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Season 1

12 Sep. 1970
When I Grow Up
The Groovie Goolies perform "Monster Cookbook" while the Mummies and The Puppies close the show with "When I Grow Up." Also, Wolfie's Theater presents "Little Red Riding Wolf," performed by the Goolie Players.
Population Party
Wolfie drives the residents of Horrible Hall up the wall with his Wolfmobile, Frankie tries to train Rover, the Mummy delves into breaking news from Egypt, Bella attempts to solve Boneapart's dog problems, and Ratso and Batso decide to steal Hagatha's toadstool cream pie. The Groovie Goolies perform "One, Two, Three," and the frontman of The Bare Bones Band falls for Hagatha while singing "The First Annual, Semi-Formal, Combination Celebration, Meet the Monster Population Party."
Lights Out
When Drac gives a tour of the Horrible Hall of Shame, his great uncle gets loose, so the monster trio tries to catch him. Also, Dr. Jekyll and Hyde give Drac a physical, Tiny goes to Bella with a problem, Hagatha puts a spell on her cookie jar to keep Batso and Ratso out, and Frankie encourages Drac to exercise. The Goolies sing "Cling Clang" and The Rolling Headstones perform "Lights Out."
Goolie Garden
The monsters play golf, the Mummy and Boneapart endure disfiguring accidents, Wolfie gives surfing lessons, and Hagatha is forced to contend with the Big Green Meanie. The Groovie Goolies perform "Goolie Garden," and The Spirits of '76 sing "Monsters on Parade."
Monster Trio
The monsters clean house, Drac enlists Boneapart's assistance while giving Ratso and Batso an anatomy lesson, Tiny consults Bella about Missy's leering eye, Ghoulihand turns to Dr. Jekyll and Hyde when he suffers an accident, and Hagatha battles the mailbox. The Groovie Goolies perform "Monster Trio" and The Bare Bones Band sing "Super Ghoul."
Feed the Ghost Some Garlic
The monsters play baseball, Hagatha tells the story of Goldilocks, Drac introduces his ancestors, Ratso and Batso steal Wolfie's surfboard, and Frankie harasses Hagatha for her tarantula turnovers. The Groovie Goolies sing "Feed the Ghost Some Garlic" and The Rolling Headstones perform "Midnight."
Frankie and Wolfie try to revitalize the ailing Orville; Drac fends off the advances of the Lovesick Loveseat; Ratso and Batso create a slippery concoction; Bella and Drac attempt to teach Frankie etiquette; and Frankie shows off how well he's trained his dinosaur. The Groovie Goolies sing "Frankie," and The Spirits of '76 perform "Be Kind to Monsters Week."
What's in the Bag?
Frankie plays old home movies, Wolfie and Ghoulihand build a garage, and Hagatha enlists Frankie to help with her gardening. The Goolies sing "What's in the Bag?" and the Mummies and the Puppies sing "When the Moon is Full."
Goolie Picnic
Sabrina tours the Horrible Hall museum; Wolfie and Frankie star in a production of "The Shoemaker and the Elves;" the Goolies play tennis; Dr. Jekyll and Hyde attempts to reassemble Boneapart; and Frankie leads the Gool Scouts. The Groovie Goolies sing "Goolie Picnic" and Tiny Tomb stars in a production of "Little Texas Goolie" performed by The Spirits of '76.
Where You Going, Little Ghoul?
Hagatha tells Frankie the story of "Hansel and Gretel;" Drac's Horror-Scope reveals that it's his unlucky day; Ratso and Batso implicate Hauntleroy in a plot to steal Hagatha's soup; Mummy reports on King Kong's engagement; and Mummy and Wolfie hunt for sunken treasure. The Groovie Goolies sing "Noises" and The Mummies and the Puppies perform "Where You Going, Little Ghoul?"
Gool School
Wolfie catches the Transylvanian Trance; the gang watches home movies from Frankie's childhood birthday party; Ghoulihand tries to prevent Batso and Ratso from stealing Hagatha's pie; Hagatha replaces Broomhilda with a vacuum cleaner.

 Season 1 

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