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Season 3

18 Sep. 1970
So Long, Baby, and Amen
Dan Farrell tries to save a girl from drug addiction.
25 Sep. 1970
A Love to Remember
At Forrest University's 25-year reunion, Glenn Howard encounters the beautiful, troubled Edwina Booker who claims Howard jilted her at the senior prom. After a late-night tryst she vanishes, leaving Howard to ponder her background. He soon learns from local authorities that Edwina Booker has been dead for 25 years!
2 Oct. 1970
Cynthia Is Alive and Living in Avalon
Cynthia was once a jet-setter, but is now a recluse living on the island of Avalon. Paul Tyler sets out to interview her.
9 Oct. 1970
Battle at Gannon's Bridge
Ex-convict Eddie Gannon runs a halfway house for other ex-cons trying to go straight. When a crime wave hits the area, Eddie and his friends are suspected - can Dan Farrell prove them innocent?
16 Oct. 1970
The Enemy Before Us
Jeff Dillon decides to revisit the scenes of his impoverished youth, and learns sadly that "you can't go home again".
23 Oct. 1970
The Time Is Now
Glenn Howard investigates when racial tensions seem likely to erupt on a campus.
30 Oct. 1970
The War Merchants
Dan Farrell investigates the murky world of international arms smuggling.
6 Nov. 1970
Little Bear Died Running
Reporter Paul Tyler investigates the murder of a Native American.
13 Nov. 1970
All the Old Familiar Faces
Someone is threatening Glenn Howard's life - is it the ruined arms dealer, the corrupt politician, the sleazy showbiz impresario or the phony evangelist? Or could it be someone quite different?
20 Nov. 1970
I Love You, Billy Baker: Part 1
Las Vegas entertainer Billy Baker doesn't like interviews - especially when they concern that girl who died so mysteriously, Jeff Dillon investigates.
27 Nov. 1970
I Love You, Billy Baker: Part 2
In the second half of this two-part episode, the world of entertainer Billy Baker begins to unravel completely.
4 Dec. 1970
Why I Blew Up Dakota
Early McCorley is on trial for the murder of an artist, one much more famous and successful than himself. Dan Farrell probes if he really as deranged as people think.
11 Dec. 1970
Aquarius Descending
A corrupt politician whose plans have been thwarted by Glenn Howard seeks revenge by hiring an unscrupulous young man to seduce Howard's niece.
18 Dec. 1970
The Glory Shouter
Popular preacher Ronald Payden has mounted a crusade - but someone is embezzling his funds, Dan Farrell investigates who.
8 Jan. 1971
A Sister from Napoli
Reporter Lewis Corbett investigates the reason why a prominent D.A. didn't get the judgeship he was after.
15 Jan. 1971
LA 2017
Glenn Howard, while driving to a Pollution Summit meeting, falls unconscious and finds himself somehow in the future year 2017 where remaining society lives underground due to contaminated air. Can he somehow return to 1971?
29 Jan. 1971
The Man Who Killed a Ghost
Reporter Dave Corey sets out to expose the reality behind the wholesome image of a famous cowboy star.
5 Feb. 1971
Seek and Destroy
Dan Farrell investigates the mysterious death of a scientist.
12 Feb. 1971
A Capitol Affair
Why is gossip columnist Hallie Manville trying to destroy the career of a politician? Publisher Glenn Howard becomes involved.
19 Feb. 1971
The Savage Eye
Dan Farrell and Peggy Maxwell get involved in environmental protest in an attempt to prevent a forest being felled by loggers.
26 Feb. 1971
Appointment in Palermo
Glenn Howard encounters some distinctly colorful underworld types when he visits the island of Sicily.
5 Mar. 1971
Beware of the Watchdog
Dan Farrell discovers someone is trying to murder a famous consumer-rights activist.
12 Mar. 1971
The Broken Puzzle
Governor Brill seems to run his state like a dictatorship, and doesn't like anyone to interfere with his methods. Glenn Howard investigates but then loses his memory.
19 Mar. 1971
The Showdown
Glenn Howard researches the story of one of his ancestors - a colorful Old West character.

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