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7 Jan. 1972
Home Is Where the Heart Was
After being scolded from a mess, Chris and Tracy decided to run away from home but, ended up at Ruben's apartment causing mayhem.
14 Jan. 1972
Fellini, Bergman, and Partridge
After seeing some experimental films at a theater, Keith says he can do better than any they saw. Keith pulls out the video camera and beings recording various random clips. Danny becomes his partner. The premier is not what he expects.
21 Jan. 1972
Waiting for Bolero
Keith wants his own apartment so he can have some peace and quiet to write music. Shirley reluctantly agrees to let him move into a room in the house next door. Having his own place is not what he expects.
28 Jan. 1972
I Am Curious Partridge
Danny gets a job writing articles about the Partridge Family for the local newspaper. To be sure his article is a success, he embellishes the truth about the family.
4 Feb. 1972
My Heart Belongs to a Two Car Garage
Chris and Tracy invite a street worker into their home. He says he is a world-class Russian painter and says he can paint a work of art on their garage door. The completed picture is a nude woman that all the neighbors complain about.
11 Feb. 1972
It's a battle of the sexes as Shirley and Laurie prove to their male chauvinist counterparts to be better able to handle the wilderness.
18 Feb. 1972
Promise Her Anything, But Give Her a Punch
Danny has a crush on a classmate and they go through the ritual of pretending not to like each other. But for Gloria, she likes Keith more and is using Danny to get closer to Keith.
3 Mar. 1972
The Partridge Papers
The school newspaper is collecting items for an auction to raise money. While Laurie is out, Danny accidentally grabs the wrong box with Laurie's items to contribute. Her personal diary is contributed. The newspaper threatens to publish it.
10 Mar. 1972
All's War in Love and Fairs
As the Partridges start their vacation, the bus breaks down in a small town. The locals want them to do a benefit show to help Native Americans build a school. The mechanic finds ways to delay fixing the bus until the day of the show.
17 Mar. 1972
Who Is Max Ledbetter and Why Is He Saying All Those Terrible Things?
The Partridges hire a psychic performer for Tracy's birthday party. Keith and Danny keep asking for predictions about their lives, so the psychic asks them to help his failing business from a foreclosure.
15 Sep. 1972
This Male Chauvinist Piggy Went to Market
Its role reversal time in the Partridge household as Keith takes home economics and Laurie takes auto shop. Keith's struggles with cooking make him the target of barbs from the school bully, and things really heat up when Laurie gives the tough a Judo flip. Keith is then challenged to a fight, and must face up to the bully even if it means getting his face turned to hamburger.
22 Sep. 1972
M is for the Many Things
Shirley is awarded Mother of the Year by a magazine. The family travel by bus to Sacramento to accept the award. Taking the back road leads them to wrong turns, lost wallet, traffic tickets, and other annoyances.
29 Sep. 1972
Princess and the Partridge
A princess flies into town with the express purpose of having a date with Keith. They find it difficult to act natural around each other until the princess tells all to relax. Keith & the princess manage to slip away from bodyguards.
6 Oct. 1972
Each Dawn I Diet
Danny wants to lose weight to impress a girl. Shirley puts him on a diet. After a week, he weighs more because of cheating. Ruben teases him about no will power so they decide to tackle their own vices - Danny's food and Ruben's smoking.
13 Oct. 1972
A Penny for His Thoughts
Snake, a motorcyclist friend of the Partridges, visits and wants help with the woman he loves. Snake proposed marriage, but he was turned down. Shirley and the family play cupid for Snake.
20 Oct. 1972
You're Only Young Twice
Danny is tired of being a young child. He wants to be included in the grown-up decisions and events. His efforts to show he is mature only annoys his family.
27 Oct. 1972
The Modfather
Shirley's parents visit, and they try to find a hidden meaning from every sound and sentence when these are simple every day things. Soon, the Partridge family is finding faults with everything and arguing with each other.
3 Nov. 1972
A Likely Candidate
A politician running for office asks the Partridge family to perform at one of his rallies. Shirley goes out with him to discuss political views and they form a close bond. Keith is jealous and work for his campaign to keep an eye on him.
10 Nov. 1972
Swiss Family Partridge
The Partridge Family perform at a ski resort. After their two week tour, they head for a vacation at a secluded rustic cabin in the mountains. Their days of relaxation turns into mud slides, constant rain, and gloom.
17 Nov. 1972
Ain't Loveth Grand?
Greg, a former childhood friend of Laurie's, returns to town and reconnects. Turns out he is now a minister. They go out together and have a great time catching up on their lives. Laurie starts to fall for him and Shirley is worried.
24 Nov. 1972
Whatever Happened to Keith Partridge?
A talent agent sees Keith and offers him a screen test for a Hollywood movie. He practices his scene and drives to the studio with the whole family. Keith is offered the part, and as he packs, he finds out he lost the part just that fast.
8 Dec. 1972
Nag, Nag, Nag
Danny wins a horse and he wants to keep him at home. Shirley explains how impractical it is and Danny keeps arguing why it is a winning proposition. The horse has a problem - it does not sleep.
29 Dec. 1972
For Sale by Owner
The Partridges start looking at new homes, but first have to sell their current home. Shirley keeps making it difficult for prospective buyers to buy the house so they take it off the market. Ruben accidentally signs a contract to sell.

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