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5 Jan. 1973
Aspirin at 7, Dinner at 8
Shirley has a first date with a pediatrician. At dinner, he orders the food so Shirley does not eat fat, cholesterol, salt, or other negative food items. She tries to discourage him from another date, but he is persistent.
12 Jan. 1973
For Whom the Bell Tolls... and Tolls... and Tolls
Ruben has a burglar alarm installed in the Partridge home for their security. They keep setting off the alarm accidentally so much that everyone starts to ignore it. When a real burglar breaks in, no one realizes it is a real break in.
19 Jan. 1973
Trial of the Partridge One
Classmate Cindy gives Laurie an envelope to give to a teacher. When Laurie does, the teacher says it is the stolen exam answers for math and blames Laurie for taking them. Laurie hopes that Cindy will confess it was her that took them.
26 Jan. 1973
I Left My Heart in Cincinnati
While the Partridges perform several days at an amusement park, Keith meets the public relations host. Keith has a crush on her.
2 Feb. 1973
The Eleven-Year Itch
Shirley's recent boyfriend, the politician, comes to town. He brings his daughter along. While Shirley and Dick enjoy being together, his daughter has a crush on Danny and he cannot escape her.
9 Feb. 1973
Bedknobs and Drumsticks
A chicken fast food place wants the Partridges to appear in his commercials. Ruben signs the contract. The family agree because the commercial is supposed to be tasteful. However, there is a last minute change that is not so tasteful.
23 Feb. 1973
Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Sex... But Couldn't Pronounce
School finals are approaching and Keith has a problem in one course. America's heartthrob is failing Sex Education. The teacher seems to be picking on Keith and it takes some work to find out why it seems like that.
2 Mar. 1973
Forgive Us Our Debits
Shirley buys a $29 cuckoo clock from the local department store and charges it. When the bill arrives she's being charged $290. She goes to the department store and learns that their new automated system misprinted it. So the man in charge rectifies it. When her new bill arrives it says she owes $2900. She then closes her account at the store. Later someone from the collection agency says she owes the department store $29000. Also everyone whom she's been doing business like the grocery store where she cashes checks and her plumber have been getting word that her ...
9 Mar. 1973
The Partridge Connection
The Partridges are to be presented an award for the Citizenship Award. Meanwhile, one of Danny's friends goads him on to shoplift something from a store. Danny steals, but then he is guilt-ridden.
16 Mar. 1973
The Selling of the Partridge
Laurie comes home from school excited because her friend Phyllis asked her to be a campaign manager for student body president. The excitement changes to a constant battle when Keith announces he is running for president - against Phyllis.
23 Mar. 1973
Diary of a Mad Millionaire
A reclusive millionaire who's a fan of the Partridges pays them to perform for him at his home. And he follows them around buying out every show. Eventually they invite him to stay with them where he tries to keep a low profile.
30 Mar. 1973
Me and My Shadow
The Partridges attend a lecture given by a mystery writer. The Partridges & author get into a discussion as to whether his stories are realistic. He makes them an offer - they can hide, and he will find them all within 24 hours.
15 Sep. 1973
Hate Thy Neighbor
During a practice session, a young boy walks into the garage. He & his family just moved into the neighborhood. The mother does not like show business and calls the police every time the family practices. A battle of wills ensues.
22 Sep. 1973
None But the Onely
Keith wants to date the new girl in school, but she does not want to go with him because he has a love 'em and leave 'em reputation. He wants Laurie to convince Dina to go out with him.
29 Sep. 1973
Beethoven, Brahms and Partridge
Keith's newest girlfriend is a cellist in the school band. Rachel thinks Keith is wasting his talent on rock and roll songs, and convinces him to write a piece of classical music.
6 Oct. 1973
The Strike-Out King
Danny has started following Keith and Laurie around all the time. He even tries dressing and acting like Keith. Ruben suggests he try baseball so he can be around kids his own age. Danny hates baseball, but turns out he is a good pitcher.
13 Oct. 1973
Reuben Kincaid Lives
Shirley tells the children they have to start being nice to Reuben. But since he is not used to this new attitude, he thinks it is because they heard he is dying. The nicer they are, the more he thinks he is dying.
20 Oct. 1973
Double Trouble
Keith does not have a date for a party after the popular girl at school declines his date request, citing another date, so Laurie sets him up with one of her friends. The next day when the popular girl's plans fall through she belatedly accepts the date with Keith. Now he has two dates for the same party.
27 Oct. 1973
The Last of Howard
The Partridges are on a cruise ship. Laurie meets a handsome, charming man who seems to have an interest in her. He say he is a rich heir, but his actions are not of a rich man. Keith thinks he is a jewel thief.
3 Nov. 1973
The Diplomat
An ambassador who is visiting the town asks Shirley out on a first date. The date is a disaster starting with the ambassador being late and ending with constant business interruptions. When he asks for a second date, Shirley refuses.
10 Nov. 1973
Heartbreak Keith
At college, Keith enrolls in a sociology course. He is partnered with an older woman to work on a paper. He finds himself attracted to her despite the fact that she is not only older, but also married.
17 Nov. 1973
A Day of Honesty
Danny goes to see a movie but sneaks in without paying. He is caught, and Shirley imposes a punishment on the whole family by having everyone be totally honest for 24-hours.
24 Nov. 1973
Al in the Family
While Ruben is out of town, his nephew takes over managing the Partridges. He is not cut out for the job.
8 Dec. 1973
Maid in San Pueblo
Shirley's mother (Amanda) and father (Walter) argue over Amanda wanting a job outside the house. She leaves home and goes to Shirley's home. Amanda gets a job with a service company, and Shirley hires a maid. Guess who is the maid?

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