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Season 2

24 Sep. 1968
One Night on Soledade
Pierre Dushon, son of the Soledade dictator, has been poisoned. The SIA fears the dictator will wrongly blame neighboring Casturo, friendly to the US. Al must steal the body, hidden by the superstitious people in the catacombs.
1 Oct. 1968
A Sour Note
The SIA wants proof Nazi war criminal Karl Muller has a new identify. It is in the safe of Luigi Dimontelli, son of a Fascist Italy bureaucrat. Luigi loves opera. The SIA persuades a diva to perform for him. Al poses as her manager.
8 Oct. 1968
The Bill Is in Committee
Al impersonates a magician and, accompanied by the magician's assistant, goes to a European principality to steal the negatives of compromising photos of a US Congressman, who is being blackmailed into supporting the country.
15 Oct. 1968
The Thingamabob Heist
Al must steal a sample of a revolutionary new type of jet fuel, the only trouble is he doesn't know what to look for.
22 Oct. 1968
Get Me to the Revolution on Time
Al must pose as a cocktail mixologist to gain access to a safe which can only be opened with multiple electronic keys, each emitting a different tonal pitch.
29 Oct. 1968
The Packager
A millionaire blackmails Al into doing a job by threatening to expose his involvement with SIA.
12 Nov. 1968
Hans Across the Border: Part 1
Al's simple task this time involves the recovery of a set of papers from a wall safe but, the safe is in a house located somewhere behind the Berlin Wall. Breaking in is the first trick, breaking back out again is the real challenge.
19 Nov. 1968
Hans Across the Border: Part 2
In Part 2 of this Cold War plot, Al reluctantly returns to the home of the East German general from whom he has stolen a set of papers, in order to plant disinformation about another character, in the safe.
26 Nov. 1968
A Case of Red Turnips
Mundy is ordered to attend a foreign film festival and steal the only copy of an avant-garde motion picture. The movie's director accidentally filmed eleven American spies making a drop at a location behind the Iron Curtain and if the film is premiered the agents will all soon be captured or dead.
3 Dec. 1968
The Galloping Skin Game
Al must steal a document hidden in a scientific paper at a conference in Rome. The SIA doesn't know which of the 100 papers contains the document. Al deduces that the paper will be handled by a high-value fence, Grobo, and schemes to get on his good side by stealing the Kimberly Diamond and having Grobo fence it for him. Al comes up with a unique solution to obtain the key paper before it's delivered to Grobo, while also keeping the diamond (that the SIA returns).
17 Dec. 1968
Glass Riddle
Al makes a withdrawal from a safety deposit box (not his).
31 Dec. 1968
To Catch a Roaring Lion
Al returns a stolen item, rather than stealing it.
7 Jan. 1969
Guess Who's Coming to Rio
Al takes a vacation. Or at least, tries to take one.
21 Jan. 1969
The Artist Is for Framing
Al is being expertly framed for several jewelry heist. But by who?
28 Jan. 1969
The Naked Billionaire
Daniel Ryder's electronics firm has won a defense contract, but the SIA suspects the reclusive billionaire is being impersonated. Al's old flame Nina Gray is involved with the firm. Can Al trust her help and will she be in danger?
4 Feb. 1969
A Matter of Grey Matter: Part 1
Dodie Dubois is a terrible actress with a reclusive rich elderly boyfriend financing her movie career. He is also developing missile technology with countries hostile to the US. Al poses as a distribution agent to find and stop Wolfgang.
11 Feb. 1969
A Matter of Grey Matter: Part 2
Dodie's genius little brother Herbie is pressured by Wolfgang to produce from memory a math formula for new rocket fuel. Will Al find Herbie and Wolfgang in time ?
18 Feb. 1969
The brother of the ruler of La Monica has stolen the crown jewels. They are on Clayton Hewitt's moat surrounded estate. The SIA wants to recover them, but Al gets injured. He and Noah hoodwink Al's protégé into doing the heist for them.
25 Feb. 1969
Boom at the Top
The SIA orders Mundy to give a Washington, D.C., party in hopes he can nab the pickpocket who recently invaded a similar event in order to find a microdot. Complications arise when an acquaintance arrives with a bomb strapped to him in hopes that Mundy can disarm it.
11 Mar. 1969
The Funeral Is on Mundy
While on a mission to discredit a crack thief of an adversarial spy group, Mundy discovers the thief murdered during assignment and learns that he is an additional target of the other thief's mysterious assassin.
18 Mar. 1969
The Baranoff Timetable
Costa d'Oro secretary Ortega plans a Communist coup in the region and commits it to a paper the SIA wants. Al arouses the suspicions of locals loyal to El Presidente, and must deal with his unreliable contact, palace guest Laurie Brooks.
25 Mar. 1969
Rock-Bye, Bye, Baby
The SIA wants a notebook in the old 1920's era safe of Domino Club owner Manny Grayson. Al wants old San Jobel pal Rocky to help. Noah alludes to Frankenstein's Monster and warns Al of trouble if Rocky gets involved.
1 Apr. 1969
The Family
Al gets quarantined in the highly secure household of a reclusive elderly oil magnate, to find out who is behind his oil sales to Iron Curtain countries.
8 Apr. 1969
Al poses as a fashion photographer at an international beauty pageant. He knows only the measurements of the girl who is a dangerous enemy spy, and what a set of figures.
15 Apr. 1969
The Great Chess Gambit
A SAC bomber with three nuclear weapons aboard crashes. The bombs are recovered but the 3311 "Black Box", a failsafe device that receives the plane's "Go Order" direct from the President, is missing and being held for ransom. Al Mundy must outbid the Russians and retrieve the device.
22 Apr. 1969
Mad in Japan
After receiving the message "Dangerous Weapon Inside: Code 409" from two S.I.A. agents in the Far East, who may be have been killed, Noah sends Al and Dr. Hopkins to Japan to retrieve the prototype for a portable, hand-held laser gun.

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