The Bridge at Remagen (1969) Poster

Robert Vaughn: Maj. Paul Krueger



  • [Kreuger is offered a last cigarette before he is executed by firing squad. He and the Nazi Officer hear planes] 

    Major Paul Kreuger : Ours or theirs?

    Nazi Officer : Enemy planes, sir.

    Major Paul Kreuger : But who is the enemy?

  • Capt. Otto Baumann : Farce! Where are the bombers? Our reinforcements? This is the most important place in Germany, and what do we have to fight with? Old men, riff-raff, the sweepings from the road.

    Major Paul Kreuger : And you, Baumann. Will you fight as hard as you talk?

    Capt. Otto Baumann : You will find out when we attack.

  • Major Paul Kreuger : I understand the Russians are at the Elbe.

    Gen. von Brock : Yes.

    Major Paul Kreuger : And here?

    Gen. von Brock : Worse. Utter confusion. Every day I get orders to attack with divisions that no longer exist. Hitler still thinks he's winning the war.

    Major Paul Kreuger : The Army helped bring Hitler into power. Are you saying we made a mistake?

  • Major Paul Kreuger : [Calling on field radio to side of bridge under attack by Americans]  Sgt. Becker Sgt. Becker, this is Major Kreuger calling.

    Lt. Phil Hartman : [Answers German radio]  He's dead, Major!

  • Major Paul Kreuger : So, Captain Baumann, I trust that in the event of an emergency, at least the explosives are in place to blow up the bridge?

    Capt. Otto Baumann : Not yet, Herr Major. It is reported that 600 kilos of high explosives are on the way. But perhaps, that TOO is only a rumor.

  • Major Paul Kreuger : [to General von Brock over the phone asking for reinforcements]  Herr General, your regrets will not save the bridge. The two panzer battalions might.

  • Major Paul Kreuger : Germany has lost four million sons.

    Greta Holzgang : I pity them. But I pity most my own son.

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