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16 Sep. 1970
A Man's Castle
An elderly man invades an exclusive party, singles out one guest, and shoots him dead. When The Storefront Lawyers visit him in jail, he says only, "I killed him because he stole my house." The man turns out to be correct, after a fashion.
23 Sep. 1970
The Law Can't Touch Him
An abused wife asks the Lawyers' help in divorcing her violent husband. The problem: she can't prove how violent he can be.
30 Sep. 1970
Murph Collins vs. Tomorrow
Murph Collins, iron cutter, loses his job to affirmative action. Against the Lawyers' advice, he visits his last job site. That night, the site blows up, and he is the prime suspect.
7 Oct. 1970
The Electric Kid
The former Electric Kid, a con artist, pulls a big con against his landlord after one thing too many goes wrong in his apartment. But the landlord's own legal position is even weaker.
14 Oct. 1970
The Emancipation of Bessie Gray
A middle-aged black woman, failing to hold a job as a nurse's aide, sues the head of the "Expert Training School" where she got her training.
21 Oct. 1970
Survivors Will Be Prosecuted
A Mexican farm laborer is found dead and clerk Roberto Alvarez is jailed for her murder. David Hansen begins his own investigation to free his employee and uncovers a illegal operation involving alien agricultural workers.
28 Oct. 1970
Easy to Be Hard
A welfare case agent, after throwing a woman off the welfare rolls, commits rape against her. Or did he?
4 Nov. 1970
Where Are You At?
Deborah Sullivan, in defending a Hispanic man accused of a string of arson fires, falls in love with the ADA prosecuting the case.
18 Nov. 1970
This Is Jerry, See Jerry Run
A young man's dyslexia, never suspected, much less addressed, lands him in financial trouble and makes him unemployable.
25 Nov. 1970
The Pastures of Hell
The white pastor of a downtown mission clashes with a black activist who frequently bombs the mission. Then someone kidnaps the activist's son. Who, after his rescue, accuses the pastor of the kidnapping.
9 Dec. 1970
Where Were We, Waldo?
An illiterate man's arrest record makes him "hard-core unemployable." Even the Lawyers can't help him until he gets a grip on his emotions.
13 Jan. 1971
First... We Get Rid of the Principal
A secondary-school student protest results in a dead administrator and a student on trial for murder.
3 Feb. 1971
The Climate of Doubt
Devlin McNeil takes the former Storefront Lawyers under his wing in a case involving a college student suspected of bludgeoning a police officer to death during a campus riot.
10 Feb. 1971
A marathon encounter session goes awry, leading one student to dive his car off a pier and drown. The widow hires Devlin McNeil to sue the psychiatrist involved--and Devlin lays his life on the line by joining the still-ongoing session.
17 Feb. 1971
The Dark World of Harry Anders
A heavy-handed financier takes over a movie studio and uses various means, lawful and unlawful, to compel the studio to turn a motion-picture project into a porn project.
24 Feb. 1971
The boyfriend of a girl on trial for planting a fatal bomb, takes Deborah Sullivan hostage in the firm's law offices.
3 Mar. 1971
The Truth, the Whole Truth - And Anything Else That Works
Family man Schuyler Yates comes home from work one day to find detectives in his house accusing him of being a serial sex murderer. Nor does it help when the survivor of the last attack identifies him by voice.
17 Mar. 1971
Let the Dier Beware
A woman goes to take her father out of a controversial clinic. Days later, the clinic chief physician winds up dead, and she is suspect.
24 Mar. 1971
The View from the Top
Ultra-rich Cole Deland hires Devlin McNeil after a security guard at one of his hotels, finds him walking away from a dead woman. Was that his wife? Or is his alibi actually evidence of a real crime he committed?
31 Mar. 1971
Yesterday Is But a Dream
Devlin and the Storefront team defend a woman who shot her husband while in a drug-induced daze--that the husband put her in.
14 Apr. 1971
One American
Personal protests against war by a small group of misunderstood, passionate young men, finds the militants behind bars.

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