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Season 3

15 Sep. 1969
Episode #3.1
Sketches including clown opening, General Bullwright monologue, Fickle finger of fate, Cocktail party, Goldie the space traveler, Gladys & Tyrone on the park bench, Roman orgy runner, and News of the past, present & future. Featuring Johnny Carson and Peter Sellers
22 Sep. 1969
Episode #3.2
Sketches including Vaudeville joke segment, Uncle Al the Kiddy's Pal, Diana's Aaooga song, Maude's World of song, News of the past, present, & future, Our man in Washington, and Judy and Arte's robot theater. Featuring Michael Cain and Diana Ross.
6 Oct. 1969
Episode #3.4
This week's show features the final television appearance of The Monkees, by this time reduced to a trio.
10 Nov. 1969
Episode #3.9
Guest Carol Channing plays a child actress now UN representative. She teams with Goldie Hawn in a song and dance number. Carol also portrays one half of the richest couple.
17 Nov. 1969
Episode #3.10
The women cast member. dress up as Bette Davis and do their best impressions of the star. Sid Caesar as a galley slave makes wisecracks to Henry Gibson. A look at the news is comical and far reaching. Burbank jokes continue,
24 Nov. 1969
Episode #3.11
Sammy Davis Jr., Arte Johnson, and Henry Gibson sing a song about being short. Dan Rowan plays a psychiatrist with different cast members as patients. Various performers take on Sammy who portrays a western gunslinger.
1 Dec. 1969
Episode #3.12
The main theme of the show is privacy or the lack thereof. Joanne Worley and Dan Rown repeat a skit where he is homeless person asking for a cigarette. Jokes are made about Englebert Humperdink's name.
8 Dec. 1969
Episode #3.13
The guys perform a song about the importance of truth. At one point most of the cast dresses in a polka dot, wide middle outfits, tell jokes and run into each other.
5 Jan. 1970
Episode #3.16
Guest James Garner appears as a police officer, an Indian, and someone thrown into jail. The cast finds the voice of the "Silent Majority." Mod World focuses on the American Indian.
12 Jan. 1970
Episode #3.17
Jonathan Winters becomes Maude Prickett who visits the Farkle family. Later Maudie is on the park bench with Arte's old man and Buzzi's purse woman. Mod, Mod World looks at the American tourist. Arte addresses militant Eskimos.
19 Jan. 1970
Episode #3.18
Peter Lawford appears as a telegraph messenger who is sent th the Farkle household. He then portrays George Washington and a British Colonial Officer. General Bull Right expresses his opinion on today's youth.
23 Feb. 1970
Episode #3.23
Ringo Starr is forefront in a number of skits. Arte Johnson as little old man buys a wedding ring for Gladys Ormsby played by Ruth Buzzi. Henry Gibson is an inept skyjacker. The Pentagon wins Fickle Finger of Fate for the third time.
2 Mar. 1970
Episode #3.24
Guest Danny Kaye is a rival chef to Arte Johnson in the Italian king's kitchen. Then Kaye is the bride's father to Ruth Buzzi's Gladys. The cast looks at the generation gap. Ernestine places a call to LA mayor Sam Yorty.

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