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This was a word association game similar to Password. 2 teams consisting of 1 contestant paired up with a celebrity were pitted against each other. 2 games were normally played on each show. The host would give a word to one of the teams, then the celebrity had to come up with the association recorded by the contestant prior to the show {e.g.: Cut-"SCISSORS"}. If the celebrity guessed correctly in 3 tries or less, the team earned 10 points. If not, the celebrity from the opposing team could guess once for a chance to "steal" 10 points. Otherwise, The Word Revealed with the 1st Letter and deducted by 1 point until next-to-the-last letter for 1 point until the star to buzz-in say the word. The 1st team to earn 100 points and collects $100 won the game and played a bonus round called "The BIG 5". In this round called "The BIG 5", the contestant left the stage and entered a soundproof room while the celebrity named 5 associations in each 1 of the 5 words or theme provided by the host. The ...

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