction scene very early on, which seemed completely gratuitous and unnecessary. Another problem for me was the startling inclusion of the infamous on the street execution of a Vietnamese man with a shot to the head, shown without cutting away. I was astonished to see this in a film rated PG. Finally, a later scene shows a woman cutting the head off of a live fish, which again was completely gratuitous. Overall, I think this is a genuinely good film, and I hope that someday it will be rescued from the unfair limbo it has fallen into. Maybe someone who reads this can determine who owns the rights to this film and help facilitate at least a television or festival screening.
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Mildly effective!
JohnHowardReid30 September 2016
Warning: Spoilers
Earnestly acted, but very blandly and rather colorlessly directed, this is a very mildly amusing and very mildly effective, romantic comedy/drama. Zweiback's script has more interest and power than his monotonously incessant TV-style direction with close-ups, close-ups, close-ups, close-ups, close-ups and more close-ups followed by close- ups. See how monotonous it is just to read it, but, believe me, seeing it on the big screen is even worse! The movie will undoubtedly play better on TV. Photography and other credits range from the routinely capable to the ineptly pedestrian. Maybe those who like small-budgeted, wistful teenage love stories will go for "Cactus in the Snow". But not me, brother. Not me!
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