The Partridge Family (TV Series 1970–1974) Poster


David Cassidy: Keith Partridge



  • Danny : I need help.

    Keith : We know that. But Mom won't let us have you committed.

  • Danny : ...Don't you think one genius in the family is enough?

    Keith : Who might that be?

    Danny : Modesty prevents me from stating the obvious.

    Shirley Renfrew Partridge : Danny...!

    Danny : Well, at least I know my limitations. All I want to be is Howard Hughes.

    Keith : Then why don't you disappear?

    Danny : I refuse to get into a battle of wits with an unarmed man.

  • Laurie Partridge : Keith, don't you ever knock before coming into a person's room?

    Keith : You're not a person, you're my sister.

  • Shirley Renfrew Partridge : There's no sense in waiting up. Laurie's in good hands.

    Danny : That's what I'm afraid of.

    Keith : ...I wouldn't worry about him. He's an archaeologist. He can always dig up a girl.

  • Keith : [to Danny]  No wonder you have red hair. Your brain is rusted!

  • Shirley Renfrew Partridge : Danny, when will Keith be able to pay back the money he owes us?

    Danny : If I have it my way, he'll be able to pay in about a year.

    Keith : A year!

    Danny : If Keith has it his way, we'll have to wait for the reading of his will.

  • Tracy Partridge : [referring to Danny]  Where's the big typhoon?

    Laurie Partridge : You mean *tycoon*.

    Keith : A typhoon is a big wind.

    Tracy Partridge : I know what I said!

  • Reuben Kincaid : What do eleven-year-olds do on a date?

    Keith : I don't know. They can't neck, Danny doesn't have one.

    Reuben Kincaid : Wish I'd said that.

    Keith : Mmmm. Glad I did.

  • Keith : You know, I wish you'd read the story of Evel Knievel.

    Danny : Why's that?

    Keith : Well, then maybe you might go take a flying leap.

  • Laurie Partridge : ...I have got the greatest news!

    Keith : You're taking your own apartment?

  • Shirley Renfrew Partridge : ...I appreciate your volunteering to take the kids to the beach, but it just doesn't sound like you.

    Keith : I've been thinking: since I'm the eldest male, I have a lot of influence on them. Besides, I'm old enough to accept my responsibilities and give them the kind of leadership they need.

    Reuben Kincaid : Keith, have you been talking to a Marine recruiter?

  • Keith : ...I think the whole thing taught me a lesson.

    Shirley Renfrew Partridge : What's that?

    Keith : I don't know yet. But there must be a lesson in there somewhere for all this suffering.

  • Keith : [to Shirley]  ... Look, you don't want to be a mother to a bunch of illiterate bums, do you?

    Danny : He's right, Mom. Do you want Chris to pump gas all his life, and Tracy to wait on tables in some sleazy strip joint, while I work as a garbage collector... just because you were chicken?

  • Danny : [Keith and Danny are waiting for Laurie to come home from a date with a minister. She enters the front door]  Well?

    Laurie Partridge : Well, what?

    Keith : Tell us what a minister does on a date!

    Danny : I bet he took you to see the Ten Commandments.

    Keith : No. Too racy.

    Laurie Partridge : What makes you think we went to a movie?

    Keith : C'mon, fill us in on the details.

    Laurie Partridge : You really want to know where we went?

    Keith : Yeah.

    Laurie Partridge : Well, we couldn't decide on what movie to see, so... We went straight to Muldoon's Point.

    [she goes upstairs] 

    Danny : I wonder how *he* explains lipstick on his collar?

  • Keith : [the Partridge Family bus detours through the woods en route to their next gig. Danny takes Chris and Tracy for a walk. Tracy and Chris return sans Danny; both are covered with mud, and beaming excitedly]  What happened to you guys? You're a mess!

    Tracy Partridge : Danny found this great place to play!

    Shirley Renfrew Partridge : And he didn't come back with you two? Where *is* Danny?

    Danny : [off in the distance]  HEEELP!

    [That "great place to play" turns out to be a pool of quicksand] 

  • Keith : Look, I just want to play music the best way I know how. Now is that wrong?

  • Keith : This date is an opportunity.

    Danny : I thought you considered every date an opportunity.

  • Laurie Partridge : ...Are you saying my friends are ding-a-lings?

    Keith : Not all of them. Only the ones I've met.

  • Keith : If man was supposed to sing in high places, he would have been born a soprano.

  • Shirley Renfrew Partridge : I think it's wonderful the way this whole family pitches in to help.

    Keith : You know, Mom... If you weren't always busy cleaning the house, you wouldn't be so tired.

  • Keith : ...I'm not going to fight you, Goose. I'll fight you for something I believe in, but I'm not going to fight you just because you're ego's hurt. It's just not a good enough reason.

  • Keith : ...I'm beginning to realize that responsibilities are something you have to assume gradually.

    Shirley Renfrew Partridge : Well, you are a little young to be raising four kids.

    Keith : I'm old enough to handle them, all right. It just doesn't leave enough time to do my homework.

  • Keith : ...Now that you've got a million dollars, what's the first thing you're going to do?

    Danny : Gloat.

    Keith : Besides that.

    Danny : Invest it.

    Keith : I think the first thing I'm going to do is charter a boat and sail to the Caribbean.

    Danny : Great. I'll rent it to you.

    Christopher "Chris" Partridge #2 : Why don't you buy a boat, Keith?

    Danny : Because I bought it first.

    Keith : What are you going to do, Chris?

    Christopher "Chris" Partridge #2 : Buy a catcher's mitt...

    Keith : No wonder you're so short. You think small.

    Christopher "Chris" Partridge #2 : ...But then I'm going to buy the Los Angeles Dodgers.

    Danny : I'm not selling.

  • Keith : It all started when I lost my pickle!

  • Keith : You are looking at the King.

    Danny : I didn't know dummies had a King.

  • Keith : [on the warpath, to Danny]  There you are, you red-headed hamburger!

  • Keith : They'd leave *me* for Mick Jagger?

  • Keith : Who could live without a car or a girlfriend?

    Christopher "Chris" Partridge #1 : I could, I do it all the time.

  • Danny : Mom I've got something I need to tell you.

    Keith : Don't tell me your leaving the group already.

    Danny : Of Course not.

    Keith : I told you not to tell me.

  • Keith : In this day and age, anything can happen. Love does not ask to see your I.D.

  • Danny : All's fair in love and Parcheesi.

    Laurie Partridge : ...Well, to me love is total. It's a direct communication between two people. The key word is honesty.

    Keith : Right. When you love someone you know you can trust them. That's another big part of it. Trust.

    Laurie Partridge : Yes, but you have to earn that. You can't just take it.

    Keith : Sure you can. Haven't you ever heard of stolen kisses?

  • Keith : Look at these prices!

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