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Season 3

1 Aug. 1972
The Prowler
Queenie kicks the men out of the flat after an argument about the telly, a taxi driver is ordered to dump them all off beyond the city limits, and Mrs. Petty warns residents about a lurker roaming the corridors at night.
8 Aug. 1972
New Broom
A group of local kids ask Queenie to play rounders with them in the park, a copper invites the Shepherds to his retirement do at the Builders, and the family decide that something has to be one about his replacement.
15 Aug. 1972
The One That Got Away
An unlikely fisherman leaves a note about going out in search of lunch, Bunny reports back after seeing something amusing at the shops, and Queenie bets Jack that he can't catch another fish in front of witnesses.
22 Aug. 1972
England Expects
Queenie learns that the son of one of Lionel's friend will be popping by, Douglas gets arrested when he goes window cleaning in his birthday suit, and the rest of the family try to prepare the perfect anniversary dinner.
29 Aug. 1972
Mr Faintheart
Queenie's not happy when she returns home to find the flat full of girls, Douglas is offered a bit of advice on how to hit it off with the ladies, and the men get a shock when his childhood sweetheart walks into the pub.
5 Sep. 1972
The Patter of Tiny Feet
Queenie lies to Mrs. Petty about the reason she has to go into hospital, Douglas informs his brothers that their mam is in the pudding club, and a mother of ten can't help being baffled by the woman in the next bed.

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