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The Good, the Bad and the Silly
unbrokenmetal11 April 2009
A western comedy starring the Sicilian comedians Franco and Ciccio who produced dozens of such spoofs in the 1960s. This time, they quote mainly "The Good, the Bad And the Ugly". Ciccio is sergeant in the army and Franco volunteers to join (after too many drinks). Franco has a talking horse telling him where a treasure is buried. They have to get behind enemy lines in the civil war to get hold of it, though. The cast includes the unmistakable Livio Lorenzon as an army captain and Hélène Chanel as Leather Jane; her best scene is when a sheriff says "as long as I am sheriff of this town, nobody will be lynched", and she shoots him a second later. Bad girl. Anyway, there are very few good western comedies around, and this isn't one of the best, but if the two protagonists seem sympathetic to you, and you can bear a bit of silliness, it's not too bad.
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